Heavenly Monarch of All Times Chapter 4526


Yang Mu is cold and high-altitude, the hand-black black epee, Sword Qi, the Sword Potential is like a river, and it is endless and inexhaustible. Bookstore mobile phone m.vodtW.com

The epee is not working, it is a big deal.

Yang Mu’s hand epee, abandoning the sword’s fierceness, to suppress everything, to suppress everything.

“You are an epee in your hand, unusual.” Wen Qi saw that the black and heavy Sword Qi is very strong, can not help but look down.

“Wen brother is the famous predecessor of the seven sacred world. Strength is top-notch, plus the help of the magic piano. It is not for the Powerhouse from the top sacred world.” Yang Mu’s mouth is cold.冽 度 , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

“Come on.” Wen waited for a cold face, no longer said anything more, four senses and four robberies in the air, the strings twirled, suddenly the sound of the piano is like a storm, stirring the void, a force of force And out, directly to Yang Mu.

Yang Mu is not afraid. The black epee is empty, and the Sword Potential is red, breaking the piano wave directly.

Obviously, the two first time to fight, are very careful, just tempted each other.

Everyone looked at the two figures, and their eyes were burning and pleasing, all of them were full of enthusiasm.

“The most powerful flag of the Tianzong, the mysterious Powerhouse of the sacred religion, this has been seen.”

“When the warmth is the powerhouse of the older generation, it is safe to take the lead. I don’t think he has used the real power of the magic piano.”

“The guy who is still holy, the black sword is not simple, dare to face the ancient magic piano, fear is also a magic sword.”

The crowd is talking about it, and the eyes are even hotter. I am very much looking forward to this battle.

“Guling seniors, warming the piano of the predecessors, the magic is very heavy, there will be nothing?” Xin Guan Tingzhi, Nie Tian saw that the four senses of the four robberies are not the same, although they did not reveal the real power, but The magic of the escape has surprised him and he can’t help but ask.

“Reassure, Wen Qizhu has been using the four senses and four robberies as a weapon since he debuted. Naturally, he can control himself.” Guling has no faint smile, and he seems to be full of confidence.

Although the magic of the four senses and four robberies is extremely heavy, Wen Jia has a special power of Bloodline, which has certain resistance and control to the magical power of the magical piano. Otherwise, it is considered to be warmer and stronger, and does not dare to use the magic piano.

Nie Tian’s brow wrinkled, no longer saying anything, but the heart is still not at ease.

He perceives that the magic of the four senses and the four robbers, and even the Abyss family of four evil soldiers, the magic gun and the ghost knife are even more terrifying.

With the warmth of Strength, can you really control the four senses?

“Boom!” And at this time, there was a horrible roar in the sky, only to see Yang Mu’s sword squatting, the sword shadows like a mountain, and the night-time Sword Qi slammed down, actually sealed the temperature for four weeks. The space within ten meters.

Warmly plucking the magical piano, the piano sounds into a thousand sharp edges, tearing the sword.

However, the horror of Sword Qi, Sword Qi, was split into a sharp blade and overwhelmed.

“Not good!” When I felt the temperament of the temper, I couldn’t help but sink my face. I suddenly had a knee-high leg, and I felt a slap in the four senses. The hands waved the strings, and the piano sounded into a shield, covering the whole body.

“Oh…” The next moment, countless sharp blades fell, hitting the sound shield, although it failed to break through the shield, but forced to retreat.

“Good opportunity!” Yang Mu saw, his mouth twitched with a cold smile, and the black-black epee fell in the air. Suddenly three giant swords appeared, one more horrible, and the pressure was straight.

When I was warm, I was still in the sound of the sound shield, but I still felt the terror pressure from the top of my head. I couldn’t help but change my face.

He did not expect that the black epee of Yang Mu’s hand was so terrible.

If there is no black-black epee, it is impossible for Yang Mu to break through the warming of the piano.

“Old guy, still not real?” Yang Mu’s eyes are cold and cold, and the facial features of the five senses are extremely gloomy. People can’t see a little beauty, but give people a feeling of near twist.

It seems that Yang Mu is looking forward to something!

Everyone looked at the scene of the sky, and the look was a bit stunned.

Originally, they believed that the temperature of Strength should be stronger than Yang Mu, not to mention the former also occupied the advantages of the ancient magic piano.

But what I saw before, how is Yang Mu pushing the temperature into desperation?

“When the predecessors warmed up, they seemed to be jealous of the magical piano, and they dared not play it at will.” Nie Tian saw the reason, and the heart said secretly.

Perhaps in the eyes of others, it is common to use the four senses and four robberies, but Nie Tian sees that there are many taboos between the warm hands, obviously what is scruping about.

“Four senses and four robbers, the heavens and the earth are strings, broken!” At this time, the temperature whispered, and suddenly the magical piano released a vast power, the sound of the sound of the music, the three swords of the sky, broken .

Yang Mu was shaken, his body shape was unstable for a while, and even a few tens of meters back, this was able to stabilize the figure.

However, Yang Mu is not surprised at all. It seems that this scene has been expected. The corner of his mouth is pulling the arc of the haze. A pair of eyes are staring at the warmth and sinking. “Old guy, are you finally willing to release the power of the magic piano?” ”

“What is going on here?” Everyone looked at Yang Mu, and was shocked and wondered what happened.

Listening to the meaning of Yang Mu, just did not use the power of the four senses and four robberies.

“Who are you, how can you be so familiar with the four robberies?” Weng looked cold and asked, almost whispering.

“Old guy, do you really forget this knife, and his master?” Yang Mu double-eyed and smashed, and raised his hand, the black epee, and suddenly a horrible magical spirit rose up, and it was faintly condensed into a knife. shape.

“Knife?” The face of the face suddenly changed, and the horror was not small.

The black epee of Yang Mu’s hand is not a sword, but a knife!

“Is that a knife?” The crowd was also very surprised. Looking at Yang Mu with a look of incomprehension, looking at the heavy knife of Yang Mu’s hand.

Who can think that this magic weapon with a sword shape is actually a knife!

“This knife is…” And at this time, the warmth seems to have thought of something, the eyes are slightly shivering, the horror is not small, stagnant, and said: “Dragon!”

Tianmo Luo, the ancient magic knife, is the same material used for the four senses and four robbers, almost at the same time to create and out of the magic device, rumors have the power of Heavenly Devil.

It is said that at the same time as the magic knife magic piano, there are several handles, but it has long since disappeared.

“You finally remembered.” Yang Mu mouth singularity of the air of piercing cold, Tian Mo Luo in the air, Blade Qi swaying, it seems as if the world will be torn.

“You have the demon Luo, who is the rooster? Who is you?” Then, the face changed again, and asked in amazement.

“You still remember your uncle!” Yang Mu heard the name of Roto, and his eyes trembled. The murder was heavier. He said: “You can remember, he is your big brother? You can remember, The moment you kill your own brother?”

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