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“If there is no you, I am afraid that this trick will cost me a world, and I can’t play such a strong effect!”

Ning Xin smiled and looked at the many giant wolves lying on the ground, and screamed coldly: “Don’t think that with the fact that Zhenwu that fellow will leave you, you can compete with me.”

Previously, the reason why those giant wolves can exert such strong strength is largely based on the formation.

If there is no help from Jiang Yun, Ning Xin is also very difficult to deal with.

I am afraid that even if the release of a flower and a world, the strength of the frightening will directly kill the giant wolf.

After all, they came to seek cooperation, and they couldn’t kill the killer. Therefore, they only managed to take a lot of strength, which saved the strength of those giant wolves.

The gap between the giant Realm and the bronze king is too big to make up.

“Cough -”

The coughing sound continued to sound, and the giant wolves struggled to climb up, and their faces were full of despair.

“Now, I have to look at it, who can stop me?”

Ning Xin glanced at the giant wolves and said coldly: “Tell me, where is your Patriarch?”

“Patriarch is in the closed-door seclusion, no one knows where he is!”

The leading giant wolf smiled out loudly: “However, if you dare to be hard, if we are dead, we must stop you!”

When the voice fell, the giant wolves, who had bitten their teeth, stood up and endured the pain.

Even though their bodies are still trembled, even though the blood on them is still dripping, they still stand up tenaciously!


Seeing this scene, Jiang Yun, Ning Xin, World Destruction Phoenix three people trembled, and my heart was amazed.

Looking at it, Ning Xin is a bit unbearable.

After all, she is a Buddha, a true Buddha, unlike the hypocritical people of the Buddha, she has a good heart.

She was angry before because she sincerely came here to seek cooperation, but fell into a trap and wanted to kill her.

But now, seeing the persistence of the group of giant wolves, she couldn’t bear it.

“Hey – brothers, look at the situation, it seems that they are really an accident!”

World Destruction Phoenix Grin: “Things are so big, their Patriarch still refuses to come out?”

Wen Yan, Jiang Yun’s heart stunned, and suddenly found that something was wrong.

Suddenly looked up, Jiang Yun looked away and found four surroundings, actually there are thousands of heads, and even tens of thousands of giant wolves.

However, even so, their Patriarch still has no trace.

[No, it’s not right! Normally, when such a big thing happens, their Patriarch can definitely sense it, why not? 】

[Difficult, their Patriarch, really a problem? 】

At this point, Jiang Yun quickly asked and said, “I want to ask you, what happened to your Patriarch?”

“How can it be closed-door seclusion cultivation?”


It was said that the giant wolves could not help but hesitate.

The leading giant wolf gnawed his teeth and said: “But you have an authentic Buddha power on your body. It must be a great sacrifice for the tribe. I believe in you!”

“Since I believe in us, why didn’t we let us go directly?”

Ning Xin brows slightly.

Upon hearing this, the leading giant wolf smiled and said: “I can tell you the cause and effect, but you can’t let you in!”

“After all, the situation is serious, I can’t take responsibility!”

“That line, you tell us what happened.”

Jiang Yun gave Ning Xin a look and gestured to her not to speak.

With the command of Jiang Yun, Ning Xin immediately stopped speaking.

Perceived this, the leading giant wolf could not help but look at Jiang Yun.

It can be seen that Jiang Yun Realm is not very strong, but it can make the giant Realm feel convinced, absolutely problematic.

“About a hundred years ago, suddenly a group of extraterrestrial races came. They were not like the former aliens. Instead, they were made of steel. They were extremely powerful and almost did not capture our Sacred Land!”

“Finally, our Patriarch fights and spurs the power of Sacrod Land’s Taboo, which kills the group of foreign races. But they leave a Space channel.”

The leading giant wolf looked at Jiang Yun and said: “In order to break the Space channel, Patriarch burns Divine Soul to ensure that we are safe and then close-door seclusion cultivation to recover the injury.”

“But, within five hundred years, the Space channel could not be completely closed. We can’t let you go in!”

“And, Patriarch hasn’t recovered yet, and there is a problem with the forbidden land. You can’t see it when you go in.”

“So, I am blocking this area!”

Wen Yan, Jiang Yun, and a few people in Ning Xin suddenly became surprised.

Especially Ning Xin, brows slightly, whispered out: “There is a new extraterrestrial foreign race coming? It seems that the crisis in Absolute Beginning Buddha prophecy is really coming!”

“I don’t know, will there be a crisis in the rest?”

Just when Ningxin was worried, the surroundings, tens of thousands of giant wolves surrounded, cold-eyed, staring at Jiang Yun, Ning Xin, World Destruction Phoenix three.

Although they are not very strong, they can still pose a threat to Ningxin with so many quantities and some of the remaining methods in Space.

In addition, Ning Xin’s efforts to shoot is not good, she does not want to incite killing.

“The big sacrifice, we really have a hard time!”

The leading giant wolf sighed out: “If it is possible, I would like to ask you to go back first. When Patriarch Lord leaves the customs, I will personally come to the door to plead guilty. Please come here to discuss the business!”


Ning Xin shook his head and said: “The things I have to say are very serious. Now, your ethnic group is invaded by the foreign race outside the domain, but you don’t say a word, I have to check the situation!”

“If you don’t have enough time for the foreign race outside the region, our Ziwei Star Field will be over!”

“At that time, you are also accomplices!”

“How can we be accomplices?!”

The leader of the giant wolf suddenly mourned: “Our family, and the foreign race outside the field is not the same!”

“Hey! Even if we die, we will kill those foreign races!”

The whistling sounds rang, and an imposing manner converges and bursts with amazing strength.


“Then you are not going to let it go!”

Ning Xinzheng said: “I am a tribal ritual, I will never hurt you! Only when I go in can you let Patriarch recover as soon as possible, in order to completely seal the space channel of the foreign race outside the domain!”

“Don’t forget, I was responsible for expelling the foreign race outside the country, but Absolute Beginning Buddha, and our group of believers!”


It was said that the group of giant wolves were stunned, including the leading giant wolf, and their eyes were confused.

“How are you so pedantic?”

Ning Xin saw that they still refused to agree, hate iron is not steel, suddenly shouted out: “Black Roco, if you do not come out, your group of children, you must be extinct!”


At that time, frightening strength rippling throughout the icefield above!

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