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Frightening strength Ranging on the ice sheet, this time, there is no way to block, Ning Xin is going all out, the strength is extremely amazing.

Boom Long!

Only heard the roaring sound, another piece of ice shattered, cracked open.

Some of the less powerful giant wolves were dizzy and fainted on the ground.

“You – stop!”

The leading giant wolf face changed dramatically, and roared out loud: “If we interrupt Patriarch’s nursed back to health, we are not in the same position with you!”

Even if his own strength is not as good as his heart, the leading giant wolf is still jumping into the air.

“Asshole, are you looking for death?!”

Seeing this scene, Ning Xin’s face changed slightly, and quickly scattered the strength.

Even so, the residual strength was bombarded on the leading giant wolf, and it was quickly shot out.

For a time, blood was splashed, and many giant wolves screamed and glared at a few people.

This makes Ning Xin quite angry, this group of giant wolves, it is too pedantic!

It happened so big, Black Roco is just healing himself, how can it recover quickly?

What’s more, what she has cultivated is the authentic Dharma. She has a deep Comprehension for the cure. With her, Heroco will recover faster.

She did not understand why this group of stupid wolves were like watching the flooding beasts, beware of her!

“Cough -”

Big mouth hemoptysis, the leading giant wolf trembled and flew up from a distance, his face looked serious.

“The big sacrifice, I believe in you, will tell you these things, but you don’t want to use our trust to hurt us!”

The leading giant wolf said, glaring at Jiang Yun and World Destruction Phoenix.

Especially World Destruction Phoenix, between them, the attributes are mutually restrained, very unpleasant.

“Break you?”

Ning Xin said with no anger: “You don’t let us in, help Heroco recover, that is hurting you!”


The leading giant wolf shook his head and said: “As long as I am there, I will not allow you to enter the forbidden area, enter Sacred Land! Sacrifice Lord, please come back first!”

“When Patriarch wakes up, I will personally ask the tribe to plead guilty, to kill the shackles, absolutely unambiguous!”

“Stupid! Stupid, stubborn, damn!”

Jiang Yun suddenly said: “You know, you are so stubborn, not for your Patriarch, but for harming him!”

“The things between us and the tribe don’t need a small fellow to intervene.”

It is said that the leading giant wolf is extremely embarrassed, but there is no positive answer to Jiang Yun.

“Oh, it seems, I am overestimating you!”

Ning Xin shook his head and was very disappointed.

[But, since they don’t let me in, then I can only get in and take the Black Tortoise! By the way, wake up Black Rocco, as long as Black Rooke wakes up, it will be fine! 】

With a narrow eye, Ning Xin has made up his mind.

She believes that Black Rocco will not be so stupid.

At this point, Ning Xin’s side, full of Buddha power, brought frightening fluctuations.


Just as Ningxin was preparing to erupt, a faint voice was heard in the air.

“Carlos, let them come in Sacred Land!”

The voice was weak and passed to the ears of many giant wolves, but they made their eyes change dramatically, and they fell to the ground and worshipped.

Obviously, the owner of the voice is Patriarch Black Rocco!


The corner of his mouth twitched, and the leading giant wolf, Carlos, immediately took the imposing manner and re-formed it into a human form, and came to Ningxin’s front.

“The sacrifice of Lord, it was my fault before, I hope you will forgive me!”

At this point, Black Roco has already spoken, and Carlos can only plead guilty.


Ning Xin snorted and did not say anything, which made Carlos a sigh of relief.

After all, it just said that it is absolutely unambiguous to kill.

Ning Xin wants to kill it, even Hei Luoke can’t stop it.

The status of the tribe high priest can be much more important than him!

“Okay, take us in!”

Ning Xin said, “If you have delayed the big thing, you will die!”

“Yes, sacrifice Lord!”

With a slight dagger, Carlos did not hesitate, and once again turned into a giant wolf and fell on the frost.

Ning Xin immediately went to the giant wolf and signaled that Jiang Yun also sat up.

As for World Destruction Phoenix, it is flying.

No way, it is all fire. If you sit on Carlos, I am afraid it will become a fire wolf.

With Carlos leading the way, everyone was extremely fast, traveling through the glacier and coming to a valley.

The valley is above, full of frost, and the valley is even more white.

Countless Palaces, as well as buildings, some places are stone monuments.

In the far distance, there is a palace, which covers an enormous area, and the vast strength constantly sways out.

As for the underground palace, there is an inexhaustible mountain range.

However, when Jiang Yun and Ning Xin were farsighted and looked at, they found that something was wrong!

Looking at the exhaustion, there is actually a purple-black crack!

“The crack is the space channel that the foreign race tears outside the domain?”

Ning Xin reveals the complexion of the heart: “I always feel that the crack contains the extreme aura of extreme frightening!”

“me too!”

Jiang Yun Dagger, also felt Destruction aura from the Space channel.


World Destruction Phoenix’s face is dignified, and the right color says: “Do you feel that this aura is very similar to the aura of the Great Wasteland?”


Hearing, Jiang Yun meditated and his face became more dignified.

“What is it, what they call the extraterrestrial foreign race, the creatures in the Great Wasteland? That, this area is most likely outside the Great Wasteland! That is, we came to the Primitive and Great Wasteland region?”

At this point, Jiang Yun and World Destruction Phoenix both looked at each other with a smile.

They thought about a lot of ideas, but they didn’t think about them. They were neither in Great Wasteland nor in the primitive realm.

Jiang Yun can think about it. There are also Ziwei Star Fields, which are also arranged in the same way as the primitive realm. They are also suspected.

“what are you guys saying?”

When I heard the conversation between Jiang Yun and World Destruction Phoenix, I was so timid and confused.

“It’s nothing!”

Jiang Yun shook his head and motioned Carlos to keep going.

“Sacred Lord, I can only send you here!”

Carlos condensed and said: “This is the forbidden land of our family. Ordinary people can’t go down! You should be careful!”

“There are many crises hidden in this, and there are organs! I don’t know the specifics, I can only rely on you!”

“This organ is to protect the Patriarch closed-door seclusion, and the forbidden land, we can not close. At the moment Patriarch is seriously injured, he can not come out to meet, but also forgive me!”

After the apologize, Carlos quickly left, for fear that he would shoot it.

For a time, Jiang Yun, Ning Xin, and World Destruction Phoenix were in a mess in the wind, looking helplessly at the forbidden area in the valley.

“What the hell is Black Rocco doing? If you don’t come out, you can forget it. If you want to do this, do you want to use the array to lose our strength?”

Brows slightly, and Ning Xin clenched his fists.

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