Qin Qingying’s pretty face suddenly changed. She turned and looked at it. A familiar face came into view and she couldn’t help but look down. Bookstore mobile phone

“It’s this guy!” Nie Tian looked down at Qin Qinglan, and his heart couldn’t help but sink. Because he was no stranger to the people who came by, it was not long ago that he appeared in the high Yan Family, and he must be strong in Gao Jin to do the Xiangen test. People, Liang Zhao!

Liang Zhao walked in, but he did not seem to find Nie Tian. A pair of eyes stared straight at Qin Qingyi, and his mouth raised a playful smile. “Why, I am not happy to see you?”

“You and I have nothing to do with it, it doesn’t matter if you are happy or not.” Qin Qingyi responded with a cold voice and walked away.

“Qin Qingyi, when we were together, you can’t wait to see me every day. Now, even if you are separated, you still have a side, is it so ruthless?” Liang Zhao’s mouth was pulled, indifferently said.

In his words, Qin Qing’s body was stagnant, stopped, and turned.

“Liang Zhao, I didn’t want to mention the things at the beginning, I hope you don’t mention them again.” Qin Qing’s eyes were cold and cold, and his eyes were clearly divided into a woman who was broken.

Nie Tian saw this scene and couldn’t help but feel that there was still a relationship between the two.

No wonder, Liang Zhao has been paying attention to Qin Qingyi, and has not even noticed the existence of Nie Tian.

It is estimated that Liang Zhao will appear in Gao Family, and he is forced to do the Xiangen test for Gao Jin, also because of Qin Qingyi’s reasons.

“Qin Qingyi, you are really unrequited.” Liang Zhao complexion sank, cold and cold, his eyes suddenly turned a little, this only noticed the existence of Nie Tian, ​​his eyes could not help but tremble, astonished “Is it you?”

“Yes, it is me.” Nie Tian smiled a little and calmly.

“Hello, you dare to come to Tianzong!” Liang Zhao did not expect Nie Tian to be so calm, suddenly angry, and shouted.

“What does Liang Shi mean? Why can’t I come to Tianzong?” Nie Tian’s brow wrinkled and looked puzzled.

“You have hurt the Tianzong’s discipline, but it’s still so rampant. It’s clear that you don’t put 烽天宗 in your eyes!” Liang Zhao was a bit sensible, his face was very low, but he did not dare to have any action.

He knows that Nie Tian’s Strength, without the chance of winning, does not dare to take risks.

If you are in the Tianzong, in the face of many disciplines, lost in the hands of Nie Tian, ​​then it is a shame.

“Nie Tian, ​​what’s the matter? How do you know him?” Qin Qingyi was unclear, and couldn’t help but frown, asked coldly.

Nie Tian smiled and said something about what happened to the high Yan Family.

Before the high Yan Family, because of the high Jin Sancha Xiangen, I even forgot about Liang Zhao.

After listening to Qin Qingyi, the pretty face is full of chill, not for Nie Tian, ​​but for Liang Zhao.

“Liang Zhao, I think you are a big courage.” Qin Qingying’s pretty face is gloomy, and cold voice asks, “The high-rooted Xiangen test is the task that Sect gave me. Why do you rely on it?”

“It’s just a simple test of Xiangen. I passed by Gaoyu Village and did it for you. What’s the relationship?” Liang Zhao returned to complied, still wants to hold Nie Tian, ​​pointing to Nie Tian. “It is this. Youngster, hurt my discipline, and provoke Tianzong, it’s really crazy!”

In the face of the anger of Liang Zhao, Nie Tian smiled and said, “Liang Zhao, you appeared in the high Yan Family, not by the commission of the Emperor Tianzong, but your personal will, so at that time, you represent I can’t help you. I hurt your disciples. They are the first to take the shot. Is it because they are the scorpion’s discipline, let me be beaten?”

“Liang Zhao, I must report to the judge and let him be an arbitrator!” After Liang Zhao responded, Qin Qingyi started and talked “And I was on the way to Gaoyu Village and met the black clothed person.” The five people who went with me, all died.”

“What? You were ambushed?” Liang Zhao heard Qin Qing’s words, could not help but complicatedion changed, surprised.

Nie Tian’s brow wrinkled, it seems that Liang Zhao’s reaction is not disguise.

It seems that Qin Qingqi’s ambush should have nothing to do with Liang Zhao.

“Liang Zhao, you should go to Gao Family first, and you want to be strong in behavior. You can go back to Sect after failure. It is so entangled with me. It makes it hard not to associate me with the ambush. Qin Qingying sneered, looking at Liang Zhao in the forest cold.

“This… I…” Liang Zhao suddenly had a sigh of relief and his face was extremely ugly.

At this time, all around surrounded a lot of Tianzong’s discipline, obviously knowing Qin Qingyi and Liang Zhao, seeing such a pair of postures, can not help but gu gu up.

“What happened to Liang Shi and Qin Shi? Why are you quarreling?”

“I heard that Liang Shi and Qin Shi had had a period before, but later Liang Shi moved to love, so they didn’t get together.”

“It turns out that the two have such a past, it won’t be played.”

Everyone whispered, obviously it was a mentality of watching the show.

“Liang Zhao, this is not over!” Qin Qingyi ignored all the people, looked at Liang Zhao coldly, turned and left.

Nie Tian and others naturally do not want to stay more, and immediately followed the past.

“Stand up!” But at this moment, a coldly shouted sound was heard, a white clothed silhouette came out of the crowd, a pair of eyes like an eagle, releasing a sharp rays of light, staring at Nie Tian .

Nie Tian frowned, could not help but look towards towards that white clothed silhouette.

This is a young man in his twenties. He is white clothed, handsome and handsome, with a strong sense of fortune and arrogance. Only those eyes, some haze, can’t help but fear.

I don’t know why, this man in front of him gave Nie Tian a sense of uneasiness.

The emergence of white clothed men, the crowd can not help but give birth to a stir.

“Look, you are not Bai Zixian?”

“It’s really him! He is one of the top ten talents of our Tianzong. When I was less than 20 years old, I entered the fourth world. It was too terrifying.”

“I heard that Bai Zixian has gone through the experience, when will he come back?”

Everyone talked, looked towards Bai Zixian’s gaze, with the indescribable meaning that can’t be concealed.

One of the ten great talents of Tianzong, the true pride of the sky, the future may even become the existence of Daxianzun, who is not envious.

“It turned out to be an immortal dao genius.” Nie Tian was slightly uneasy in her heart, but her face was very dull and she smiled and asked, “Is there something?”

“Who are you?” Bai Zixian’s eyes are fierce, like two sharp-edged swords. He seems to pierce people and ask.

“Is this related to you?” Nie Tian smiled and he thought that Bai Zixian must have discovered something.

“If you are an ordinary person, naturally it doesn’t matter to me.” Bai Zixian’s eyes shrank slightly, “But you don’t belong to the fairy continent, you are from outside, so you come to Tianzong, you must have a picture!” ”

Eternal Heavenly Emperor

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