Heavenly Emperor Chapter 4012

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    – [Chuckles]

    With the collapse of space, as well as attacks by some on Heavenly Flame Tree, thousands of space were shaken together.

    Not good! ”

    “Some people are attacking Heavenly Flame Tree!”

    Seeing this, many people from Great Influences are face fluctuations, and anger is no more: “Damn, it’s almost all big Influence, there’s people at the peak level, and how can they even have a little eye price? Can’t you even recognize Heavenly Flame?”

    “Will they be deliberate, outside of Great Wasteland deep foreign race, trying to intercept us!”

    For a while, there were many Influence in Heavenly Courts, Buddha, the Emperor, etc., which was alarming in the heart.

    Thereafter, they increased their impact on Heavenly Flame Tree.

    It has to be said that their strength, coupled with the right response, is clearly felt by hundreds of breaths, all around space.

    In their upper, lower, and all around, there are waves of turbulence.


    this point, their faces are getting worse.

    Usually, they thought that only space with Heavenly Flame trees was down there, so that there was only one Heavenly Flame tree that could cause damage to its own body as long as space was broken.

    But four surroundings have space, which means that there are a lot of Heavenly Flame trees in the region.

    When Heavenly Flame’s tree reaches a certain level, even powerhouse at the giant level is afraid to deal with it lightly.

    Jiang Yun All Group, too, found this.

    “Damn it, if Heavenly Flame has enough number of trees, I’m afraid we can only escape!”

    Thunder God’s colour, no longer, as before, peace, whatever happens.

    It is clear that their situation is not good today.

    “It’s a trap! This is a trap for the whole primitive area!”

    Jiang Yun’s face is like water, which affects space elements on the one hand, and he says, “Ray senior, you know, for so long in primitive territory, some Influence, closer to Great Wasteland the deep foreign race?”

    “This time, four big Overlord Influence is in charge. The rest of Influence is in the middle of a ghost!”

    “Closer to foreign race?”

    hearthis, the eyebrows, the grunts, the screams, and the saying, “You say so, I remember!”

    “Thousands of miles before I remember King Skyreign met a strange Influence! Influence is human Race, but they can be integrated with Monster Beast and the special community, the existence of become frightening!”

    “The stronger the power, the more the kind they can integrate, the more powerhouse, even the hundreds of ethnic groups are present, turned into four different monster!”

    “Influence, that side, is very mysterious, and if not King Skyreign had an accident in the search for Forbidden Area, he would not have known their existence.”

    “According to King Skyreign, he suspects that those people are infected with Great Wasteland, otherwise, there will be no such weird strength!”

    The thunderbolt came, and the face came out of a different color, even now, when he remembered those weird people, it was not surprising.

    How can humans be integrated with foreign race?

    However, Jiang Yun heard Ray, but he suddenly remembered that, for the first time in Buddha, when he saw blood growth and the others, they were with one of the odds Influence people, and that they also showed that strength.

    At first, thousands of them, they made a python, strong, much stronger than blood, and they all add up.

    [Woman, I don’t know, blood grows, they didn’t quit that Influence! When we get back, we have to find them. Ask them what Influence is! Know each other, fight every battle without defeat!

    [But, as a matter of urgency, first find a way to break it!]

    Jiang Yun expression is becoming increasingly cold, looking around, and it is rare to see that silhouette floats, both above and around.

    frightening’s power fluctuations, even more from outside.

    This has left Jiang Yun in the heart, when the impact on Heavenly Flame Tree is increased.

    No more dragging!

    One or two Space Heavenly Flame trees were bombed and remedied, but if there were enough Heavenly Flame trees to explode, they’d all be dead!

    “Lord, is this so unseen?”

    “Heavenly Court Lord, Buddhist Lord, the Lord of the Devil and the Lord of the Demon, it’s hard to see Jiang Yun Seth, and they can’t break it.”


    Jiang Yun smiled: “If Heavenly Flame trees are smaller, it’s all right, the man who can set the trap, did that many methods, and I don’t believe he’s going to be a killer!”

    “Once Heavenly Flame’s tree breaks apart, it causes space to collapse completely, and they can’t escape! We have to die here!”

    “Ah? So what do we do?”

    After knowing the seriousness of the situation, many Demon Race’s people had to panic.

    “It’s simple, before the rest of us break Heavenly Flame’s tree, we break the space barrier and stop them!”

    Jiang Yun said solemnly: “I think they should have started to persuade others!”

    – [Chuckles]

    The sound fell and the Heavenly Flame Tree, which had been set up in front of Jiang Yun, burned up, not at all shattered.

    But when Heavenly Flame’s tree burns, Jiang Yun whole group is clearly aware that all around is less than one kind of forbidden and uncomfortable strength.

    “It’s done!”

    Jiang Yun had a nice face, looking around, and it was pretty obvious that they all had a lot of fog in all directions.


    fog is deep and unspecified, but Jiang Yun is sure that after the fog, the rest of Heavenly Flame Tree Space!

    Just, at this time, should they split up to save more space, more people, or move together?

    “Jiang Yun, we should go!”

    The World Destruction Phoenix has come up quickly, and it is urgent: “The destruction of Heavenly Flame trees must be stopped by others!”

    Jiang Yun sighed and decided to act together.

    What if the split is in danger?

    “Go, break the fog! Let’s move to the top!”

    Jiang Yun speaks of a long tsunami, with a bamboo, World War Phoenix, and an astronomy, if Roc Bird generally flies into the fog.

    Ray was last guarded, and that was followed after it was determined that space was not in danger.

    Inside the fog, there’s no hindrance, Jiang Yun All Group, open to another space.

    Boom Long…

    When Jiang Yun entered space, it was seen that dozens of people were trying to attack Heavenly Flame Tree!

    “Stop it!”

    Look at this scene, Jiang Yun is busy, and the magic works, and the freshblue water flows, if the night screen comes in, wreck dozens of people up!

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