Heavenly Emperor Chapter 4010

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    – [Chuckles]

    The silk blossoms, Jiang Yun gaze as if a torch, scanned the dark fog, and found something different at the time of Downton.

    Always spreading up, every single tree is alike, all around it has white fog.

    “en? There are so many people around here. Why can’t I feel their aura and presence?”

    See this scene, Jiang Yun’s heart is cold and severe.

    They’re all clusters close to the top space, with their strength, and they shouldn’t even feel like aura.


    eyes are gradually cold and severe, the power of the fraudulent power is dispersed, and Jiang Yun can no longer see the space above and below.

    But Jiang Yun had one kind of prediction.

    At this time, they entered the Secret Realm without exception, all of them in similar space.

    They don’t even have the exception!

    And with His strength, it will not be possible to perceive the anomalies, to touch them, nor will it be difficult for them to break.

    “Where is it so weird, Moube, when does this really contain the word of God? Otherwise, ordinary people, they don’t have the capacity to create traps that will make God impossible for them to see!”

    Think of that, Jiang Yun.

    If this is Trial, how should it be adopted?

    “Lord, what’s going on? Do you think?”

    When Jiang Yun was thinking about it, the Star language and the others were beating, without any ideas, asking Jiang Yun.

    Bamboo and thunder are also looking to Jiang Yun.

    “This may be Trial, and it may be – a trap!”

    Jiang Yun did not conceal people when he was going to see all the scenes.


    At that brake, the words of the stars, thousands of people have changed dramatically: “Each of the trees that are visible has special space and can still shield our links?”

    “Undoubtedly – no one will be able to detect his aura with our power!”

    At this point, Thunder God’s colour and softly said, “This should not be a trap, and if it were a trap, I think no one should do this, cheating on four powers and imposing some power on powerhouse!”

    “The genius, the master of the devil, I’ve seen it before, and the power is worse than I am! This should be where true contains the message of God!”

    “Only such Heaven and Earth divine object can hide the Soul senses that I waited for!”

    hearthis, Jiang Yun slightly nodded, his thoughts are almost like Ray.

    But in his heart, there was an unspeakable feeling.

    “Whether it’s a trap or Trial, it’s a matter of urgency, or the key to finding a breakthrough from this curiosity space!”

    Jiang Yun scanned a couple of people, said solemnly: “Everyone, you must do your best! If you get a message from God, it’s all good for us! Don’t forget, in this Secret Realm, there’s a powerful frightening powerhouse, trying to kill us!”

    Hearing that, the mysteries, the stars, the rivers, the ones who dared to have reservations, all of them went forward and started exploring surroundings’ space in an attempt to find a way to break it.

    The same is true of Jiang Yun.

    Not only are they, the whole Secret Realm, full of thousands of trees in space, each side Influence, looking for ways to break.

    Even Heavenly Court, the Buddhist, the Pope, Demon Sect, the Winterfell Palace, the Lord of Heavenly, the influence of such power, is no exception.

    And they didn’t even realize that their space was completely mirrored with the other Influence space!

    If someone is in the heavens above, or under nine, eight Desolate, but in view, it will find out that tens of thousands of people are trapped in a crowded form!

    Or parallel, or upper, every space is not big, but there is no sewing link, or even overlapping.

    Moreover, over time, at the top, at the bottom, and on the edge of space, the collapse gradually took place.

    Those who are in space, or demons, are unable to resist, and under space pressure, the whole body is blown apart, if the fireworks are generally rotten.

    The cold blood spreads and is absorbed by space in a instant manner, making nothing.

    When those people’s opportunity to live is swallowed, thousands of duplicates outside space are flowing, spreading, as if they had life!

    frightening aura, slowly spreading.

    Of course, these things, those who are in space, are not feeling it, they’re still looking for what’s called a broken way, looking for what’s called the stature of God!

    Except the heavens and the earth, the Lord of God, the devil, the emperor, the thunder, and the angels and Jiang Yun, and in the midst of life’s melting.


    symphony is looking at Jiang Yun and Ray, all around the environment, together with silhouette, looking to the middle of space, which seems particularly ambitious.

    “The tip — the answer…”

    The water is ringing, and the trees are leaning out of a silk of red liquid.

    “Lord? What happened?”

    The asteroids are weak, and after the anomalies of Jiang Yun, they turn around and follow the eyes of Jiang Yun and Ray.


    “How could that tree bleed?”

    However, when they see that bloody tree, it’s a dramatic change in expression, not panic.

    They have no good power, no sense, no power in the blood, the power of the destruction contained in the blood.

    “Looks like it’s a trap!”

    Jiang Yun Seth was staring: “This is never good, it’s not connected to God’s divine news!”

    How could this aura happen when blood fluctuations, extreme brutality, God’s legacy is connected to God?

    “Seems to be… a man in the dark, very powerful! Normal people, you can’t do this, let Heavenly Court head the other powerhouse at that level!”

    “At least, in my era, a crowd of heroes can compete with the four, not just a few of them that’s all!”

    “I am curious how powerhouse is, and how hard Great Array is to lay down!”

    “If he does, he will soon appear!”

    Jiang Yun said solemnly: “But before that, we must find the heavens, the devil or the Buddhist Lord. Otherwise, it would be hard for us to resist that weird strength!”

    “But —— we haven’t figured out what’s going on around here? What do we do?”

    hearthis, a few people in the Star have to be nervous: “If it strikes, it may be worse!”

    “Start shooting?”

    Jiang Yun’s absurd smile: “Since this tree has infiltrated blood, that’s not to say, the key to the breakdown, it’s in the tree above?”


    The voices fall, the thunder, the bamboo, the World Destruction Phoenix, and the star-speaking people turn their eyes on the trees that infiltrate the blood, Sydney.

    The tree of the human being was infiltrated, and then in their eyes it became the only way to live!

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