Heavenly Tyrant Martial Soul Chapter 7473


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What Ling Xiao wants to do now is to create his own Halloween array with the holy pattern technique on the Halloween Wall.

It is the real Halloween array.

Rather than the simple level of the Saint Mark Temple that consists of Saint Marks.

What Ling Xiao has to do is to truly condense 10,000 powerful saint patterns with Formation to form an achievement of Saint pattern formation!

This thing, he learned on the Wall of Halloween.

Someone tried this before, but it failed.

But Ling Xiao feels that he can succeed because he has such experience.

The Senior has integrated thousands of holy patterns.

It’s a record.

But Ling Xiao has the confidence to merge into 10,000 or even more.

Make your own Halloween array really become a terrible doomsday hell.

Whoever enters will be nine deaths and still alive.

No, if you want, you can ten deaths without life.

“Let’s go, let’s see how this person’s holy pattern is solved.” A few people were quite interested, and stepped towards Ling Xiao.

“Be careful, this person dared to take a stand on the test bench.

The arrangement of the large formation with the holy pattern must have its special features.

Never take it lightly! “

A group of four people stepped into Ling Xiao’s Halloween Array at the same time.

Of course, the Ten Thousand Saints Array at this time is still incomplete and incomplete. Ling Xiao will continue to improve in actual combat.

“What! Contains the space saint pattern!”

Just stepping into the Ten Thousand Saints Array, the four were forcibly dispersed.

It is like teleportation in Secret Realm.

The four originally planned to join forces to break the formation, but now they simply cannot find each other.

“This holy pattern is terrible! It is impossible to crack!”

This person stood there, looking at the holy patterns crisscrossing in the void, with a big head.

Like a spider web criss-crossed, if you make a mistake with a holy pattern, it will cause a chain reaction.

This simply cannot be cracked.

Anyway, he can’t do it with his strength.

“If this is the case, it’s better to force a break!”

This person thought for a while, and operated God’s Force in an attempt to forcefully break the formation.

However, at this moment, a person walked out from the other side.


He thought he was the one who arranged the formation.

However, what didn’t expect was that the person who walked out turned out to be himself.

Exactly like him.

The strength is exactly the same.

“Damn it, is this the shadow or mirror image?”

The person gritted his teeth and killed him directly.

However, what makes him extremely troubled is that the opponent has the same fighting methods as him.

The most terrifying thing is that after 3 minutes, this mirror image has evolved, showing a more terrifying battle strength than him.

Although the moves are the same, the opponent’s skills are obviously better than him.

“I surrender!”

The person shouted.

next moment, the mirror disappears.

He found himself out of the big formation.

This array is entirely composed of holy patterns, without any foreign object.

It is made up of countless holy patterns.

Every Saint Rune is terrifying.

And he discovered that his three companions had also gone outside.

One of them was obviously burned by the fire, and his skin was a bit scorched, battered and exhausted;

The other person was trembling all over and should have experienced the bitterness of the ice.

There was another person with fear in his eyes, and he kept shouting “Ghost! Ghost!”

very terrifying! “

He said with a bitter smile.

Except for the one who was frightened by the ghost, the other two also shook their heads and smiled bitterly.

They have never seen such a holy pattern.

The Holy Marks of the Saint Marks Temple are actually separate.

Even if the two are released at the same time, there are still two separate holy patterns.

But this holy pattern is different.

Two completely different sacred patterns are intertwined, and they can produce effects on each other.

And achieve the purpose of mutual enhancement.

“Speaking of disrespect, in the entire Saint Mark Temple, I am afraid that no one can display such a Saint Mark Formation.

Sect Lord is also impossible. “

They haven’t seen Sect Lord cast such a Saint Rune Formation, so they can only guess.

“Who is that person? is it possible that is our Sect Lord?”

“I can’t see clearly, I can’t see his silhouette in this Saint Rune formation.”

At this time, more and more Saint Rune Temple disciplines came here.

When I heard the conversations of several people, they all looked disdainful.

Thousands of people stepped into Ling Xiao’s Halloween Array at the same time.

The results were delivered in less than 3 minutes.

Everyone is battered and exhausted.

And the situations encountered have nothing common with each other.

More and more people gathered here, and the Saint Rune formation on the test bench became more and more attractive.

Ling Xiao is naturally happy about this.

Through the use of the Myriad Saint Array, he constantly checks and fills up the vacancies and constantly improves the Formation.

It’s really worthwhile to come to the Temple of Saint Mark this time.

Although the cultivation base has not improved much.

But Saint Rune is really a big step forward.

At his level, the rank of the holy pattern itself has no meaning.

As long as he wants, he can turn the most low-grade Saint Rune into Grade 9 Saint Rune, or even the Tenth Stage Saint Rune.

For now, the Tenth Rank Saint Mark is his limit.

It’s not the limit of ability, but because his cultivation base is too bad, and the Holy Rune technique is too powerful to control.

For seven full days, tens of thousands of people came to challenge the Halloween array every day.

Some of them also have excellent Saint Rune skills.

Some flaws in the Halloween Array were even discovered.

But just that, they want to break the Halloween array, it’s almost like a dream.

The defects they found became the key to Ling Xiao’s repair.

Finally, the Saint Rune Formation attracted the remnants of powerhouse and evildoers.

Many evildoers have arrived at the entrance of the Eighth Hall.

Guzhen Mountain, Daytime Zhen, Ximen Tears, Dongfang Linger.

There are even spiritual eyes of the super evil god with the status of Dongguo Qingcheng in Ximentang.

The real name of spiritual eyes is almost forgotten.

People only know that this person is good at terrifying pupil technique.

Can break the holy pattern.

His ability to decipher the Saint Rune is more terrifying than the ability to arrange the Saint Rune.

Moreover, his innate talent is better than Dong Guo Qingcheng, and his cultivation base is even more terrifying than Dong Guo Qingcheng.

Although they are all Kings of the Peak Eleven God World, the spiritual eyes are closer to the Twelve God World.

It is one of several Peak evildoers in the Eleventh God World of the Saint Mark Temple.

“Do you know who is who arranged this Saint Rune formation?”

God spiritual eyes looked towards everyone asked.

In the words, there is domineering and majesty.

“I don’t know, this person is not only good at holy patterns, but also skilled in arrays.

Formation is arranged with Saint Marks. To be honest, there is no such person in our Saint Marks Temple. “

Someone said.

“Hmph, it’s a shame that you are not even the one who is in the formation.”

God spiritual eyes coldly snorted and said: “There are so many people here, who wants to break the formation with me?”

“God spiritual eyes, you don’t have to greet us. In the past seven days, nearly hundreds of thousand disciple have entered this holy pattern.

All failed without exception.

If it weren’t for the fact that the man in the formation didn’t mean to kill us, we would be impossible to come out.

So, it can only be a genius and enchanting genius like you go in and try. “

Someone said.

“Yes, the eighth hall entrance, it should be the last hope.”

Humanity again.

“In that case, one person at each of the eight halls, of course, if anyone is willing to go in and try.

Unlimited number of people. “

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