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In the strange space, Jiang Yun woke up slowly, just breathed a sigh of relief, but felt a strong stench, suddenly woke up, and coughed fiercely.

Shaking his head violently, Jiang Yun got up and looked around, his face suddenly dignified.

He is surroundedings, full of purple-black fog, and many swamps on the ground.


Swamp above, countless bubbles emerged and quickly gathered into the fog.

“Hey – these fogs are actually formed by swamp gases, no wonder, they are so corrosive!”

The eyebrows are close, and Jiang Yun casts a magical technique to dispel the corrosive gas contained in the mist.

Looking around, Jiang Fan, Jiang Tian, ​​and the Heavenly Court disciple are all in a coma.

On their faces, the look is especially embarrassing, black and purple.

“There was a poison in the swamp, so it was troublesome!”

With his eyes narrow, Jiang Yun touched his nose and immediately applied the magical technique to dispel the swamp poison of Jiang Fan and Jiang Tian.

Although they are all genius, this Tian Zeyuan is also a place with great frightening, they are not enough to see!

Along with the display of Yu Tianshu, in a short time, Jiang Fan’s body was empty, and their faces gradually became ruddy and awake.

“Hey – where is this!”

“Damn, what kind of ghosts are in the group, and they are like this!”

Heavenly Court The six Young Masters woke up and complained.

Soon, they found out that the surroundings were not right and the look was dignified.

As for Jiang Yun who rescued them, they didn’t even look at it.

Jiang Fan and Jiang Tian both came to Jiang Yun and watched them carefully.

“Call, there is not only the swamp gas, but also the unformed body of the Primal Chaos fog. Be careful.”

Jiang Yun said in a voice: “Try to find the news of the Emperor’s fruit, and then leave here! It’s so weird!”

“Hey, what’s the difference?”

The six Young Heaven Court’s Young Master, World Destruction Phoenix, went away and suddenly refused to listen to Jiang Yun’s words.

Each of them is a descendant of each high level Elder. They usually meet people and are very kind to them. This time, they suddenly listen to Jiang Yun’s words, which makes them very unhappy.

If Jiang Yun is also a descendant of a big aunt in Heavenly Court, they may still obey orders, but Jiang Yun is not, he is just a cloth!

Therefore, even if it is the order of the Heavenly Court, they are not willing to listen.

During the time, Jiang Yun looked gloomy and glanced at the six people. He said lightly: “It looks like you, six of you, have made up your mind not to listen to me?”

“Don’t forget, the words of Heavenly Court!”

“Will outside, the military order is not!”

The six men shrugged their shoulders and said indifferently: “What are you, and want to tell us? Hey, have the ability, you should go out from here or go alive!”

“Brothers, let’s go straight, hey, I don’t have that stinky bird, I have to see, how can you!”

“ha ha!”

In the laughter, Heavenly Court, six people, quickly left.

Jiang Yun shook his head slightly and did not stop them.

Since they want to find their own death, Jiang Yun will not stop.

“Just let them go?”

Jiang Tian is close to the eyebrows and does not want to let them go so easily.

“Nothing, if they rush into the fog, they will die very badly!”

Jiang Yun said indifferently: “Exactly, I will save them and save energy.”

Those Primal Chaos fog, although not as strong as the outer Primal Chaos fog, but the strength contained in it is still not their quasi-king, Transcendence level people can resist.

Fortunately, they have not been completely transformed into Primal Chaos fog, but also at the primary level stage. Ye Yun can use the magical technique to drive them out and not close.

However, if you want to drive Yutian, it takes Jiang Yun’s energy. When they leave, Jiang Yun is happy.

Even if they died in the end, Jiang Yun could talk to the owner of Heavenly Court that they could die and he couldn’t stop it.

After a short break, Jiang Yun adjusted his strength to the most perfect state, and then he got up and took Jiang Tianyi and Jiang Fan into the fog.

At the foot, every step is taken out, almost all of them are soft swamps.

The deeper the hair is, the softer the ground is, which makes Jiang Yun feel uneasy.

Among the swamps, most of them are big demon. In this, will there be also frightening?

As the eyeballs turn, Jiang Yun carefully looks around.

However, although the fog is not strong, it still obscures the line of sight and makes people unable to see clearly.


The abrupt, blistering voice rang.

Jiang Yun’s face changed slightly, Skyreign Sword rose, Buried Immortal Technique broke out, frightening’s sword qi broke, and ran in the direction of voice.


The screams screamed.

Jiang Yun quickly got up and rushed over.

Jiang Tian Yi and Jiang Fan both rushed along Jiang Yun and watched carefully around them, ready to cope with unexpected situations.

I have to say that their vigilance is really strong.

However, when Jiang Yun rushed past, he found that something was wrong.

Lying on the ground is not the expected big demon, but many human bodies.

One of the bodies, no, accurately, has become a dead body!

On the body of the body, the sword qi left from Ye Yun.

“Hey – how is this?”

Jiang Yun was surprised by the brows.

Jiang Tian said with surprise: “These people seem to be those who are sucked in by Influence!”


Jiang Yun slightly dagger: “They are all people who came in before, but I didn’t expect it to become a dead body!”

Jiang Tian turned to the front and looked at the bodies of those people. He said, “No, they still have breathing, not dead yet!”

“Not dead yet?”

With a brow, Jiang Yun suddenly became surprised and quickly stepped forward and carefully sensed.

Sure enough, those people, although lying on the swamp, can still have vitality in the body.

“Strange, since they are still not dead, how can they fall in the swamp?”

Touching the nose, Jiang Yun was just about to display the magical technique, and then explored, the group of people suddenly changed.

Their fingers turned out to be moving.


Jiang Yun Three people were shocked, just preparing to lean over, the body of the group of people, but like a spring, suddenly popped out.



The hoarse snoring sounded, and the skin color of the group of people suddenly became blood red, and it was gradually corroded by black gas, and a mist came out.

At the same time, their hands became claws, the boss legs were a lot stronger, and a pair of evil bone wings grew up behind them!

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