Heavenly Tyrant Martial Soul Chapter 7468


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“Huh, despicable or shameful, as long as we can hold Dong Guo Divine Race, we don’t care!”

“Can you hold it?”

Ling Xiao smiled contemptuously.

body flashed.

Next moment, the Supreme Elder who captured Dong Guo Feiyan and Ji Yuan is dead.

The man in his hand is nowhere to be seen.

“True God!”

At this moment, countless people showed a terrifying expression.

They actually saw True God in Saint Mark City.

If it’s not True God, how could Ling Xiao kill True God in half a step with no difficulty?

This is incredible.

“You guys, go to death too!”

Ling Xiao coldly smiled, body moved.

The two half-step True Gods clearly saw his movements, but they couldn’t stop his attack at all.

Faced with his terrifying blow, he could only accept the fate of death.

“Murong Divine Race, crystal stone gate, Saint Wenzong!

Today, you will kill Dongguo Divine Race.

There is no more True God in their clan. “

Ling Xiao looks down below.

Said indifferently.

This is an order, but also a threat.

“Go out!”

The Murong Family master gritted his teeth: “From then on, my three families are united, and I will be loyal to Ling Xiao. Are you willing?”

Ling Xiao is True God.

This is an opportunity.

It’s also dangerous.

They have to take a gamble.

Allegiance to Ling Xiao, you have to fight against Shengwen Temple.

What should I do?

“Sorry, I will not participate in the stone gate.”

The crystal stone gate retreated.

Because they cannot afford to offend the Temple of Saint Mark.

“My Saint Wenzong is willing to fuse together with Murong Divine Race and be loyal to Ling Xiao True God!”

Sect Master also made a decision.

“Very good! From today, Saint Mark City will be renamed Heavenly Tyrant City.

Become the first stronghold of my Heavenly Tyrant Empire in the eternal Divine Kingdom.

Shengwenzong and Murong Divine Race are in charge.

As for the crystal stone gate, from now on, withdraw from all Saint Rune crystal mines and hand over to the Heavenly Tyrant Empire.

Otherwise, destroy it. “

Ling Xiao coldly said.

“Now, Murong Family Master, Sect Master, your first task is to destroy Dongguo Divine Race, let’s do it!”

Ling Xiao coldly said.


Dongguo Divine Race is not expert anymore.

How can I be the opponent of Murong Divine Race and Shengwenzong.

But within an hour.

Dongguo Divine Race was reduced to rubble.

All the things that should be taken are in Ling Xiao’s pocket.

There are many materials in it, all of which can be used to refine golden armor corpses.

And it is the golden armor corpse of 13 God World.

Dongguo Divine Race this time is full of confidence, I want to go to the Saint Wen Crystal Mine.

The result was an extermination.

The Heavenly Tyrant Empire transformed the Saint Mark City into the Heavenly Tyrant City and became the first stronghold of the Heavenly Tyrant Empire here.

3rd day, Ji Mingkong and the others appear here.

On the fourth day, Murong Divine Race gave birth to a True God.

Ling Xiao tried to make Murong Divine Race and Shengwenzong a half-step True God breakthrough.

Unfortunately, there is only one breakthrough.

But this is enough.

Heavenly Tyrant City, which has True God, is more terrifying.

On the fifth day, Ling Xiao left.

Ji Mingkong became the city lord of Heavenly Tyrant, took control of all the Saint Rune crystal mines, and began to transfer the geniuses of the Divine Kingdom to this side.

After all, the eternal Divine Kingdom is the most powerful place in the Black Tortoise continent.

It is also the best place for cultivation rules.

Spiritual Qi’s most abundant place.

The cultivation speed here is basically more than twice the effect elsewhere.

As for the True God of Namurong Divine Race, he dare not listen to Ji Mingkong.

Because his life is under the control of Ji Mingkong.

Ling Xiao will not trust a person for no reason.

So it’s the same as when we let Azure Dragon Old Ancestor and Vermilion Bird Old Ancestor breakthrough.

Used means.

Make these people loyal to him.

If you betray, you will die tragically.

On the sixth day, the Saint Mark Temple came.

The coming is a half-step True God.

Here, it really has become a terrifying existence that is not weaker than the Saint Mark Temple.

The reason why Murong Qingtian is loyal to Ling Xiao.

Not only because Ling Xiao made him a breakthrough as True God.

More importantly, Ling Xiao actually left Sword God’s sword dao Secret Art and Dharma Secret Art to them.

These two Secret Art are extremely precious things.

Both are one of the top ten Heavenly Books on the Black Tortoise mainland.

But Ling Xiao was actually willing to let them go to cultivation.

It’s not that Ling Xiao trusted them.

It’s just that Ling Xiao feels that sooner or later this continent will become the territory of the Heavenly Tyrant Empire.

This sword dao Secret Art cannot be lost.

There happens to be people who specialize in Saint Rune, and it’s not bad to teach them.

He is not the kind of mean person.

It’s just that the cultivation requirements for the two sets of Secret Art are quite strict.

Not everyone can cultivation.

First of all, you must be loyal to the Heavenly Tyrant Empire and engrave the empire seal of the Heavenly Tyrant Empire.

With this mark, if you betray, you must die.

After all, there are too many people in the Heavenly Tyrant Empire, and I want to make sure that everyone is not impossible to rebel.

So, this passive control method is still necessary;

Secondly, innate talent must reach a certain level, otherwise cultivated is useless.

If you meet these two requirements, you can cultivation.

When the city of Heavenly Tyrant stabilizes and is feared and feared by the outside world.

Ling Xiao and the others have left.

They don’t need to stay in one place for long.

What they need is continuous promotion in strength.

However, it seems very difficult for Ling Xiao to promote from the intermediate God World to the advanced God World.

It takes a good opportunity.

He needs to find a powerhouse to fight.

This kind of powerhouse is not easy to find. It cannot be too strong or weaker than him.

“This kid is simply a cultivation madman. He is already an invincible existence under the Eleventh God World.

So neglect sleep and forget about food cultivation! “

Waking up early in the morning, Jiu Moxian saw Ling Xiao in cultivation.

A path of Goddess descended in the void.

Ling Xiao is cultivation Goddess of immortality, come tempering fleshy body and soul.

Relying solely on metal puppets or golden armor corpses does not make him feel powerful.

He needs to be strong.

To build stronger golden armor corpses and metal golems.

Otherwise, once the metal puppet is destroyed, he will be finished.

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