Heavenly Tyrant Martial Soul Chapter 7475


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“Who is this person?”

Mysterious machine, frowned, turned out to be a strange face.

But obviously many people know it.

“reporting to Senior Brother Xuanji, this person is twenty one minute through Wanxianzhen.

After entering the Ten Thousand Saint Array, Yang Jian did not come out for ten days and was mistaken for the Yang Jian who died inside! “

Guzhen Mountain replied.

Mystery, frowned, broke into the Ten Thousand Saints Array and didn’t die, but came out alive.

“Your Excellency broke through the Halloween Array?”

asked mysteriously.

“Halloween Array is extremely powerful, no one has been able to break through for thousands of years, and I have what skills and abilities?

It’s just an array that’s all comprehend in the Halloween array for a while. “

Ling Xiao indifferently said.

Of course he will not speak frankly.

Because he does not plan to join the Saint Rune Temple at all, if these people know that he has spied the secret of the Halloween Wall, will he still be allowed to leave?

Too much trouble.

“This is reasonable. In fact, it is useless for you to pass the Halloween Array.

Without the permission of the Eighth Hall entrance, you cannot comprehend the mysteries in the wall even if you reach the Halloween Wall.

Well, I have a suggestion. How about you join our Saint Rune Temple.

I can make you a Direct Disciple of Master directly.

After that, you will have the opportunity to enter the Wall of Halloween. “

Mystery smiled and said.

“Brother, the identity of this person is unknown, we need to investigate it!”

Guzhenshan hurriedly said.

If this person becomes Direct Disciple, will he have a good life in the future?

“You don’t need to investigate, I am not interested in joining the Saint Mark Temple.”

Ling Xiao indifferently said.

“It is simply impossible to tell good from bad, Senior Brother Xuanji invited you, but you dare not refuse!”

God spiritual eyes angered.

There is also a touch of coldness in Xuanji’s eyes.

Dare to refute his face?

How did this make him step down?

“This kid is crazy.

Mystery is the Number One Expert of Ximentang under a hundred years old.

It is also the first evildoer.

The powerhouse of the twelve God World cultivation base.

His invitation, I don’t know how many people yearn for something even in dreams.

This person dared to refuse!

It’s really arrogant. “

Everyone shook their heads secretly.

“This kid is miserable. If he joins Ximentang, the mystery will definitely be good for him.

But now he refused, angering the mystery, and now it’s troublesome. “

Xuanji took a deep breath, looked towards Ling Xiao coldly said: “Do you look down on me or Ximentang!”

“I look down on you for suppressing people with power, and even less the taking advantage of one’s position to bully people cultivated by Ximentang!”

Ling Xiao said with a sneer.

Xuanji’s face suddenly became gloomy.

The people around were also stunned. This person said so directly, is it really because of Guzhenshan and Ximen tears?

“You can reject me, but you can’t humiliate our Ximentang!”

Mysterious sneered, took a step, and showed a pen in his hand, the pen flying like a dragon.

In the void, one after another holy pattern suddenly appeared.

The martial artists around all fled.

Leave the battlefield to Xuanji and Ling Xiao.

Even spiritual eyes dare not stay in the vicinity.

With mystery as the center, the ground cracked, and strange walls stretched out from the ground.

Formed a weird sacred pattern formation diagram.

The thick Power of Earth fills the air.

Like the pressure of a giant mountain, countless people feel a kind of depression and heaviness.

“Senior Brother Xuanji is a tenth-rank sacred pattern master, and Martial Soul is a terrifying ‘earth core’.

Able to control gravity and Earth Element at the same time.

With its Holy Rune technique, it is very scary.

This person dared to yell in front of Senior Brother Xuanji, it was really courting death. “

God spiritual eyes looked at Ling Xiao coldly.

Although he also wants to take action to kill this guy who calls himself Yang Jian.

However, he really doesn’t have much confidence.

Now that Senior Brother Xuanji wants to make a move, he can definitely crush this person.

“Are you fly into a rage out of humiliation?”

Ling Xiao looked towards Xuanji Dao contemptuously.

“nonsense, let’s make a move.”

Mystery didn’t attack immediately.

He doesn’t want to shoot someone who is unwilling to fight back, because that would make him very base and shameless.

So, this person has to be taken.

“Just use your power to break through!”

For Xuanji, Ling Xiao did not intend to use the Halloween Array.

This person is also a very strong presence in the Twelve God World.

So, it happens to help him breakthrough cultivation base.

In the intermediate God World, he has been staying for too long, and he has become a little impatient.


Ling Xiao burst out in an instant, revealing a three-pointed two-edged sword in his hand.

The figure of Howling Celestial Dog beside him suddenly became incomparable gigantic, rushing towards the mystery.

At this time, Ling Xiao has already used Heaven and Earth Law Idol Magical Powers.

And used the power of Heavenly Tyrant.

Because the opponent is very strong.

He must do his best.

The violent three-pointed two-edged knife slashed out.

A terrifying gravity swept out, as if to drag him into the ground.

“Space dislocation!”

Ling Xiao muttered to himself.

next moment, he can’t feel gravity.

Instead, far away from him, the ground suddenly collapsed.

This guy uses Space Law to transfer gravity elsewhere.


The earth dragon rises! “

Ling Xiao can’t help seeing gravity.

Mysterious faintly smiled.

The raised hand will suddenly raise dozens of terrifying earth dragons on the ground.

Hovering and flying, pounce on Ling Xiao.

“Howling Celestial Dog, block it!”

The huge Howling Celestial Dog stood in front of Ling Xiao, and the sharp claws and sharp teeth became the most terrifying weapons.

Howling Celestial Dog was visualized by Ling Xiao with the idea of ​​divine sense.

Naturally powerful.

The earth dragon technique that blocks the mystery is not a problem.

But the mysterious method is more than that.

His figure does not know when he has reached Ling Xiao.

Suddenly, both palms burst out.

Two huge concrete palms formed in the void, and fiercely hit Ling Xiao.

At this time, Ling Xiao has already used the Great Yin-Yang Defense Technique.

But it was still bombed out.


God spiritual eyes said with a sneer.

Not only him, but everyone present thought that Ling Xiao was dead.

Is directly hit by a mysterious attack, is it possible to survive?

However, at the next moment, Ling Xiao spouted a bit of congestion.

I wiped the corners of my mouth and stood up again: “Enough! But I have something to do, so I won’t be with you!”

This blow completely opened his door to the advanced God World.

He could feel that the strongest Shenmie was about to appear.

So, he chose to leave.

“Can you go?”

Mysterious intention to catch up.

However, Ling Xiao disdains said with a smile: “If I want to go, you can’t stop it!”

After speaking, his figure has disappeared in place.

When he appeared again, he was already in the Ten Thousand Saint Array.

Resist Shenmie here.

Not only will it not be discovered.

It’s also more secure.

“No matter who this person is, if he refuses to stay in the Holy Rune Temple, kill without mercy!”

Mystery didn’t catch up.

The opponent flees quickly.

And directly entered the Halloween Array.

He didn’t want to go in for adventure.

Instead, someone was sent to wait outside the Halloween Array.

Ling Xiao was very disdainful of this. He was going to leave, even if Sect Lord of the Saint Mark Temple could not stop him.

It’s easy for him to kill the mystery.

It’s just that he wants to fight with him on his own strength that’s all.

He doesn’t want to rely too much on golden armor corpses, metal puppets, and External Body Incarnation.

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