Heavenly Emperor Chapter 3553

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Chen Xinyu’s face is full of resentment, staring at Jiang Yun.

In the eyes, it’s full of cockroaches!

[Why damn kid, where did it come from? 】

With a cold eye, Chen Xinyu screamed: “I will kill you, I will!”

The coldness is lingering and looming over everyone.

Even Chen Xinyu’s follow-up is full of cold.

Hong Shaojun whispered: “Chen Xinyu, you stop, Jiang Yun, he is already engaged with Qingzhu, if you dare to do it, Qingning Grandfather will not let you go!”


Wen Yan, Chen Xinyu changed his face, “Dangdang”, the sword fell to the ground.

“No! This is impossible! How big is her bamboo, how can she get engaged?”

Chen Xinyu panicked and looked at Hong Shaojun’s eyes full of horror.

Upon seeing it, Hong Shaojun couldn’t help but laugh out loud. He thought that the bamboo was still small. This didn’t happen. I didn’t expect it. It took only a long time to be taken away by Jiang Yun.


Qingzhu Zhengshui said: “Chen Xinyu, I already have a husband, you don’t pester me!”


The mouth was violently twitching, and Chen Xinyu only felt that there were countless thunders squatting on his head, and the pain was extremely high.

“Hong Shaojun, you are what’s going on? Look at others and Qingzhu engagement, you do not stop?”


Hong Shaojun looked helpless, I blocked a fart, Qingning family rushed up, how can I stop?

“How could this be–”

Touching his head, Chen Xinyu glared at Jiang Yun and screamed coldly: “Boy, you dare not gamble with me!”

“I am willing to accompany you, I don’t know what to gamble.”

Jiang Yun shrugged his shoulders and didn’t mean anything.

Although Chen Xinyu said that Realm is similar to him, he has more treasures than him, but Jiang Yun has the confidence to defeat him.

He relies on his own strength Transcendence, and his foundation is solid.

In addition, Chen Xinyu is also considered a strong enemy, can fight with him, Jiang Yun will certainly be able to gain.

Of course, the most important point is to play the role of killing chickens and monkeys.

Jiang Yun The time of stirring during this time is not small. Coupled with the coming of Buddhism, there will be someone who will shoot him.

The influence behind Chen Xinyu is not weak. If he can beat Chen Xinyu and let him pay some price, it will make Jiang Yun quiet.

At least, the strength is not as good as Chen Xinyu’s, and certainly will not dare to provoke him.

“If you lose, you will cancel the marriage contract with Qingzhu!”

Chen Xinyu sneered out loudly: “Of course, if you dare not, I will not force it.”

“This level of other radicals is useless to me, children, you are too young.”

Jiang Yun shook his head and said: “Qingzhu is not an object, I will not take her as a bet.”


When the voice fell, Chen Xinyu’s body trembled and the whole heart was shocked.

He is not a fool, and naturally understands the role of Jiang Yun.

Looking up, it didn’t matter, the whole bamboo was stunned, and I looked at Jiang Yun.

“Despicable! Shameless-”

Chen Xinyu gnashed his teeth, but he understood that he fell into the wind.

“That’s good, let’s change a bet!”

Chen Xinyu screamed coldly: “If anyone loses, he will slap his face in public and shout that he is a waste!”

“Very good, this bet I like it!”

Jiang Yun reveals an intoxicating look: “I like to listen to someone else’s own voice!”

“I hope that your mouth will be so hard!”

Chen Xinyu’s face was cold and cold, holding a sharp blade and stabbing Xiang Yun.

Qingzhu worried, silently cheering for Jiang Yun.

Boom Long –

The violent strength surged and gathered around Jiang Yun and Chen Xinyu, causing the entire Space to tremble.

Fortunately, around Heavenly Court, there is a treasure, and the Space is reinforced. Otherwise, it is just a small island. It can’t bear the imposing manner of Jiang Yun and Chen Xinyu.

“Blood Soul!”

With a light drink, Chen Xinyu did not hold his hand and held a long sword to Jiang Yun.


The red blood of the blood surged and turned into a ball of light.

Boom Long –

The violent strength, suddenly bursting out of the ball of light, made the entire Space tremble.

Jiang Yun is a fist press with both hands, constantly hammering out phantoms one after another, colliding with the raging strength!

Chen Xinyu was surrounded by a number of classes, calling strength and blocking the shock wave in the middle. So that the fluctuations here are too large to be discovered.

Boom Long –

When the blood sword burst, Jiang Yun suddenly flew out, and the golden scorpion was bursting. The two golden lights swept away and burned the blood that filled the air.

Jiang Yun did not directly use Yu Tianshu, but stared at Chen Xinyu, and he had to wait for Chen Xinyu to reveal the flaws, and then hit the enemy again!

“Hey, eat me another sword!”

“The Nether Blood River!”

Chen Xinyu was bloody and sturdy, and another sword broke out. In the meantime, Heaven and Earth turned back. A blood river appeared in Void, mixed with the aura of corrosion, flowing toward Jiang Yun.

Feeling the gloomy aura, Jiang Yun raised his right hand, and the light sword sheath shimmered, and suddenly absorbed a lot of corrosion aura.

Ruyi’s five-color operation was fully operational, and Jiang Yun raised his hand and smashed the space, smashing the Space, and hitting one after another, a black hole, a powerful pulling force, and suddenly pulled the blood river into it.

Boom Long –

Dozens of black holes burst together, and the powerful strength of the strong wind swept through and spread out.

Jiang Yun and Chen Xinyu both retreat, gaze at the gods, staring at each other.

As long as the strength dissipates, they will always be shot.


Turbulent, radiant, several figures appearing in the air, it happened to be stuck between Jiang Yun and Chen Xinyu.

“What are you doing?!”

“Bastard, the peach will start right away, are you actually fighting here?!”

A Divine General, holding a pair of scorpions, standing in the air, screaming out.

“Chen Xinyu, what are you doing?”

Divine General recognized Chen Xinyu, his face was especially ugly.

Although Chen Xinyu’s influence behind the incredible, but he is not afraid, immediately screamed: “If you are troubled again, believe it or not, I deprive you of your qualifications!”

“And you, what can be arbitrated, don’t know him!”

When the voice fell, Chen Xinyu’s strength gradually dissipated, but he stared at Jiang Yun.

That Divine General is a pair of gods Qin Yuqiong, but the giant-level frightening exists, even if he is, he does not dare to resist.

Jiang Yun shrugged his shoulders and sneered out: “I didn’t want to do it. He insisted on pulling me. I also said who is not a grandson. I can’t help but fight!”


Qin Yuqiong glanced at Chen Xinyu and said in a light way: “There will be such a thing, this year’s peach will, you don’t have to participate.”

Chen Xinyu arrogant domineering used to, so Jiang Yun said that Qin Yuqiong believed him.


Chen Xinyu almost did not spit out a bit of blood. What happened? The gambling was clearly made by the two of us. Why do you only blame me alone?

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