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“I think it might be that it really can’t come out to meet us!”

Jiang Yun glanced at the forbidden land and whispered: “You see, the forbidden land has not started. It is estimated that the agency is only the most basic organ, and the formation is hard to be triggered.”

“That seems like this, Black Roco is very serious!”

Slightly decapitated, Ning Xin could not help but sigh: “Black Rock is not worse than me, this is its base camp, I am afraid the foreign race is very strong!”

“Even if Black Rocco can’t stop it, it is estimated that the rest of the ethnic group is also difficult to resist!”

“I didn’t expect that there were so many things happening during this time.”

“It’s normal for something to do.”

Jiang Yun comforted Ning Xin.

“Really, only one blood repair, it made me a headache, and I came to the foreign race outside the field. I want to get through the storm, and some are busy!”

Ning Xin suddenly turned around, his eyes looked awkward, staring at Jiang Yun, whispering: “Jiang Yun, you can, willing to spend this difficult time with me?”


With a slight brow, Jiang Yun looked at Ning Xin’s eyes and suddenly became surprised: “What are you talking about? I am not always with you?”

“Cough -”

Ning Xin turned and stopped looking at Jiang Yun. Shen Sheng said: “Nothing, I mean, you are the heir to Absolute Beginning Buddha. Some things, you have to bear, can’t let me go alone!”

“That is natural!”

Jiang Yun Dagger, the right color said: “If I can’t help you solve the problem, I can’t use the road left by Absolute Beginning Buddha to leave here.”

“You just want to leave here?”

Ning Xin blinked.

“Yes, I have to leave here! There are many things, many people, waiting for me!”

As soon as they thought of the bamboo, Jiang Yun became more and more dignified and immediately said, “Okay, let’s go down!”

“Heroco, since he was seriously injured, can not wake up for a long time, if we are too slow, let him faint, then it will be trouble!”


The face changed slightly, and Ning Xin did not hesitate to hesitate. Immediately with Jiang Yun, he fell into the valley with World Destruction Phoenix.

The valley is surroundedings, the chill is too strong, they are afraid of danger, only World Destruction Phoenix can open the way.

Enron fell into the valley, Jiang Yun three people, suddenly appeared between a group of stone monuments.

On the stone tablet, many mysterious characters are engraved.

Ning Xin glanced at it and said: “These stone tablets are thousands of years old, and they are heroic warriors!”

“Try not to bother them, let’s go!”

When he heard Ning Xin, Jiang Yun and World Destruction Phoenix changed their face slightly, respectfully bowed, and then left the path.


In a short time, among the stone tablets, Soul phantom emerged.

The Soul phantom floated in the air, bursting out of the cold, scaring the three people.

After a while, when they discovered that these Soul phantoms were not dangerous, they were relieved.

Passing through the stone monument is an ice-cold corridor with sculptures on both sides.

On the promenade, Jiang Yun three people were careful, but there was still no danger, which made them surprised.

Carlos reminded them that they were in danger. Why is it safe along the way?

It’s hard to be, is Carlos deliberately scaring them?

“Accelerate the speed, first enter the underground palace and say!”

Jiang Yun and Ning Xin looked at each other and quickly speeded up and rushed to the promenade.

How fast are they? But after a few breaths, they ran across the promenade and came to the ground palace.

At this time, the door of the underground palace was open, and Jiang Yun three hesitated for a moment. Jiang Yun uttered the Buddha’s name and called out the Buddha’s body. The first one went in.

After entering, there was still no danger. Jiang Yun went a little deeper, which allowed Ning Xin and World Destruction Phoenix to enter.

“It’s too safe, I always feel a little uncomfortable!”

The brows are slightly stunned, and in Jiang Yun’s heart, there is always a kind of ominous premonition.

“Me too, it seems that something big will happen!”

Ning Xin grabbed his chest and his eyelids continued to beat.

To know, she is the powerhouse of the giant Realm, even if this is not the primitive realm, the giant Realm’s many supernatural powers, still surpass countless existence, can be described as Mysterious.

But at this time, she is still uneasy, visible in front, how much crisis is hidden!

“There is a situation, there must be a situation!”

Jiang Yun and Ning Xin looked at each other and did not dare to relax and gradually went deep into the palace.

In the underground palace, there are countless Branches, which are intricate and complex, and ordinary people may be trapped in them.

However, Jiang Yun three people, this palace has numerous clues.

Whenever they encounter a fork, there will always be clues to point them to a road.

However, half an hour, Jiang Yun three people, has come to the depths of the underground palace.

The door of the chamber is open, and the chill is constantly spreading out from it. It is faintly visible, and a figure sits in the secret room.

“Cough – you are finally here!”

A slight voice rang, and the figure looked up, revealing a pale, but enveloping face.

“Ningda sacrifice, long time no see, what wind blowing today, is actually blowing you! Keke!”

Speaking of this, Blackoco coughed again.

Brows slightly, Ning Xin carefully looked at Black Rooke, coldly screamed: “If I don’t come again, I am afraid, you must be encroached by the foreign race outside the domain!”

“Cough, this will not!”

Black Rooke smiled: “The foreign race outside the district, wanting to invade the purple micro-star field, is purely an idiotic dream!”

“What about your injury?”

Ning Xin brows one pick: “If I don’t come, I am afraid that the next foreign race will come again, you will become an ice sculpture!”

“You fellow, have you forgotten the original covenant?”

“how come!”

Black Rooke smiled and said: “How can we forget the rules laid down by Lord?”

“Then why didn’t you send the message out?”

Ning Xin’s face sinks: “In the beginning of the Covenant, once there was news of the foreign race outside the domain, it must be passed out immediately!”

“If it weren’t for me to come to you, I’m afraid I won’t know about it!”

Black Roco’s face changed slightly, and immediately smiled and said: “When I got rid of those foreign races, I was unable to pass on the news. I could only close the door. Others I can’t believe it, I can only slow down first.”

“I was planning to send the news out immediately after I recovered. I didn’t expect you to come here!”

“To tell the truth, thanks to the shot you just made, I feel your fluctuations, and this is sober.”

“Well? Really?”

The eyes turned, and I was stunned by Black Rooke.

Jiang Yun and World Destruction Phoenix are staring at him and looking around.

“That is natural!”

Black Rooke smiled and said: “Yes, big sacrifice, don’t know why you came here to find me, why? I think, you should not come here for no reason?”

“Well, I want to ask you for something!”

Ning Xinzheng said: “I don’t know, you have heard of the Black Tortoise?”

“Black Tortoise?”

Rubbing his eyes, Black Rooke said, “I have a Black Tortoise, but you have to do me a favor!”

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