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Jiang Yun has become more and more brave. In recent years, almost all the Good Fortune items in all the spoils have been refined. Speed ​​up refining in the battle, and the strength is also rapidly increasing. Although there is no breakthrough to the Transcendence level, it is alternative to Transcendence.

Another Transcendence of Lan Louguo was nailed to Void, and Skyreign Sword was contaminated with powerhouse blood, more and more mysterious.

Skyreign Sword has been contaminated with the blood of thousands of Transcendence people since the Virgin Mary re-refining Skyreign Sword for him. The Skyreign Sword, which has been immersed in the blood of the powerhouse, is getting more and more exposed.

“Awful – Jiang Yun is just the invincible ancestor, the alternative Transcendence, it is so strong.”

“This is the way of the Emperor. In simple terms, it does not rely on Transcendence air and Transcendence to break through to Transcendence, but rely on its own strength and breakthrough to Transcendence.”

“The road to the Emperor is not necessarily a powerhouse, but the powerhouse must follow the path of the Emperor. Even if the Transcendence is not going to go, the bronze king will have to go. Go early and walk late, not strong or weak, But take the road to the Emperor of Heaven and take a step forward to create a miracle.”

The powerhouses from all over the world were shocked.

Seeing it with your own eyes, you can confirm that Jiang Yun is really on the road to the Emperor. This is not too unusual, after all, the core of the powerful Influence is generally a path.

However, at the Transcendence level, there are very few roads to the Emperor. Jiang Yun is just a third-rate influencer. It can be said that there is almost no big background, but it is the road to the Emperor’s way. So this is the place where people are shocked.

By relying on your own strength breakthrough, you don’t look for Transcendence air, you can take a break to Transcendence without taking Transcendence.

However, there are always some Good Fortune things in the world, not for the purpose of upgrading the cultivation base, but to temper Martial Artist, to enhance the potential and improve the level of all aspects. These Good Fortune objects are extremely rare, and the road to the Emperor is very difficult. There are many Good Fortune items.

This is why the people who walked the road to the Emperor of Heaven basically came from the name of the Great Influences, because only such an inflation has the financial resources to collect so many Good Fortune things.

“If Jiang Yun can hold on, then his road to the Emperor will be on the right track and even succeed.”

Someone whispered.

Jiang Yun does have no background, but he has many enemies. As long as you kill all the way to the treasure house and get the spoils, Jiang Yun’s Good Fortune is basically not lacking, which can guarantee the needs of the Emperor.

However, this road is too dangerous and may fall off at any time.


The Buddhist monk’s new monk collided with Jiang Yun, and the six-day body collided with Jiang Yun’s flesh body, and the scorpion immediately shattered.

Several other Transcendence people in Lanlouguo flew out. Only Lanlou Guoshi could block the aftermath of the battle and played a Transcendence level of the goddess to help the monk deal with Jiang Yun.

“Awkward obstacles, dare to commit crimes, surrender the Emperor’s treasure, or today is your death -”

The monk is solemn, but he is eyeing the Emperor.


Jiang Yun Jianfeng turned, collided with the monk’s Zen stick, and kicked out at the same time.

With a bang, the bud of the monk was smashed.

When it comes to such Realm, even if it is a random blow, it also contains Supreme Law and strength. The monk is even the leader of Transcendence and is also flying out.

“There is only one piece of Emperor Tianbao. What do you count and want to snatch it?”

Jiang Yun is too lazy to argue now, because the Western Heaven Buddha State bluntly said that he has the Emperor’s treasure.

Coupled with the growing power of Skyreign Sword, people have long recognized that he has a treasure. The problem now is that there are too many Martial Artists who come to snatch the Emperor’s treasures. If he deals with everyone, unless he is a king or a bronze king, he is not an opponent at all.

Only by arbitrarily separating people and letting people attack each other can they differentiate and smash so many Martial Artists from all regions of the primitive realm.


The monk laughed and looked arrogant.

But the powerhouses of the proudings surroundings are in a hurry and are guarding each other.

Although Jiang Yun’s provocation is too obvious, it is very useful. Because there is only one piece of Emperor’s treasure, only one person or one influence can get the Emperor.

As for others, they are either killed in the process of scramble or they are quitting the competition. There is no other way.

Martial artists who can come here, some are the masters of a famous mountain Dachuan, some are the ancestors of one of the great religions, some are the Great Influences Elder, and some are the descendants of the Super Great Influences, the young Supreme Talent.

For the Emperor of Heaven, it is coveted to the extreme, and no one is willing to give in.

“Who dares to come? This seat is from Xiaolingshan -”

The monk looked around and looked like compassion, but people felt a chill.

The cultivation world is not suitable for the good old people. The Buddha’s family seems to be compassionate. In fact, at the same time as the Buddha’s name, he is more embarrassed than anyone else.


The most frightening thing is that these three words represent a first-class influence, close to the existence of Top level Influence.

The level of Influence is not too clear. Because looking at the strength of an Influence, there are many factors to consider, the most powerhouse’s Realm, the overall strength of the system, the potential of the system, the foundation of the system, the diplomatic ability of the system, and the alliance alliance.

However, the primitive realm has a relatively vague division for a long time.

With the Transcendence’s Influence, you can barely step into a third-rate or third-rate influence, have the King’s Influence, step into Second-Class Influence, have multiple powerful bronze kings, or have a giant’s Influence as a first-class influence.

Influence with multiple giants is Top level Influence, as for Overlord Influence, which was the influence of Emperor.

In addition, there are only a few instances of the influence that existed in ancient times, which can be called Overlord Influence.

Jiang Yun’s Influence is nothing but third-rate influence, Liuhe Island and Donghai Dragon Palace. The Xiaoling Mountain is the first-class Influence, Reincarnation, and other factors such as Top level Influence, Heavenly Court, Demon Hall, Demon Sect and West Heaven. Influence.

Xiaolingshan has a giant, and it is also upstream in the first-class influence.

Because of this, people have changed their faces. There are only a few Overlord Influences in the world, and the Top level Influence is only a few dozen, up to hundreds. There aren’t many first-class influences. When you have an inflation, you can run under the heaven. As long as you don’t die, you can suppress all the Top level Influence and Overlord Influence.

Xiaolingshan is a weasel cultivation into a Buddha, and the Western Heaven and the Buddha are dare to confront, is a sly character.

“Don’t say Xiaolingshan, even Dalingshan, you will die for me-”

Jiang Yun doesn’t care about this at all, because even if he is willing to compromise and surrender the Emperor’s treasure, these people will not let him go.

The stronger the treasure, the more it has spiritual intelligence, and it can even be seen as an alternative creature, the alternative Martial Artist. If the owner does not fall, he will not surrender to others. This is especially true of the treasures of Emperor Tianbao.

Therefore, people who want to take away treasures must first kill Jiang Yun.

Jiang Yun has no choice but to kill those who come to kill people.

“Very good, if that’s the case, then let’s try the means of Xiaolingshan-” The monk shouted and turned into a weasel. The sound wave of frightening swept through all directions, crushing the Vault of Heaven.

At the speed visible to the naked eye, it formed a ripple and was crushed toward Jiang Yun.

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