Heavenly Emperor Chapter 3554

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Turbulent, several figures appeared, falling next to Qin Yuqiong.

The violent strength suddenly bloomed, and Rao was Qin Yuqiong who was amazed, turned his head and looked at it, his mouth twitching.

The coming people are the fairy goddess, Qingning, and the Heavenly Palace, the current Princess, Chen Heavenly Dao.


Chen Tianyu’s crowds took a breath of air.

For them, there are a few fairy goddesses, they are rare to see!

It’s really exciting to meet four at this time.

Chen Tianyu brows slightly and looks at Jiang Yun’s eyes very strangely. He calms down now, thinks carefully, and finds that Jiang Yun’s Influence can’t be underestimated.

After the arrival of the three immortals, the look was dignified and looked at each other.

They still don’t know what’s going on, they just feel the strength fluctuations, and they leave the fluctuations of Imprint.

“Qin Wang, what happened in the end?”

Chen Heavenly Dao directly asked to speak out.

“Chen Xinyu provokes the rest of the discipline, fighting here.”

Qin Yuqiong said indifferently: “I couldn’t manage it before, but now I am approaching the Taotao Club. If Chen Xinyu makes another mistake, he will blame me for being ruthless!”

Qin Yuqiong, the iron-faced selflessness, does not lose to any faction, but also controls the power. Therefore, the rest do not dare to know Qin Yuqiong.

Rao is Chen Heavenly Dao is so embarrassed by Qin Yuqiong, just a slight behead.

“Since all of you have come, it is up to you to handle this matter. I believe that you can control your position.”

After all, Qin Yuqiong smashed Chen Heavenly Dao, the fairy goddess, and Qing Ning, and turned away.


When Qin Yuqiong left, the smell of gunpowder in the field suddenly rose.

Chen Xinyu looked at Jiang Yun’s eyes and was once again filled with killing intent.

“Why, do you want to play again?”

Jiang Yun’s brow slightly picks up and smiles.

“Bastard -”

Chen Xinyu was furious in his heart, and he could not wait to smoke the muscles of Jiang Yun and lick his skin!

Since he and Xiang Yun have been in the opposite direction, almost every collision, whether it is speech or strength, has fallen to the bottom!

That kind of anger, he can’t suppress it.

However, it is not allowed to fight in the Heavenly Court during the Peach Club. Otherwise, it will be very serious once the matter is brought to the head of Heavenly Court.

Even if his Dad is Chen Heavenly Dao, it won’t work.


Qing Ning looked at Chen Heavenly Dao coldly and said indifferently: “Old Chen, after you manage your son, my granddaughter, no one can provoke!”

“You will manage your granddaughter first!”

Chen Heavenly Dao didn’t mean anything. He went straight back and looked at Jiang Yun. His eyes were full of strange colors.

“Why, you still want to shoot the junior?”

The fairy goddess stepped forward and stared at Chen Heavenly Dao, not giving him a chance.

“You count!”

Chen Heavenly Dao immediately understood that Jiang Yun was related to the fairy goddess. At this time, both the fairy goddess and the Qingning were there. He could not compete with each other. He immediately sneered and took Chen Xinyu away.

Before leaving, Chen Xinyu looked at Jiang Yun’s eyes, full of sullen gas!

This makes Jiang Yun’s brow slightly, and he has a hunch that Chen Xinyu will not be good at it.

[嘶——This fellow, it seems that I should not rely on the strength of others, but to find a corner of no one, secretly kill him! 】

After feeling the crisis, Jiang Yun felt killing intent.

“Jiang Yun, you can really make trouble.”

The fairy goddess looked helplessly at Jiang Yun and reminded him: “After a while, the peach will open immediately, you must pay attention!”

“At the time, the other three Overlord Influence gifts, for you, is a big chance!”

“You two, give me a good stay!”

Qing Ning is also Shen Sheng said: “If you can’t do it, then you will follow me.”


Jiang Yun quickly waved his hand, made a joke, and then with Qing Ning, it was torture!

“Then you have to be careful, I can’t look after you all the time.”

Qing Ning and Jiang Yun are not pleasing to each other, they are very disgusted and leave directly.

The fairy god sighed and went away.

“Call – scare me!”

Qingzhu patted the chest and said nervously: “Fortunately, you did not agree to his previous gamble. Otherwise, I will kill you!”

“Cough -”

Jiang Yun once again shifted the topic and took the bamboo to understand Heaven and Earth.

Soon, the guests of the Taotao Club are coming.

The fairy goddess has a special status and cannot take Jiang Yun. He can only let him join Qingning.

The Peach Club will also officially begin!

Numerous powerhouses flooded into the vacant city of Heavenly Court, gathering in a huge square.

In the center, a huge high platform emerged, with more than a dozen figures sitting on the platform.

In the middle, there is a dragon chair. On the dragon chair, a slightly thin and ordinary figure sits, and the strength of the body is restrained, but it is like a thunder, and it is contained in the bone.

Wearing a golden dragon crown, dressed in a golden robes, the face is endless, not angry.

Almost at the moment when the person appeared, in the square, whether it was Human Race or Demon Race, or the Mozu, they bowed down respectfully and bowed to the Lord of Heaven.

The vast voice is rippling and shocking people.

After meeting the Lord of Heavenly Court, it was the time for the parties to influence the tribute.

Heavenly Court belongs to almost every other party sent a tribute.

As for Tian Yuzong, Ren Tianyu also brought treasures to the court.

However, after the lord of Heavenly Court got the tribute, it was thrown directly into the air, letting the strength, Realm be less than the younger generation under the bronze king.

In fact, this so-called confession, more to promote the power of Heavenly Court, shocked the rest of the three continents, and then gave the opportunity to the younger generation.

Jiang Yun will not miss it. Together with the bamboo, I have grabbed many tributes.

Even if Jiang Yun didn’t need it, he stayed and could be used by the rest.

I have to say that the Heavenly Court system is really too huge, and it took him two days to spend it on his own Influence.

After the end, it was the turn of the other three continents.

The tribute lasted for ten genius, and the Buddha and the Emperor’s Temple were especially generous. It was shocking to send out many gifts.

You must know that the Emperor’s Temple has always been inconsistent with Heavenly Court. At this time, there is a conspiracy.

But at the peach meeting, no one would say it.

At the end of the tribute, the feast of peaches began.

Each side has a counter with a sap of sap, a peach, and even a lot of food.

The Lord of Heavenly Court patrolled with many high levels to toast to the guests, but it was fun.

The fairy goddess is also among them. Therefore, Jiang Yun can only drink with Qingning people.

During the banquet, Jiang Yun also met Chen Daoxuan and others who had met before, and it was a rush to meet, and this left.

The nectar of the syrup, the fruit of the peach, can be both Heaven and Earth, and Jiang Yun Realm is weak. After absorbing these strengths, the head begins to faint.

Just when Jiang Yun said goodbye to Ren Tianyu and wanted to go back to find Qingzhu, a figure came to Jiang Yun and whispered a word, and immediately took Jiang Yun to the banquet hall.

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