Heavenly Tyrant Martial Soul Chapter 7474


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Everyone is nodded.

The reason why evildoers are evildoers is that they can solve problems that others cannot solve.

Now that common disciple can’t crack this magical Saint Rune formation, it can only be the evildoer.

“Let me go to Ximen Hall with tears.”

Gu Zhenshan said.

“Yes! You have to be careful, if you can’t, say hello, I’ll go in and rescue you.”

God spiritual eyes said.

There were also two people who entered Dongfangtang, Dongfang Linger and Tiantianzhen.

One person went in from the rest of the hall.

A total of ten people!

However, whether it is an evildoer or a mortal, the result of entering the Ten Thousand Saint Array is the same.

at first are all scattered directly.

Makes them unable to join forces.

However, evildoers are evildoers, and the array of ten people is also extremely accomplished.

Although it is not as good as Dongguo Qingcheng, it is not much worse.

Unexpectedly, successively cracked hundreds of holy patterns in the Halloween Array.

Ling Xiao is not anxious about this, but rather happy.

What he hopes most is to find the problem as soon as possible and then make up for it.


“hmph, what kind of shit saint pattern Formation, just this!”

Guzhen Mountain is coldly snorted, showing a bit of disdain.

“Look at Lao Tzu blasting your tattered things to pieces today!”


The cold voice sounded in the void.

Guzhenshan suddenly saw one silhouette appear.

“dressing up as God, playing the devil, go to die!”

He shot in anger.

The opponent is also very difficult to deal with, and even fought with him.

Neither party can see the other’s face.

But after fighting for a while, both sides suffer. At this time, I noticed something was wrong.

Unfortunately, hundreds of Fire Dragons appeared in the sky at this time, staring at them.

“I gave up!”

Gu Zhenshan hurriedly shouted.

The man over there also shouted.

“Go away!”

The two were teleported outside at the same time.

At this time, it was discovered that it was Ximen Tears who Gu Zhenshan was attacking.

Ximen Tears attacked Guzhen Mountain.

They hit their own people and hit both sides suffer.

The very terrifying sacred pattern Formation has imaginary formation hidden in it, you can’t guard against it. “

Guzhen Mountain looks ugly.

I was so miserable.

At this time, the others were also sent out.

The complexion is a bit awkward and ugly.

Dongfang Ling’er and Tian Tian burst into wry smiles.

The encounter between the two is almost the same as that of Guzhenshan and Ximen Tears.

I started doing it with my own people, and I think it’s funny.

“I probably guessed who this person is.”

Dongfang Ling’er’s eyes showed a cold light: “Although I think it is impossible, the organizer of this Formation is probably Yang Jian.”

“Don’t laugh, Yang Jian is already dead in the Halloween array, how can he set up an array here.”

Ximen tears disdainfully.

“I’m just an instinct.

Anyway, I have never seen anyone who can arrange such a great array in the Saint Mark Temple. “

Dongfang Linger shook his head.

“I’ll know if I go in and see!”

God spiritual eyes finally entered the Saint Rune formation.

My eyes are shining with weird golden rays of light.

The imaginary formation in the Halloween array is thoroughly seen through.

God spiritual eyes said with a sneer: “It’s no wonder they can’t break it. They are both true and false.

There is reality in the virtual, and the virtual in reality!

I can’t see through without my eyes.

But now that I have come in, I must see who the man is in this formation! “

Thinking of this, he raised his foot and walked into the imaginary formation.

Imaginary formation is fake.

No defense at all.

He passed through thousands of Holy Rune Spaces directly.

“Hehe, with spiritual eyes, cracking this array is almost with no difficulty.”

God spiritual eyes became more disdainful.

His speed suddenly increased.

However, at a certain moment, he stopped abruptly, and there was a look of horror in his eyes.

“This is impossible!”

Imaginary formation becomes reality, and reality becomes imaginary formation.

Moreover, spiritual eyes cannot tell.


A violent breath rushed forward.

The god spiritual eyes hurriedly draw a holy pattern to resist.

His face gradually became serious.

Ten minutes later, the god spiritual eyes was blasted out of the Halloween array.

complexion is gloomy.

One arm was lost in it.

“Even spiritual eyes are so miserable, who can break this?

Should we let the hall masters take action? “

Everyone sighed, eleven God World’s strongest evil spirit spiritual eyes, in order to decipher those who are good at Formation and Saint Mark.

Unexpectedly, I can’t stay for ten minutes, let alone breaking the formation.

This Formation is really too terrifying.

“Who is your Excellency, please come out and see!

I want to thank you for not killing. “

God spiritual eyes yelled in the direction of Formation.

He even suspected that this might be the trick of a certain hall master, or even Elder, Sect Lord was deliberately testing the discipline.

“God spiritual eyes, what happened?”

At this moment, another person’s silhouette came flying.

This person’s cultivation base has actually reached the twelve God World.

But the age will never exceed 100 years old.

This kind of evildoer is probably the most terrifying evildoer of the Saint Rune Temple.

It is more terrifying than the god spiritual eyes and Dongguo Qingcheng.

“Senior Brother Xuanji!”

God spiritual eyes bow and salute.

Although the innate talents may not be far apart from each other, the mystery is much stronger than his cultivation base.

Immediately, God spiritual eyes will briefly talk about what will happen.

Xuanji frowned, looked towards the direction of the Saint Rune array and said loudly: “Which Senior is your Excellency, please come out!”

Based on his cultivation base, his attainments in Saint Rune cannot be sure to break this formation.

“Why not try breaking the formation?”

A voice came from inside.

Let Dongfang Linger’s browse tightly knit.

This voice is too familiar.

“I don’t have to. Your Saint Rune formation is too strong. If you fight against you, it is best not to enter it, otherwise it will cause trouble for yourself.

Sir, come out, we surrendered. “

Mysterious way.

He even conceded defeat in the Saint Rune technique, which amazed the disciples of the Saint Rune Temple.

You must know that Xuanji’s Saint Rune skills have reached the level of a tenth-level Saint Rune Master.

And the strongest Saint Rune Master in the Saint Rune Temple is nothing more than the Saint Rune master.

He has given up. Could it be that the person who arranged this Saint Rune formation is a Saint Rune master?

Mystery knows that Impossible is the master of Saint Rune.

Because this Saint Rune formation is powerful, but all Saint Runes are below Rank 10.

Failed to reach the Grandmaster Rank level.

It’s just that the combination is really complicated and brilliant, so they can’t crack it.

“It’s boring.”

With this sigh sounded.

The Saint Rune Formation seemed to be suddenly sucked in by a vortex, and disappeared out of thin air.

Immediately, a silhouette appeared on the test bench.

Many people screamed when they saw this person.

“It’s you!”

“Yang Jian!”

“Sure enough, this guy!”

“He didn’t even die in the Halloween array?”

Guzhenshan and Ximen Tears both shivered.

If Yang Jian wants to kill them, it is definitely the best chance. They have no ability to resist.

It’s too terrifying.

This person’s attainments in holy patterns are simply amazing.

Dongfang Linger smiled bitterly.

Fortunately, I dared to bet this man.

The other party has a good temper. She only needs her spirit crystal. If she has a bad temper and kills her, she probably can’t help it.

This Halloween array is swung here, I am afraid no one can break it except True God.

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