Heavenly Tyrant Martial Soul Chapter 7471


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“Guzhenshan, you lost, you will be ashamed in front of your women today!”

Dongfang Linger looked towards Guzhen Mountain with a smile.

Although she was very surprised in her heart.

The appearance of the person in it was too unexpected.

However, as long as she wins, she doesn’t care about the others.

That’s to be curious about this person named Yang Jian that’s all.

In the void, a shining giant door opened.

Everyone’s eyes are in that direction.

As far as the disciple of the Saint Rune Temple is concerned, it is definitely a fairy tale that the twenty one minute passes through the Ten Thousand Immortal Array.

This is no longer a miracle.

Finally, one silhouette appeared in the giant gate.

A Battle Armor in silver white.

There is a red mark on the brow.

He looks very handsome.

There is also a dog following.

Erlang Shen, Howling Celestial Dog!

Here is what Ling Xiao looks like now.

To be safe, he must be disguised.

After all, he is the one who killed Dong Guo Qingcheng, if Dong Guo Qingcheng’s Master seeks revenge.

Even if he is not afraid, it is troublesome.

After all, he came here for a purpose.

He always wanted to keep a low profile, but he didn’t expect to create a myth that he had never seen before.

The moment he stepped out of the giant gate, he found himself being spotted.

“Is there anything wrong?”

Ling Xiao asked in amazement.

“Guzhenshan, fulfill the gambling contract.”

Dongfang Linger looked towards Guzhenshan and said.

“hmph! I dare to kneel, will he take it?”

Guzhenshan Mountain was coldly snorted, and suddenly shot.

The horrible punch towards Ling Xiao: “Boy, I’m lacking hatred and enmity with you, but it’s your bad luck.

Involved in our gambling agreement.

You don’t deserve to make me kneel! “

“You don’t need to kneel!”

Ling Xiao looked at Guzhen Shan’s punch indifferently, rather disdainfully.

“I’m not your grandfather, it’s not rare for a grandson like you!”

“I can’t break my promise.

So, you must die! “

While speaking, Guzhen Mountain, the attack has reached Ling Xiao’s fist.

A violent punch, the power is terrifying.

“This is your first shot!”

Ling Xiao sneered, he doesn’t want to cause trouble, but he is absolutely not afraid of trouble.

The strength of this ancient town is actually not as good as Dongguo Qingcheng.

Dare to come and find him unlucky.

Simply courting death!

Of course, this is the Temple of Saint Rune after all, killing people will be a little troublesome, but the lesson is not a problem.

He also raised his fist and banged out.

The two fists collided in the void.

The roar of terror kept resounding.


Guzhen Mountain screamed and flew out, hitting the mountain heavily, knocking out a hole in the mountain.

And Ling Xiao stood there, unscathed.

“What a domineering fleshy body power!”

Everyone was amazed.

Although most of the warriors of the Saint Mark Temple do not value cultivation fleshy body very much.

But Guzhen Mountain is also a powerhouse in the eleventh God World world.

Fleshy body is naturally not weak.

But this kid blasted him away with a punch.

What a monster, his understanding of Saint Mark is so strong, and his fleshy body is so powerful.

Where did it come from?

“Trash! Dare to do it at me!”

Ling Xiao said disdainfully, turning around to leave.

He has his business, so naturally he won’t be boring enough to waste time with a few spicy chickens here.

Although, those few people are evildoers in the eyes of others.


Ximen’s tearful voice rang out indifferently: “I hit Guzhen Mountain, my man, do you still want to leave?”


Ling Xiao stood there, smiling at the corner of his eyes, turned and looked towards Ximen Lei and asked.

“Pay the price!”

Xi Men Lei suddenly body flashed, killing Ling Xiao.


A crisp voice sounded.

Xi Men Tears hadn’t even touched Ling Xiao before he was slapped away.

“Damn, this person is really overbearing. He hit Guzhen Mountain and then Ximen tears.

Cow! ”

Everyone was stunned.

“Your gambling agreement has nothing to do with me. I am disinclined to pay attention to whether I kneel or not.

But you guys, shouldn’t kill me, let alone take action.

If this is not the Saint Mark Temple, you two are already two corpses. “

In the void, Ling Xiao hands behind ones back, glanced around the audience, finally fixed his eyes on Ximen Tears and Gu Zhenshan, and said.

After that, he looked towards Dongfang Ling’er again: “I taught them two for you, so I have to pay me something.”

“What do you want? How about giving you a kiss?”

Dongfang Linger said with a smile.

Her kiss, but everyone in the Saint Rune Temple dreams of.

Even Guzhenshan, who likes Ximen Tears, wants the same.

After all, Dongfang Linger is beautiful and has a high status.

“I have my woman, your kiss, I am not rare.

Let’s do it, I don’t want more, ten thousand middle grade Spirit Crystal, bring it! “

Ling Xiao indifferently said.

“My kiss is not as good as ten thousand middle grade Spirit Crystal?”

Dongfang Ling’er’s face is a bit unsightly, she feels humiliated.

“I said, your kiss, no matter how precious, I am not rare, because I have my own woman.”

Ling Xiao indifferently said: “Now, do you obediently take out 10,000 middle grade Spirit Crystal, or I will take it myself?”

“Here you!”

Dongfang Linger knew that he was not Ling Xiao’s opponent, and directly gave 10,000 middle grade Spirit Crystal to Ling Xiao: “I remember what happened today. I hope these 10,000 middle grade Spirit Crystal will not be hot!”

After speaking, she broke through the air.

Ling Xiao didn’t care. He was not afraid to offend these evildoers. As long as he didn’t kill people in public, the higher-ups would not attack him.

“Where is the Halloween Wall?”

He asked.

“That direction.”

Someone pointed.

“many thanks!”

Ling Xiao also left immediately.

On the way, there are people who talk about him.

“This person is strong and terrifying.

I hit Ximen Tears and Gu Zhenshan unexpectedly, I’m afraid the people in their hall will not let this guy go! “

“Yes, and more than that, he even offended Dongfang Linger.

Dongfang Ling’er’s temper has never suffered.

And self-esteem is very high.

This kid didn’t want her kiss, but wanted ten thousand middle grade Spirit Crystal. It was really courting death. “

Ling Xiao simply disinclined to pay attention to these people’s arguments.

He has arrived near the Wall of Halloween.

But it is not so easy to enter the Mysterious Realm of the Wall of Ten Thousand Saints.

Either, it is to become the Direct Disciple of the hall master at the entrance of the Eighth Hall of the Saint Mark Temple.

Either, it can only go all the way in.

Pass the Halloween Array!

That is the real terrifying.

Far beyond the Ten Thousand Immortal Array.

“Halloween Array? I want to try!”

Ling Xiao didn’t bother to join in.

After all, he doesn’t plan to stay too long in this Saint Rune Temple.

Thinking of this, he walked towards the Halloween Array.

The composition of the Ten Thousand Saint Array is almost the same as the Ten Thousand Immortal Array, but the difficulty has increased thousands of times.

The most terrifying thing is that to pass the Halloween Array, it is not only innate talent perception.

You must also have strength!

“That guy actually wants to step into the Halloween Array!”

Many people followed Ling Xiao.

Among them are Guzhen Mountain, Ximen Tears, Daytime Array, and Dongfang Linger who has gone back and forth.

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