Heavenly Emperor Chapter 3552

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“This fellow, if it is not the strength of the Buddha, I must kill her!”

Qing Ning glared at the back of the net bottle.

At the beginning, the net bottle of the betrayal of the Heavenly Court, he was particularly seriously injured.

If it wasn’t for his luck, he might have been Death.

Therefore, Qing Ning does not have any good feelings about the net bottle.

However, at this time, the statue of the net bottle represents the Buddha country, and he can’t do it either. Otherwise, the Buddha and the Heavenly Court will be in a war, and the consequences will be disastrous.

“How do you kidnap this thief?”

Qing Ning glanced at Jiang Yun. He didn’t have any affection for Jiang Yun. For Qingzhu, Qingning must be good for Jiang Yun.

“She wants to conquer me, let me become a chess piece, I don’t want to, she is targeted.”

Jiang Yun shrugged his shoulders and did not care about the bottle.

“Good boy, this thing makes me look at you!”

Qing Ning took a shot of Jiang Yun’s shoulder and grinned: “You can rest assured that there is me, that woman doesn’t dare to do it!”

“Next, the rest of the Influence and Overlord Influence are coming. You two are careful, I am going to entertain people.”

Some Overlord Influence people are not weak, Heavenly Court must also send people of similar strength to meet and entertain.

Qingning, the fairy goddess are important figures of Heavenly Court, and they also have their own mission.

“Jiang Yun, I haven’t seen demon race and the demons yet, or let’s see?”

After Qingning left, Qingzhu restored the true color of the witch.

“No, these days are all over the top of the Influence’s powerhouse, too easy to accident.”

Jiang Yun decisively refused, making a joke. The thief boat that had previously been on the Qingzhu not only met the people of the demon palace, but also entered the Heavenly Court forbidden.

If you listen to Hsinchu again this time, it is difficult to guarantee what frightening will happen.

The bamboo is spoiled and taken away directly by Jiang Yun.

Hsinchu had no choice but to wander around the Heavenly Court area and was unhappy.

Not long after, Hong Shaojun found two people, and his face was slightly strange.

“Congratulations to the two, congratulations to the two -”

After the violation of the heart, Hong Shaojun refused to leave, and looked at Qingzhu affectionately.

Qingzhu did not catch a cold at Hong Shaojun and took Jiang Yun to the rest.


Turbulent, it is a dozen figures broken, falling not far from Qingzhu.

“Oops, it is him!”

As soon as I saw the boy in the lead, the face of the bamboo changed slightly, pulling Jiang Yun’s hand and hiding behind Jiang Yun.

“He can be annoying, always pestering me, hello, Jiang Yun, now you have to help me drive him away!”

Wen Yan, Jiang Yun’s face is quite helpless, Qing bamboo promised to make a clearance for him, but also conditional, it is protection!

Although the boy knows that it is a first-class influence, and even a ceiling of Influence, Jiang Yun has no way, promised, and must do it!

Sure enough, the boy saw the bamboo and quickly rushed over.

However, the next moment, he saw the scene of the bamboo hiding behind Jiang Yun, his face was very cold.


Dozens of figures fell on the side of Jiang Yun, Qing Bamboo and Hong Shaojun.

“Qing bamboo sister, what are you doing?”

The young leader laughed out loudly: “See me, don’t you say hello?”

“Which green onion are you? Why do you want to say hello to you?”

Jiang Yun snorted.

“I talk to Qingzhu, where is your business?”

The leading teenager’s eyes were cold, killing intent, like a knife, and suddenly stabbed Jiang Yun’s neck.

Knowing this, Jiang Yun couldn’t help but be a little surprised. The leader, Realm, is not weak. It is already the peak level of Transcendence, plus the treasure of the body.

“Hey, we Chen Shao is the less Palace Lord of the Heavenly Palace. What kind of green onion do you dare to disappoint the Palace Lord?”

“Chen Shao is destined to be a man of the Heavenly Court high level, you are less nonsense!”

Next to the boy, the rest of the people sneered.


Jiang Yun said with amazement: “I don’t know, which of the Heavenly Court high levels does Chen Shao want to marry in the future?”

“I didn’t expect that there are people in the world who can put the thighs so straightforward! Isn’t it a small white face?”


Wen Yan, Chen Xinyu was furious and glared at Jiang Yun.

However, before they started, Chen Xinyu reached out and blocked them. He chuckled and said: “Not bad, boy, you are the first person who dares to talk to me like this.”

“Reassured, certainly not the last one.”

Jiang Yun’s look is indifferent, and does not put Chen Xinyu’s threat in mind.

He threatened the threat of the net bottle, not to mention some small fellow.

To be honest, Jiang Yun didn’t even bother to deal with these little fellows.

“Do you believe it or not, I only need one sentence, and you will be finished in Heavenly Court in the future.”

Chen Xinyu looked at Jiang Yun with a funny taste and said softly: “If you admit it now, I can spare you not to die.”

“Hey, can you control my future in one sentence?”

Jiang Yun’s mouth twitched, and the right hand clenched, and said lightly: “I have already recorded the words you said. If you let others know, you will not know what you and your father will be!”


Chen Xinyu’s face changed dramatically, and he was nervous for the first time.

Although they have a weak influence in Heavenly Court, Heavenly Court is the owner of Heavenly Court. If everyone knows, they are asking for a dead end!

Chen Xinyu’s follow-up classes are completely dumbfounded. They can’t believe it. Some people dare to do this with Chen Xinyu!

Isn’t it crazy?

“Oh, you are very kind!”

Chen Xinyu shouted: “Do you believe it or not, I will kill you directly today!”

“Try it if you have the skills.”

Jiang Yun yawned and looked indifferent.

The fairy goddess, Qing Ning is standing behind him, Jiang Yun does not believe that with the influence of these two people, can not hold a Chen Xinyu.

Heavenly Palace is a very special organization, directly under Heavenly Court, responsible for assassination, punishment, can not enter into it is not loyal, it is a superb killing skills!

Chen Jia is one of the best, and he has been in control of Heavenly Court for tens of thousands of years. He is famous in Heavenly Court.

Of course, more are fierce names, and many people are afraid of Chen.

“You really don’t dare to kill you?!”

Chen Xinyu’s eyes were cold, and a long sword emerged out of thin air. The sharp blade stabbed Jiang Yun’s chest.


The face of the bamboo is slightly changed, and the light is heard: “You dare to try it for him!”


Wen Yan, Chen Xinyu’s heart is more and more angry. He has been blind to the Qing bamboo since he was a child. Seeing Qing bamboo protects Jiang Yun, he can’t wait to smoke the muscles of Jiang Yun and lick his skin!

“Qingzhu, you are back, this is a matter between men, I think, this little brother will not want you to intervene!”

Jiang Yun clenched the hand of Qingzhu and said softly: “These things will be handed over to me. You don’t want to see him. In the future, I will let him never appear again!”

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