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Sword qi rushing to the Han, shaking the mountains and rivers, shaking Starry Sky.


Knife manable to move unhindered Eight Desolate, punctuation Space-Time, as if from the obscurity of the era, to the future.

Dozens of Transcendence people have come to the front, coming from all directions, either holding long blades or holding long swords. The goal is Jiang Yun in the middle, his eyes are cold and his heart is ruthless.

Killing intent Thundering the sky, shaking the Eight Earth Eight Desolate.

“Jiang Yun will die -”

People drink, desperate, with a cold look, rush to Jiang Yun.


Jiang Yun has a big mouth hemoptysis. When he was in a war with the monk, he was already hit hard. At this moment, he was attacked by all parties and his injuries were aggravated. I hurriedly took the healing sacred things like clean holy water, and the injury was getting better quickly.

However, there are too many enemies, old injuries are still not good, and new injuries are starting again.

“Since the end of the Battle of Skyreign Realm, how many years have passed, there is no such crisis. I want to leave today, I hope I hope. If you can fully impact Transcendence, you can step into that domain, and maybe there is still a chance.”

Jiang Yun is in a desperate situation at the moment.

After the end of the World War in the Skyreign Realm field, he took a break and led the team to the primed realm.

I have encountered many ancient road hunters on the road, and I also encountered strong enemies in Huaguoshan. But there is no such danger. This time, the enemy is too strong and too much. It is difficult to estimate.

Will there be a Top level character in the Transcendence, even the quasi-king, the bronze king, he can’t feel it.

The enemy who only shot now makes him in crisis.

“Killing – I am a student, rising from the end of the micro, killing countless enemies. Even if it is fallen today, it has already earned -”

Jiang Yun has forgotten his life and tried his best to do everything.

Puff puff–

Skyreign Sword smashed out and smashed a long sword, whose owner was beheaded by Jiang Yun.

Booming –

More than a dozen long swords emit 惶惶sword light, and every Transcendence person has an indifferent and ruthless killing intent, and sword light goes straight to Jiang Yun.

Rubbing –

The long handle of the handle is killed from the side, and Jiang Yun has no time to take care of it. It can only rotate the Skyreign Sword and quickly fight against a dozen swords.

Boom –

More than a dozen long swords were first flew out, and Jiang Yun Jianfeng turned and killed several people.

Puff puff–

He himself was pierced by the long blade that was killed by the side, and the blood was stained with red sky.

“Go to death -”

Jiang Yun grabs those long blades with both hands, and Skyreign Sword turns in the direction. Frightening’s five-color sword light smashed everything and held a few people holding a long blade.


Jiang Yun pulled out the long blades and sprayed the blood along the wound.

He runs the strength, reorganizing the flesh body and stopping the blood.

“Jiang Yun, don’t have to struggle, why bother?”


One shot broke through everything, emitting a black light, overbearing and indifferent, and the young man holding the big sly was cold and ruthless, and the big cockroach came directly to Jiang Yun’s head.

“Amitabha, I am compassionate, and I am not afraid of it.”

Another Buddhist monk was killed, holding a cockroach, issuing a buddha light, and fixing Jiang Yun.

Not only will he be fixed, but he will also have the power of refinement and refining, and he will be suppressed and even refining into fly ash. And the big monk of Xiaolingshan just did not start at the moment.

Because he was hit hard, he couldn’t die if he didn’t die, and he was not far from death. He didn’t know how many years to cultivate to recover.


A nun appeared, chanting Buddhist scriptures and throwing wooden fish.

“Jiang Yun, try the mountain of the seat -”

Boom –

A strong man rotated the mountain and crushed it toward Jiang Yun. He flew directly to the digital Transcendence and slammed into Jiang Yun all the way.

Booming –

Hundreds of Transcendence people killed together and solved the settled Jiang Yun.

“Damn, these are vultures -”

Jiang Yun is angry and runs Buried Immortal Technique and Ruyi Five Colors.


He finally got rid of the trick of the shackles, but immediately the hair was upside down and he noticed a fatal crisis.

I saw that Daxie had come to the front, with boundless domineering and strange strength.


Jiang Yun hastily responded and Skyreign Sword greeted him.


He had just got rid of the shackles of the shackles, rushed to the enemy, but blocked most of the strength of the big cockroaches, could not completely block, the cockroaches directly fell his arm, half of the body was smashed.


Jiang Yun roared, mobilized blood, and reorganized flesh body in an instant.

Boom –

Then, a wooden fish came to him.


Jiang Yun immediately recalled Skyreign Sword and smashed the past.


He had just been attacked by an amnesty. He hadn’t slowed down yet. He couldn’t completely block the wooden fish. He was smashed in the chest, and a blood hole was found in his chest. Supreme Buddha was trying to temper him, enslaving him and eroding him. .

That is the power of one kind of burning, and the power of tempering, so that Jiang Yun is sore and numb, and boring can’t do it.

At this time, because of his long battle, he has long been against RealMart’s Martial Artist, so many people are fighting with him, Jiang Yun’s head is dim, the battle strength has begun to decline, and he feels very tired.

He bit his teeth and tried to keep himself awake and fight against strong enemies.

Boom –

When Shenshan came, Jiang Yun lifted Skyreign Sword over his head and tried to smash the past.


The frightening collision sounds Eight Desolate, and the Transcendence of the surroundings are shaken out.


Jiang Yun also flew out, his body swayed and coughed up. The mountain of God was also sent out by him, and the strong man who drove the mountain was smashed by his own mountain.

“Receive -”

The monk holding the cockroach shot again, and a golden light shrouded Jiang Yun.

“Vulture, you are looking for death-”

Boom –

Jiang Yun desperately, rotating Skyreign Sword, performing the five-color technique, directly smashing out, colliding with Jinguang, and killing the monk in front. When the card is wiped, the cockroach is smashed.


The monk was angered by Jiang Yun, and his sword qi swayed and crushed it into blood.

“Come on, the Emperor’s treasure is here, if you don’t want to come -”

Jiang Yun runs the strength against the enemy, refining the Good Fortune to heal, and mobilizing his own strength, impacting the level of Transcendence. He has already sensed the existence of the level, but the level is like the door of homologous gold, and he is totally unsettled.

“The Emperor is a treasure, killing -”

Another batch of Martial Artist joined the battle and killed Jiang Yun.

Jiang Yun’s injury was a little slow, he returned to full waking state again, and the Skyreign Sword was smashed and killed. And he himself has been hit hard.

The most terrible thing is the nun who holds the cockroach, the strong man who drives the mountain, and the black man in the big hand.

These three people are even more powerful than the big monk of Xiaoling Mountain. The first-class strength from Xi Niu Hezhou is more than that of Xiaoling Mountain.

“It’s time, Jiang Yun can’t do it -”

At this time, the Martial Artist in the south of Zhengzhou, Dongsheng Shenzhou and Beiju Luzhou finally took the shot and killed Jiang Yun.

Suddenly, tens of thousands of Transcendence people flocked, and Jiang Yun had no chance to survive.

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