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The sound wave crushed everything, and the voids of the surroundings were crushed and crushed toward Jiang Yun.

And, there are more than sound wave attacks and mental attacks. With Supreme Law, the strength of mental power and sound wave is too strong, it can crush everything, as if it can be invincible.

“Yellow Wind -”

People exclaimed and recognized this secret technique.

This is one of the highest secret techniques of Xi Niu He Zhou and Xiao Ling Shan, created by the giant.

The giant had cultivated in the Western Heavens in his early years, and later left the Western Heavens and Buddhism to create Xiaoling Mountain. The body is a weasel, this creature is born with strong mental power and sound wave attack ability.

Even the very weak weasels, in the folks of the customs, are also admired by mortals and are regarded as Wong Tai Sin.

It is nothing but a beast, or just stepping into the path of practice. It can be seen that the spiritual talent of the weasel family is so powerful. Compared with some strong spiritual people, it is not much worse.

However, it is generally weaker.

Once the cultivation is successful, the strength of the weasel is enough to shock the world.

The weasel of the world’s strongest is the Huangfeng Old Ancestor of Xiaolingshan, which is a giant. According to his own experience of cultivation, the accumulation of endless years, combined with the advantages of the weasel family, created the “Yellow Wind” of Zhen Gu Shuo.

“Yellow Wind is the school of Xiaoling Mountain. The requirements for mental power and sound wave are very high. Once cultivated successfully, it has the power of unpredictability.”

“Spiritual attack and sound wave attack are different from ordinary physical attacks. There is no such feeling of realism. It is very strange and unpredictable. The yellow wind is so powerful, and the old Ancestor is killing several giants. Buddhism is not willing to provoke him easily.”

“Jiang Yun is dead, and the Emperor Tianbao can’t fall into the hands of Xiaoling Mountain, ready to fight for the Emperor’s treasure.”

People in the surroundings are talking about it in the dark.

Everyone thinks that Jiang Yun will die, because Huang Fengshu is one of the highest secret techniques in the primitive realm. Known as one of the top ten secret techniques, even Top Level Influence and Overlord Influence are somewhat taboo.

In fact, Jiang Yun really felt an unprecedented crisis at the moment.

The Transcendence of Lanlouguo, including the national teacher, changed their face and left the battlefield. I fled like an escape, for fear of being contaminated with a trace of yellow wind.

He also felt that Divine Soul was swaying and was about to collapse. The skull creaked and began to hallucinate. It’s hard to see things, and you can’t tell the truth or the truth. This is a mental attack that does not seem to have substantial physical damage, but affects the state of mind and Divine Soul, affecting reason.

At the same time, his ears creaked and began to bleed, and the pores of the body were bleeding.

This is the attack of the power of the sound wave, regardless of mental power or sound wave, is pervasive, more difficult to deal with than water. Jiang Yun is in an absolute passive and crisis, and even the mind of the secret technique is running out.


Fortunately, Jiang Yun has been in the South for the Northern War since he was a child. He has experienced countless hardships and even died several times.

At this moment he calmed down, screamed in the sky, and ran the whole body strength. Temporarily breaking through and blocking the attacks of mental power and sound waves, and the golden light swells into the sky, forming a golden territory outside him.

“A good yellow wind, really worthy of the name -”

Jiang Yun snorted and stared at the monk of Xiaolingshan.


The Skyreign Sword in his hand glows, and a vision of frightening emerges.

“Buried Immortal Technique -”

Jiang Yun shouted, and the whole body exudes a word qi. Every word qi contains Supreme Sword Dao Law and Weili. Although he has not yet entered the Transcendence environment, he has become a Transcendence alternative and has stepped into the domain.

Also Comprehension has some Transcendence levels of Law, Buried Immortal Technique has reached the Transcendence level.

Coupled with the sharp and unparalleled, Skyreign Sword with the core of Ruyi Wushi, Jiang Yun smashes the enemy. Now facing the Xiaolingshan powerhouse, he does not hesitate to display the Buried Immortal Technique, while preparing for the five-color surgery.

This one kind secret technique, although Transcendence is required to cultivation, but he has changed Transcendence and has already crossed the threshold.

“Hey – it’s true that you can get rid of mental and sound waves for a while. It’s no wonder that you can kill thousands of people and kill thousands of Transcendences in hundreds of years. Unfortunately, what you are experiencing is This seat, today is your death.” Xiaolingshan’s powerhouse is a monk dressed up, but there is no Buddha aura, but demon.

The reason and origin are actually demon race, because he is a weasel enlightenment.

“Who is the deer who is dead, it is not yet known. This emperor today will definitely put you under the sword -”

Jiang Yun Sneer, Sword Prestige is ready to go.

Boom –

He raised his hand and pulled out, suddenly sword qi able to move unhindered, the front of the cockroach was defeated.


There are always smashes that are shattered and shaken.

Jiang Yun’s Buried Immortal Technique is mainly the power of the power, the power of resonance, the power of the spirit, and then the power of time and the power of Space, with the strength of the only truth as the core, the power of the funeral.

The power of the funeral is not only to crush the cockroaches, but also to devour mental power and sound waves.

“Primary, there are some means. But, do you think this is okay?” The monk sneered, he has not used Armament, Jiang Yun has been all in one.


The next moment, he took out a bunch of beads, a total of thirty-six beads.

“I rely on – this is the 36-day bead, the Buddha door, and even one kind of Armament that every Great Influences knows. But true refining is successful, and there are not many Martial Artists with a secret technique.”

“Each bead is made of sea sinking wood in the depths of the East China Sea. It is hard, heavy and even more terrifying. This material is good for attachment, for the Martian Artist of Xiaoling Mountain. Suitable for.”

“I thought that Jiang Yun could be turned over, at least not killed. Now it seems that he is dead.”

“Yeah, Xiaolingshan can not only be a kind of high-secret secret technique, but also one kind of small scorpion technique. It has thirty-six kinds of great power, which matches the thirty-six-day bead.”

People are shocked, the first-class Influence is different, with the influence of the giant, the foundation is too strong.

If it is a general influence, even if it can rank the top three stream, the second stream of Influence, it is impossible to collect so many Transcendence level sea sinking wood, refining out for thirty-six days.

“Small scorpion surgery -”


The next moment, the monks of Xiaolingshan shouted, thirty-six kinds of strength were injected into the beads for thirty-six days, and the Tianzhu beads flew out to form the Great Array of Tianzhu, which was crushed toward Jiang Yun. Wherever he went, Void smashed, revealing the icy zone of cold and darkness.

Every Scorpio bead has Supreme, which is the best in the Transcendence hierarchy.


Jiang Yun sipping, Skyreign Sword smashed the spirit and sound wave, collided with the thirty-six-day smashing bead, and only one touch, he felt the power of one kind frightening, followed by Skyreign Sword and rushed toward him.

This is just a scorpion, just so frightening.

Hard to the extreme, even Skyreign Sword, it is not broken.

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