Heavenly Tyrant Martial Soul Chapter 7478


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Everyone searched around, but how could they find Ling Xiao?

Dongfang Yu complexion is gloomy extremely.

Xuanji said with a smile: “Why bother, as long as he doesn’t leave this Eastern Secret Realm, we have a chance!”

To be honest, looking at this Dongfang Yu, Xuanji has several points of jealousy.

Dongfang Yu’s cultivation base is weaker than him, but Dongfangtang gave a lot of treasures for Dongfang Yu.

No matter escape or self-protection, Dongfang Yu has Supreme Treasure.

Even in the face of Thirteen God World powerhouse, you can still keep you from dying.

Why are you so good to this guy?

In fact, the reason is very simple. Dongfang Yu has a very strange Martial Soul, which is called “brain eating insect”.

This Martial Soul can consume martial artist’s soul.

After that, copy and paste all the memories of martial artist.

Dongfang Yu joined the Holy Rune Temple at the beginning, and many evildoers have followed his way.

For this reason, Dongfang Yu is not only a terrifying existence in the Saint Mark Temple, but also the object of Dongfangtang and even the entire Saint Mark Temple.

Because of his ability, he can reveal all the things unwilling to reveal the prisoners of the Saint Mark Temple.

For this reason, the Saint Mark Temple will give Dongfang Yu a powerful martial artist or genius martial artist almost every month for Dongfang Yu to devour it.

However, he is prohibited from using brain eating insect Martial Soul in the Saint Mark Temple without authorization.

After all, it’s your own person who hurts that way.

Ling Xiao is not his own.

Although he passed the Ten Thousand Immortal Array, he did not announce to join any of the halls.

So, this is not within the scope of prohibition, Dongfang Yu naturally wants to get Ling Xiao’s soul.

He had tried a sneak attack before, but Ling Xiao was very guarded and couldn’t do it at all.

He originally thought his plan was foolproof, but unfortunately, it was ruined.

He must get the soul of Ling Xiao.

As Xuanji said, Ling Xiao is too special.

With the cultivation base of the tenth level world king, you can hardly shake the twelve God World cultivation base powerhouse without one blow.

What’s more terrifying is the horrible Saint Pattern Formation he arranged, which is simply incomprehensible.

Dongfang Yu’s cultivation talent was overbearing.

In addition, there are great benefits brought by this brain eating insect Martial Soul.

His future is really terrifying.

There is a reason for the Saint Rune Temple to focus on training him.

“Found it!”

At this moment, God spiritual eyes yelled.

With the eyes of Spiritual God, everything is clearly understood.

This guy’s eyes found Ling Xiao’s silhouette.

At this time, Ling Xiao was in the vicinity, but he didn’t even escape.


Dongfang Yu body flashed, and then punch towards Ling Xiao.

Since the purpose has been revealed, there is no need to conceal it anymore. It’s easier to do it directly.

“When the fox’s tail is exposed, will it no longer cover it?

Kill! “

Ling Xiao sneered, punched out directly.

In the void, horrible fist marks enveloped Dongfang Yu.

Dongfang Yu was taken aback for a moment.

Faced with him, a martial artist of the twelve God World Divine Weapon-level cultivation base, the opponent did not run away, so he dare to fight back?


Double fists hit in the void!


A flash of lightning rushed towards Dongfang Yu.

“Good boy!”

Dongfang Yu thought that Ling Xiao would flee in the opposite direction after attacking. Who would have thought that he would dare to continue attacking.

“Sky Thunder Shield!”

He raised his hand, and a shield of lightning condensed appeared.

Ling Xiao punched middle shield.

Unexpectedly, it failed to break.

Instead, the current rushed through my body.

However, this current does no harm to Ling Xiao.

“The Great Seal Technique!”

If a single blow fails, Ling Xiao directly uses the divine technique.

At that moment when the great seal technique was used, Dongfang Yu’s body was unable to move.

Ling Xiao immediately swung a three-pointed two-edged sword in his hand and chopped it down: “Big bright sword technique!”

The brilliant sword light enveloped Dongfang Yu, so Dongfang Yu had no chance to escape.

At this time, Dongfang Yu is unable to move.

If you are hit, I’m afraid ten deaths without life.

But at this brief moment, Dongfang Yu’s eyebrows flashed rays of light.

Tore the Great Seal Technique unexpectedly.

Dongfang Yu turned into a cold light and disappeared in front of Ling Xiao.

When he reappeared, he was behind Ling Xiao, and the brain eating insect Martial Soul drilled directly into Ling Xiao’s head.

“Good guy, there is treasure protection in Soul Sea, and it can be triggered automatically.

This Dongfang Yu is full of treasures. “

Ling Xiao thought so in his heart.

But without looking back, he blew a whistle, and Howling Celestial Dog sprang out.

Bite the brain eating insect and bite it into pieces.

But at this time, Mystery and the others have also launched an attack.

In the void, a huge rocky palm directly grabbed Ling Xiao.

Ling Xiao was pinched in his hand, under tremendous pressure, as if to be crushed.

“Lock dragon pillar!”

At this time, Dongfang Yu snered and shot directly.

As soon as Ling Xiao smashed the palm of the rock, a magic weapon burst into the air.

Ling Xiao was directly imprisoned on the huge pillar.

“Good fellow, it turned out to be the God Emperor Level Divine Item. Your Saint Mark Temple is really good to you!”

Ling Xiao frowns saying.

Senior God World martial artist, most of them use only the Emperor Divine Item, and many people even don’t even have the Emperor Divine Item.

It’s rare to have the Emperor Divine Item, and the God Emperor Level Divine Item is Peak.

Didn’t expect, Dongfang Yu has actually used two Divine Items in a short period of time.

The previous one saved Dongfang Yu’s life.

This one directly bound Ling Xiao.

See Ling Xiao trapped by the dragon pillar.

Everyone sneered.

If Ling Xiao were to run away from them, it would be really shameless.

After all, Ling Xiao’s cultivation base is not strong.

At this moment, they saw the three-pointed two-edged knife in Ling Xiao’s hand actually flew up and slashed directly towards the iron chain that locked the dragon pillar.

“Idiot, that is the Divine Item of God Emperor Level, can you cut it?”

Dongfang Yu showed a look of disdain.

However, next moment, the chain trembled.

The three-pointed and two-edged knife does not need to be held by Ling Xiao, it can be controlled by Soul Power alone.

This is the fusion of Divine Sword and Divine Sword.

The Two Swords are all God King Level Divine Items.

The formidable power after fusion is also the God Emperor Level Divine Item.

But its sharpness is worse than any God Emperor Level Divine Item.

Hundred knives in an instant, and the chain shattered.

Ling Xiao took the dragon pillar and turned around and left.

These guys have too many magic weapons and too strong. With his current ability, unless he uses golden armor corpses, External Body Incarnation or metal puppets, it is difficult to win.

“The knife in that guy’s hand can even be smashed by the chain dragon pillar, is it possible that it is the Divine Item of the Divine King!”

Everyone exclaimed.

Dongfang Yu’s face is the most ugly.

Not only did Ling Xiao escape, but the chain dragon pillar was taken away by Ling Xiao.

This is simply extraordinary shame and humiliation.


Dongfang Yu took out something, with twinkling wings emerging from behind, his speed skyrocketed.

However, Ling Xiao is already proficient in speed and space magic.

Also good at Time Shinto.

So in terms of speed, it’s not him who is blowing, and no one can catch up with him within the realm.

“Listen, everyone, who can help me stop Yang Jian, I have a lot of rewards! You know how much cultivation technique Magical Powers I know!”

The sound resounded throughout the East Secret Realm.

With his cultivation base, it is easy to do this.

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