Heavenly Tyrant Martial Soul Chapter 7472


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“This person is arrogant. No one has been in the Halloween Array for thousands of years.

The best way to enter the Hallowed Wall is to apprentice.

This kid is just a lunatic. “

But no one dared to say that Ling Xiao could not succeed.

In the previous Ten Thousand Immortal Array, Ling Xiao created a record that people can’t believe.

So why can’t he make any more records?

“Huh, it’s just courting death!”

Guzhenshan coldly said: “We don’t need to waste time!”

At this time, Ling Xiao has entered the Ten Thousand Saints Array.

This scene made Dongfang Ling’er dumbfounded: “He is really a lunatic, no wonder he is not afraid of offending us.

The purpose of his coming here is probably the Wall of Halloween.

However, you better die inside.

Otherwise, if you succeeded by luck.

Even if he comes out, he will be chased by Ximentang.

West Gate Hall, but one of the eight hall entrances.

The hall master is the father of Simon Tears. “

Of course, Ling Xiao at this time can no longer hear people’s discussions.

In the Halloween array, it is really dangerous.

at first, is the terrifying killing pattern.

Countless fire dragons are coming.

Each fire dragon can easily kill an intermediate God World warrior.

It even poses a huge threat to the eleven God World warriors.

This is the first holy pattern.

Ling Xiao laughed.

An undying bird appeared behind him.

All fire dragons have been swallowed by the undying bird.

The flame here is a big complement.

For Ling Xiao, it is good for the warriors in Heavenly Tyrant Small World.

The second burst seems to be the Saint Rune of Ice.

It was hot just now.

Now it is extremely cold.

The undying bird behind Ling Xiao has become a Divine Dragon.

Also absorbed the power here.

The Saint Runes of at first are very scary, but they can hardly pose a threat to Ling Xiao.

He walked all the way, directly within the five thousand formations.

The power in front was absorbed by him.

And the simulation evolved into Heavenly Tyrant Small World.

Because he thinks this Ten Thousand Saint Array is very interesting, it can be transformed and strengthened.

Whether it is used to deal with enemies or as a trial secret, it is very useful.

Although Ling Xiao is really relaxed.

But in fact, this is an extreme danger.

If a general intermediate God World warrior entered, he would have died long ago.

Even if it is the 11th God World powerhouse entering, it will be very difficult.

If you don’t understand the Holy Rune technique, you will never pass a hundred levels.

The eighth-level Saint Rune Master can also pass 1,000 levels.

Grade 9 can pass up to five thousand levels.

But it will definitely be very hard, even riddled with scars.

However, the levels after five thousand levels are more terrifying.

The previous holy patterns are all single holy patterns, which are better for predicting and coping.

But from five thousand and zero at first, the holy pattern has become complicated.

All kinds of holy patterns are intertwined, you can’t guard against it.

The general tenth-rank sacred pattern master cannot pass unless he cooperates with the cultivation base of the 13th God World.

But for Ling Xiao, it is still not difficult.

The next five thousand levels, Ling Xiao directly forced through the levels.

Use the terrifying Soul Power to crush all the holy patterns.

Have the Saint Rune unable to approach him.

If this matter is known to the people of the Saint Rune Temple, the chin will fall for fear.

Passing the Ten Thousand Immortal Array is nothing.

But through the Halloween Array, this is the first time in thousands of years.

“Is this the Wall of Halloween?”

After passing the Halloween Array, Ling Xiao finally arrived at the Halloween Wall.

The Supreme Treasure known as the Temple of Saint Mark.

The essence of the Saint Mark Temple.

“It was actually armed.”

Ling Xiao couldn’t help but sneered. It seems that this Saint Mark Temple is to prevent someone from stealing the essence of the Halloween Wall after passing the Halloween Array.

Just let you watch, but not let you learn.

You can’t remember it.

You must have the Direct Disciple status at the eighth entrance.

“such insignificant ability only!”

Ling Xiao is a bit disdainful.

The most powerhouse of this holy pattern temple is the master of holy pattern.

There is no Grandmaster at all.

So the sacred pattern they arranged that affects memory is not worth mentioning in front of Ling Xiao.

The Saint Mark Temple today is incomparable to the Saint Mark Temple ten thousand years ago.


Ling Xiao waved his hand, and with no difficulty broke the holy pattern.

For a while, the picture on the wall entered his soul, Soul Sea.

Pictures show up.

The first wall is about summon holy patterns.

Such a saint pattern, if successfully drawn, will summon a powerful Demonic beast or monster to fight.

Very powerful.

Every summon sacred pattern is exceptionally brilliant, but in fact, they have similarities.

Indeed, everything changes.

Ling Xiao opened the eyes of Tai Chi, staring at the powerhouse in the picture depicting the process of the holy pattern.

Dhamma Shen Wheel and Dhamma Secret Art also operate at the same time.

When the three are combined, there is nothing he can’t understand.

One day later, Ling Xiao changed another wall.

Continue to comprehend.

This wall is all about the sacred pattern of incantation, and the secret technique is performed in the way of the sacred pattern.

Can greatly increase the formidable power of the secret technique.

terrifying matchless.

Although there are only a few elements, they are combined with each other, and the formidable power is extremely terrifying!

In the blink of an eye, seven days passed.

The people of Shengwen Temple have long forgotten the existence of “Yang Jian”.

Because no one dared to enter the Hallowed Array easily, it is impossible to be sure if it is dead.

But most people still think he is dead inside.

For this reason, Guzhenshan and Ximen Tears are still a little unhappy.

They plan to torture Ling Xiao well.

Who would have thought that Ling Xiao would have died in the Hallowed Array.

How can they know that Ling Xiao passed the Halloween Array long ago easily.

At this time, I am comprehend Formation on the Halloween Wall.

Ten days have passed.

Ling Xiao still didn’t come out.

everyday all Dongfang Ling’er, who would come to take a look, also gave up.

She shook the head: “It’s a pity that this person is too arrogant and too powerful to die in it!”

She turned and left.

However, Dongfang Linger didn’t know.

It was only more than ten minutes after she left.

One silhouette flew out of the Halloween array.

moved towards the holy pattern test bench.

The holy pattern test bench is a large space made of special materials.

And supplemented by various holy patterns to form Formation.

Here, you can experiment with your own holy patterns at will.

The warrior who enters breaking the formation will be injured, but will not die and will not exceed the limits of the body.

Ling Xiao has broken through the essence of ten thousand saint patterns.

Ten days is enough for him.

But it’s broken, it’s just the beginning.

Use is the key.

So, he plans to use the discipline of the Saint Mark Temple to be his own trial person.

On the holy pattern test bench, every day all has a discipline to crack the holy pattern.

There are also disciplines who come to decorate the holy patterns.

And today, they suddenly discovered that a very strange holy pattern appeared on the test bench.

Ling Xiao uses Formation to fuse holy patterns.

He found that Formation has something in common with Saint Mark.

It’s just that Formation has a more terrifying effect because of the blessing of foreign objects, and the extension of Formation is also more terrifying.

It can even be said that the saint pattern technique seems to be used by the predecessors of warriors in order to use the formation and divide it into a become Saint pattern this thing.

Fusion of holy patterns with Formation.

The effect is more terrifying.

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