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“Yellow Wind -”

The monk shouted, frightening sound waves and mental attacks reappear, blocking Jiang Yun’s offense.

He recalled the knife, the caduceus and the thirty-six-day bead, and once again condensed the battle strength and killed Jiang Yun.

“Jiang Yun is so strong?”

“Fortunately, we did not shoot, wait for them to lose both sides, we will shoot again.”

“Sure enough, the first shot of the fruit is bad, Jiang Yun can be targeted by the Western Heavens, and its strength is not covered.”

The Martial Artists in the surroundings are all shocked, and many people secretly rejoice that they are not lucky. Otherwise, I am afraid I have been killed by Jiang Yun.

When Jiang Yun broke out and the strength soared, people were even more reluctant to shoot.

They are waiting, waiting for Jiang Yun and the young monk of Xiaolingshan to lose both sides. At that time, they will jump out and take advantage of the fishermen. At the least cost, there is almost no risk, and they can compete for the Emperor.

“The road to Transcendence is too difficult, without the help of Transcendence, without the help of Transcendence fruit, etc. It is too difficult and difficult to rely on its own strength Transcendence. I have prepared for so many years and killed thousands of people to compete for the Emperor. The people of Baobao have only absorbed some of the potential and the things of Good Fortune. Today, even if you kill the weasel of Xiaolingshan, there are thousands of people aroundings, even tens of thousands of Transcendence, I can’t escape. It seems that I can only fight for it. With pressure and perennial accumulation, the Transcendence environment can be impacted.” Jiang Yun sees everything in his eyes.

The Martial Artists in the surroundings are just around the corner and can be killed like him at any time.

Booming –

Jiang Yun quickly shot and fought the weasel.

The two lived and died, and one desperately wanted to live. One wants to quickly kill the opponent and steal the Emperor. Do not want to stop, the more fierce the fight, the big monk was pierced.

Blood sprayed, screaming again and again.

“Don’t fight any more. If we continue to fight, we can’t leave today.”

Jiang Yun sound transmission to the monk.

“哏哏哏 – mole crickets and ants, afraid? You can’t live away from you. This seat comes from Xiaoling Mountain, there is a yellow wind Old Ancestor shelter, who dares to die for me?” The monk laughed, he dared to consume Jiang Yun did not dare.

Jiang Yun heard the words, snorted, sound transmission said: “Even if I fall, you will not get the Emperor’s treasure. If you save it, what is the value?”

“This time I thought about life-saving, it’s late. If it’s early to hand over the Emperor’s treasure, why is it? This seat must kill you, it’s all you can’t get the Emperor’s treasure.” The big monk said more Gas, the attack is more and more fierce, completely ignoring life and death.

“You and his mother are sick -”

Jiang Yun couldn’t help but swear.

Heavenly Emperor is his treasure, and now he blames him?


The monk was shot by Jiang Yun and his body was broken into two pieces, but they were immediately reorganized. At this time, the monk has fallen into the wind and may be killed by Jiang Yun at any time.

“You can shoot -”

“The Yellow Wind Old Ancestor is very short-sighted. If the monk is killed by Jiang Yun, we will all be implicated.”

“It’s been a mistake, it’s time to shoot it–”

Some Transcendence people from Xi Niu Hezhou looked at each other and killed Jiang Yun.

They are located in Xi Niu Hezhou, and the attitude of Huang Feng Old Ancestor is very important. Martial Artist of other ministries still did not shoot, waiting for Martial Artist and Jiang Yun of Xi Niu Hezhou to reach the end.

At that time, they will come back to clean up the mess.

“Jiang Yun, as long as you take the initiative to give up the Emperor’s treasure, I can spare you a life-”

Lan Guoguo’s national teacher opened.

Now thousands of people have shot together, he has no pressure, and he is approaching Jiang Yun.

“You all leave this seat, can you want to die? Xiaolingshan does not need you to intervene.”

When the monk saw so many people, he knew that he did not hope to get the Emperor’s treasure, and he was anxious.

“Master, we are here to help you, how are you too?”

There are countless Great Influences in Xi Niu Hezhou. Apart from Xitian Buddhism, there is no other Influence that can be compared to Xiaolingshan. Immediately, there is a Martial Artist who is comparable to Influence of Xiaolingshan, with a smile.

On the surface, it is to help the monk, in fact, in order to compete for the Emperor.

At this point, the monk and the hearts of the people are clear.

“How precious is the Emperor’s treasure? Do you believe it? Even if it is true, you are also worthy of the Emperor’s treasure?”

Jiang Yun 嗤笑.

When is he a three year old? Can this kind of words fool him?

If he surrenders Skyreign Sword, he will only die faster.

The Martial Artist of this Realm has experienced a lot of hardships, and it is very clear that it is the reason for the tiger to return to the mountains. If they do not kill Jiang Yun today, they will be retaliated by Jiang Yun in the future.

Therefore, even if Jiang Yun speaks a good word and surrenders the Emperor’s treasure, these people will never let him leave.

Unless, Jiang Yun is willing to surrender to the Western Heavenly Kingdom, he is willing to be the chess piece of the Western Heavenly Kingdom and learn from them. Otherwise, basically no one can save him today.

“In this case, I will blame me for waiting. If you blame, you will be blamed for your inability to get the Emperor’s treasure.”

“What is the cost of killing him and a person who will die?”

“Kill him -”

Booming –

Thousands of Transcendence shots and killed Jiang Yun.

Suddenly, the Vault of Heaven in this area is fragmented, and thousands of Transcendence shots are about to break the arrogant country.

“Jiang Yun is completely finished this time. Pay attention to the Emperor’s treasure and not fall into the hands of others.”

The Martial Artists of South Zhanbuzhou, Beiju Luzhou and Dongsheng Shenzhou have all spirited and ready to go. Once Jiang Yun falls, Xi Niu He Zhou will be confused because of the competition for the Emperor.

After Xi Niu Hezhou killed each other, they shot again.

In fact, there are occasional people who see treasures and are rational. Knowing that killing each other is a bad behavior, but people have selfishness, who is willing to give up the Emperor’s treasure?

Reluctance to fulfill others will eventually lead to mutual killing and confrontation between the camps.

Hugh –

An arrow feather was shot through Eternal and killed by Jiang Yun.

Boom –

A sledgehammer breaks the sky and exudes a strength of frightening, with an explosion of aura, directly slamming into the head of Jiang Yun.


A whip shredded Void and pulled over to Jiang Yun.


Dozens of Transcendence people rotated the long blade and the long sword, and the knife and the sword qi swayed, intertwined, from all directions, crushed to Jiang Yun, blocking all his retreats.

“Since you want me to die, this emperor is also rude, give me to die -”

Jiang Yun is angry at the moment, and everything is gone, and he is fully committed to the five-color technique.


The sledgehammer was smashed by Skyreign Sword, and the Transcendence man with the sledgehammer was pierced by a sword. After the sword light, the five-color technique crushed it, and it took a single stroke.

Rubbing –

The arrow feathers were cut off, and Jiang Yun shot a five-color brilliance in an instant. It was the shape of the five-color technique that was not used with Armament. The woman who used the arrow feather was brushed into fly ash.


The woman with the long whip was slammed by Jiang Yun and pulled over, piercing a sword.

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