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Several beads came to Jiang Yun. He activated the armor for the first time, and summoned a Transcendence-level Holy Sword to display the sword light, but it was still difficult to resist the 36-day bead.

The chest was hit by one of the beads. Jiang Yun felt like being hit by a realm. The whole person flew out and coughed up blood.

Blood stains the sky!

“Hey – junior, now I know that my little Lingshan is amazing? I don’t know what to do -”

The monk sneered, and thirty-six beads were launched together and crushed toward Jiang Yun.

This is more frightening than the yellow wind. Thirty-six days of the combination of the bead and the small scorpion technique, exerting the strength of the strongest, even the Martial Artist of the Transcendence middle stage may not be able to block the monk.

“Buried Immortal Technique -”

Jiang Yun mobilizes the strengths that can be tuned and injects Skyreign Sword.

Skyreign Sword is like burning, a word qi able to move unhindered Eight Desolate, Taotao Sword Dao Law shakes the ages. A sword smashed out, suddenly the sky was broken, and the Martial Artist of the surroundings changed their faces.

Just one thing, but there are swords everywhere.

Booming –

Skyreign Sword collides with the thirty-six-day bead, and the void of the surroundings bursts like a collision.


This time, Jiang Yun was even worse. He was not an opponent at all. He was hit by three Tianzhu beads and was almost blasted. Cracks appeared throughout the body, blood spilled into the sky, and white-clothed was stained with blood.

The battle was very fierce, and the Archament and secret techniques of the monk were too strong.

“Jiang Yun, you are really tenacious. Unfortunately, I met this seat. Today, if you struggle anyway, you should be so. Now, you are going to die for me-”

The monk of Xiaolingshan sneered.

With disdain and impatience in his eyes, he thought it would be easy to solve Jiang Yun. He didn’t expect Jiang Yun to be so difficult and not degraded. There are more and more Martial Artists around, if he can’t solve Jiang Yun quickly.

Even if Jiang Yun was killed in the end, he would be seriously injured. At that time, he would not get the Emperor.

“”Ruyi Five Colors” is my current strongest secret technique, and it just barely crosses the threshold. I needed Transcendence to be cultivation. I went to the Emperor’s Way, another type of Transcendence, which was barely cultivation. The burden on the body and Divine Soul is also great. And this is my hole card, easy to use, everything is seen by the enemy, how can it be against the enemy in the future?”

Jiang Yun is now in a paradox, no matter what the era, no matter where, the person must keep one hand, or even keep a few hands.

The so-called card, may not necessarily be strong, must be unpredictable, destroy the land. It is because the enemy does not understand, and the enemy does not understand that it means that it is impossible to think about it in advance.

In this way, the card suddenly hits, unexpectedly, can have an unexpected effect.

If a person, what to do, what to think in his heart, tell others, or be known by others. That will be played in the palm of the hand, this is the essence of everyone should have the card and the back hand.

Today, he was defeated by the monk of Xiaolingshan.

Perhaps only the wishful five-color surgery can bring back the battle, but this surgery will be exposed to the world, and later will find a way to deal with it, and be prepared. By then, the situation is also very bad for him.

It is also difficult to play the role of the card, only with the battle strength of true hard.

However, if you do anything, you will only fight hard. How can I be invincible? Unless there is a heavenly emperor, there is still a strong middle hand in the strong, and the card will lose its effect.

If he does not use the wishful five-color technique, he will be in crisis again and again, and may be killed by the weasel of Xiaolingshan at any time.

“Booming -”

Thirty-six Tianzhu beads were arranged into a thirty-six-day squad, and they were killed by Jiang Yun.

Colleagues, the big monk waved his Zen stick with his left hand and the right hand wheeled the knife to make a final attack on Jiang Yun. He is also anxious and wants to kill Jiang Yun at the lowest price.

Otherwise, he will have a big problem himself.

Even if the influence of the influence of the Martial Artist of the parties, the old Ancestor, will not kill him, but the Emperor of Heaven will not be with him.

“No matter what, save your life and say -”

Jiang Yun is very determined. If he can’t keep his life at the moment, let’s talk about the future.


The golden light on his body gradually turned into a five-color glow, and Xiaguang contained Supreme Dao Rhyme. A vast, ancient, intent domain with aura aura and aura emanating from him.

At this moment, Jiang Yun is like a prehistoric emperor, with a Supreme majesty.

“Ruyi five-color surgery -”

He drank in his heart, and he was under tremendous pressure, as if he was going to collapse at any time.

Ruyi’s five-color technique is too overbearing. With his current strength, it is also expensive to use, and the pressure on the body is also very large.


A five-color strength was injected into the Skyreign Sword. In a flash, Skyreign Sword’s golden sword light turned into five colors, and even the blade was temporarily turned into a five-color shape.

Moreover, at this moment, his strength has skyrocketed nearly tenfold.

Rubbing –

The knives smashed the Vault of Heaven, covering the sky, like the pillar of the sky.

Knife Mang crosses the sky, endless. As if only a knife, you can smash a realm. Such a frightening knife, crushed towards Jiang Yun, and even the Martial Artist of the Transcendence middle stage may not be able to block.

“Jiang Yun, let’s die -”

The monk of Xiaolingshan sneered, thinking that this time Jiang Yun will die.

The Martial Artist of the surroundings also believes that Jiang Yun will die, and they have begun to gain momentum. Once Jiang Yun falls, they will swarm and grab the Emperor.


Jiang Yun is ready to go, and there is a flash of light in his eyes.


Skyreign Sword emerged, like the prehistoric Emperor from the Absolute Beginning era, playing strongest sword light.

Boom –

The knife was flying out by Skyreign Sword and almost cut off. Knife smashed, frightening to the extreme knife at this time, was defeated by Jiang Yun’s Sword Prestige.

“What? Kid, there are two, but you still have to die-”

The monk of Xiaolingshan was shocked, but still looked down on Jiang Yun.

Boom –

The Zen stick contains Supreme Buddha light. Although he is a weasel, he cultivates the secret technique and Scripture of Buddhism. The Zen stick overflows with a rune, and the surroundings are condensed.

It seems to be just a Zen stick, but like a gust of wind combined into a realm, I swept over Jiang Yun.


Jiang Yun’s Skyreign Sword was transferred, and Sword Prestige was like a rainbow.


Skyreign Sword collides with the Zen stick, and the Buddha’s light is broken and the Buddha’s country is broken. Jiang Yun’s sword qi prevails, Destruction everything, and the monk is killed.

“Small scorpion surgery!”

The monk of Xiaolingshan finally showed a dignified color, fully urging the 36-day bead to collide with Jiang Yun’s Skyreign Sword.

Boom Boom –

The power of frightening and the power of the wishful five-color technique collide, so that the long-standing arrogant mountains are shaking and can be smashed at any time. The Void of the surroundings collapses and the stars outside the domain are broken.

You should know that this is the primitive realm, and the stars outside the domain are different from the stars in the ordinary realm.

Its hardness is no less than the heavenly environment of the Skyreign Realm domain, and even stronger, almost no less than the Skyreign Realm domain. However, they were still smashed by the two people’s battle aftermath, and the battle’s strength level has climbed to the Transcendence middle stage level.


After a while, the monk of Xiaolingshan vomited blood and flew out.

He showed a stunned color, which was the first time since the start of the war. Jiang Yun’s strength soared, and he was caught off guard. He was almost stunned by Jiang Yun’s sword.

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