Heavenly Tyrant Martial Soul Chapter 7476


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Especially metal puppets.

That’s a life-saving thing, you can use it, try not to use it.

If you use that thing, it means that you have reached the most dangerous time. If you fail, you may be really hopeless.

In the Ten Thousand Saint Array, Ling Xiao used to fight with the gods for ten days and ten nights and finally won.

The cultivation base was finally promoted to the advanced God World.

Eleventh God World Divine Weapon level.

What’s even more frightening is that the use of the Immortal Sutra has absorbed the power of the gods, and once again strengthened the fleshy body and soul.

Now, his fleshy body is comparable to the comprehensive battle strength of the eleventh God World powerhouse.

In other words, he can compete with the eleventh God World powerhouse with his fleshy body alone, without losing the wind.

The realm of the soul directly breaks through the Thirteen God World and enters the True God Boundary.

This is a huge improvement.

“Xuanji, I have to thank you for giving me such a wonderful gift!”

He laughed and stepped out of the Halloween Array.

This time I came to the Temple of Saint Marks, not only evolved my own Great Saint Formation, but also achieved a huge breakthrough on the cultivation base.

Promoted from intermediate God World to advanced God World in one fell swoop.

This feeling is really good.

“Are you waiting for me?”

At the moment when he stepped out of the Saint Array, Ling Xiao saw Dongfang Linger.

“I hope you don’t leave the Saint Mark Temple, because in that case, you will have a mortal danger.”

Dongfang Linger said: “Mystery has been publicly stated. If you leave without joining the Saint Rune Temple.

Must die! “

“So what?”

Ling Xiao asked with a smile.

“I hope you can join Dongfangtang. Our Dongfangtang is the strongest among the eight halls.

As long as you join, I will let my father reuse you.

The mystery won’t move you! “

Dongfang Linger said.

“Are you trying to help me? But what’s the reason?”

Ling Xiao said with a smile: “You should hate me, right?”

“no! That’s because of my ignorance!”

Dongfang Linger shook his head and said: “You are a powerhouse, worthy of admiration!”

“Didn’t expect, you are a woman with an open mind.”

Ling Xiao laughed, looked towards Dongfang Linger and said: “Well, I will give you face.

You can visit Dongfangtang, but I don’t plan to join.

I believe you will not want me to leave after I enter. “

“Then can I be your friend?”

Dongfang Linger said.

“Of course.”

Ling Xiao has no special requirements for ordinary friends.

Although a person has a few best friends in his life, it is enough.

But Ling Xiao is not an ordinary person.

He is a man with great ambitions. Knowing more people will be of great benefit to the unification of the Heavenly Tyrant Empire.

“It just so happens that my Oriental Secret Realm will open the Oriental Secret Realm. I don’t know if you are interested in participating. We can go together.

I know it well, and you have the strength. “

Dongfang Linger said.


Ling Xiao did not refuse.

“Then let’s go quickly, the Oriental Secret Realm at this time opened at noon today.

There is still half an hour before that time.

The Secret Realm of the East will be opened to the martial artists of the entire Saint Mark Temple.

In order to fight for hegemony in the ten countries, the eight halls of the Saint Mark Temple began to unite more than compete. “

Under the leadership of Dongfang Ling’er, Ling Xiao easily entered the Dongfang Secret Realm.

However, during the journey, Ling Xiao found that many martial artists were hostile to him.

Among them are twelve martial artists of God World cultivation base.

Seeing this, he said to Dongfang Linger: “It looks like you can’t go with me.

So many people are staring at me, if you stay with me, then there might be a mortal danger. “

“Don’t be afraid, where I am, my big brother must be there.

My big brother is not weaker than mystery. “

Dongfang Linger said with a smile: “Now understand, I will cooperate with you, but you are taking advantage.”

“so that’s how it is, then let’s go.”

Ling Xiao stopped hesitating and walked forward with Dongfang Linger.

In this Secret Realm, there are a lot of holy veins.

Ling Xiao unceremoniously sent those high-quality Saint grain crystals directly into his Heavenly Tyrant Small World.

The holy pattern spar can greatly enhance the effect and formidable power of the holy pattern.

Don’t do it for nothing.

“Be careful!”

Suddenly, a dark shadow came.

Ling Xiao shot suddenly, blasting away with a palm.

The dark shadow was blasted out.

But it turned out to be intact.

Ling Xiao frowned: “This is impossible, with my strength, this guy should have been crushed long ago!

The black shadow in front of me turned into a giant beast.

It looks like an elephant, but its head resembles a lion.

The roar is thunderous.

“This is not a Demonic beast, what the hell is that?”

Ling Xiao frowns saying.

“Holy Pattern Transformation Beast!”

Dongfang Linger was surprised: “I just heard of it before.

Shengwen and Formation, after a long time, will also give birth to spiritual wisdom and become a living thing.

Appears in the form of a Demonic beast or a human.

We also call it Holy Spirit!

Somewhat similar to Array Spirit. “

“No wonder, it turned out to be the Holy Spirit. Doesn’t that mean that you cannot kill it without breaking the holy pattern.”

Ling Xiao frowns saying.

“It should be like this!”

Dongfang Linger said.

“Then I will try!”

Tai Chi Eyes, come!

The moment the Tai Chi eyes opened, the Holy Spirit had nowhere to escape.

It represents the sacred pattern, Ling Xiao has been completely determined.

Then he grabbed Dongfang Ling’er’s hand and flew over there.

The Holy Spirit beast desperately chased after him.

Unfortunately, how can it be as fast as Ling Xiao.


When he arrived near the holy pattern, Ling Xiao easily cracked the holy pattern.

For him, this holy pattern is not difficult.

I don’t even need the Faxiang God Wheel and Faxiang Secret Art, just use Tai Chi Eyes to crack it easily.

The holy pattern was broken, and the Holy Spirit beast disappeared immediately.

Ling Xiao suddenly had an idea.

Since the holy pattern can give birth to the Holy Spirit.

So, can humans also create the Holy Spirit?

As long as the holy pattern is not broken, the Holy Spirit will never die. This is too terrifying.

The enemy will have a headache.

When Ling Xiao and Dongfang Linger were in Secret Realm.

There is another person following them.

It is Dongfang Yu, Dongfang Ling’s big brother.

At this time, he suddenly stood still.

looked towards the person behind him: “Xuanji, what are you doing with me?”

“hmph, Dongfang Yu, you are really cunning, others don’t know, don’t I know you yet?

You can even use your biological younger sister.

Just to turn that person into what you want, it’s terrible. “

Mystery looked at Dongfang Yudao coldly.

“Sure enough, I can’t hide anything from you, but what if you know it, don’t you want to save that kid?”

Dongfang Yu said with disdain.

“Save him? How could it be possible! He didn’t give me face under the public, so I couldn’t get off stage.

I have the heart to kill him. “

Mystery coldly said: “However, that kid is not someone who is easy to deal with. He can withstand 70% of my strength without dying.

Be careful, don’t all in vain at the end, and fold in your younger sister.

That would be a loss! “

“What do you want to say?”

Dongfang Yu is still cold as water.

“I want to say that you deal with him and want to turn him into your doll. I have no objection, but you must share his secret with me.”

Mystery stated his purpose.

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