Heavenly Tyrant Martial Soul Chapter 7479


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Dongfang Yu is good at devouring human souls.

Able to absorb the memory of the other party.

So, he knows so many things, everyone knows, just give them a little, it will be enough for them to benefit.

See the appearance of Yang Jian in the void.

Many people went crazy in an instant, looking everywhere.

Ling Xiao frowned, while flying, suddenly a big hand covering the sky came.

The one who did it was the Twelve God World powerhouse.

Moreover, it is a powerhouse of the twelve God World world kings. Although it is not an evildoer, Ling Xiao itself can’t fight against this kind of cultivation base powerhouse.

“Just try the Holy Rune Technique!”

It is a good choice to hone your battle skills and Saint Rune during the battle.

“Holy Pattern——Summon of Stone Giant!”

Ling Xiao pressed the ground with one hand, and the holy patterns spread out.

In the ground, a terrifying stone giant emerged.

Stone Giant stopped the twelve God World powerhouses for Ling Xiao, and Ling Xiao took the opportunity to escape.

“Earth Escape Saint Pattern!”

On the ground, weird lines are constantly produced.

Ling Xiao disappeared a long way in an instant.

However, after a while, a giant sword dropping from the sky was cut on top of his head accurately.

Ling Xiao hurriedly backed away and at the same time reactivated the Holy Rune technique.

“Holy Pattern-Stonehenge!”

In the ground, one after another huge stone was drilled.

A terrifying Stonehenge was formed.

He actually blocked this sword.

The sword of the twelve God World powerhouse, the formidable power is amazing.

Ling Xiao didn’t stay at all, turned around and left.

But even so, his face grew gloomy.

He hates escaping like this.

Although he can hone the Saint Rune technique, he is too suffocated. He doesn’t like the feeling of suffocation.

At one point, he stopped.

In the void, shout out loudly: “Those who block me will kill!”

Ling Xiao is really angry.

Ahead, an eleven God World powerhouse rushed over.

Ling Xiao’s warning was ignored.

Ling Xiao’s eyes showed a sneer: “Twelve God World powerhouse I still have some fears, how dare you come to impudent?

Howling Celestial Dog! “

Howling Celestial Dog threw out beside him and swallowed the man in one bite.

Ling Xiao sneered, keep going.

At this time, four people in front of him were killing him at the same time.

All are eleven God World martial artists.

Ling Xiao didn’t mean to stop at all, as he swung back the three-pointed two-edged sword in his hand.

No martial skills are used at all.

Direct ordinary slash, killing all four people.

Now, he has stepped into the advanced God World.

The martial artist of the Eleventh God World cultivation base is nothing to him.

He can easily kill with Strength of Fleshly Body, even more how the three-pointed two-edged sword in his hand is the God Emperor Level Divine Item.

Kill all the way.

In an instant, hundreds of martial artists were killed.

Of course, those who died were martial artists under the Eleventh God World.

“Arrogant! Damn it!”

Finally, a twelve God World powerhouse appeared.

The murderous aura on the body is monstrous.

A terrifying flame burned all over.

Incomparably angry.

He is still angry. Ling Xiao should be angry.

His unfathomable mystery was intercepted and killed, if not for his own strength, he would have died long ago.

I actually said he was arrogant!

The person in front of him is just the twelve God World god-level cultivation base.

Ling Xiao didn’t pay attention.

“Lock dragon pillar!”

Ling Xiao suddenly released the magic weapon that he had just seized from Dongfang Yu.

The twelve God World powerhouses are instantly impossible to move even a little bit.

He doesn’t have this level of treasure.

Ling Xiao sneered.

Cut it out with one knife and kill this person.

“I said, those who stop me die, even the Twelve God World is no exception!”

Dongfang Yu, who was chasing behind, showed a surprised look.

The lock dragon pillar is indeed powerful, but there is his divine sense in it, and the other party can easily erase it.

And controlled the lock dragon pillar itself.

How strong this guy should be.

The greed in his eyes is getting stronger and stronger. If he can bring this fellow Devouring Soul, the benefits will be no less.

However, although Dongfang Yu’s speed is not slow anymore, his wings are flapping behind him and his speed is extremely fast.

But I just can’t catch up with Ling Xiao.

Only the martial artists that Ling Xiao will intercept are killed one by one.

Walking around, Ling Xiao unexpectedly returned to the vicinity of the previous Cave Mansion.

Dongfang Ling’er was still entangled by the strange holy pattern, unable to get away.

The despair in his eyes is evident.

Ling Xiao glanced at her, threw away a cold light casually, broke the bondage, and then rushed towards Cave Mansion.

The guardian Holy Spirit is naturally impossible to let him in.

But Ling Xiao wants to enter, who can stop it?

The body flashed directly through the Breaking Dragon Stone of Cave Mansion and entered inside.

Just when he was watching from a distance, he had already cracked the holy pattern on the Breaking Dragon Stone in the heart.

At this time, it can be undone in an instant.

Seeing Ling Xiao entering the Cave Mansion, everyone who came after was stunned.

“Dongfang Yu, you just said that there is a way to deal with these Holy Spirits, do it now!”

Xuanji looked towards Dongfang Yudao: “If Ling Xiao destroys the contents inside, the temple will not let us go.”

“Don’t worry, there are not enough people, gather more people!”

Dongfang Yu looked at the Cave Mansion coldly: “He is bring about one’s own destruction. Now that he is in, it will be easier to handle.”

Ling Xiao steps into Cave Mansion.

I found that this is not an ordinary Cave Mansion at all, it is simply a Small World inside.

There are many weird human sculptures in Small World.

Obviously it is stone, but I can feel a trace of living beings.

Ling Xiao continued to walk forward.

At a certain moment, a heavy bell suddenly sounded.

The bell rang, and at first Ling Xiao didn’t feel much. After a while, he suddenly felt dizzy.

The expression changed drastically, and I hurriedly sat cross-legged, holding my mind and fighting the bell.

This is definitely no ordinary bell.

It is the terrible rhythm that can affect the soul.


Ling Xiao will raise a hand, a golden armor corpse burst out.

This is the golden armor corpse of the eleventh God World world king class. Now it has little effect on Ling Xiao.

Taking Pathfinder is good.

“Five sense link!”

Ling Xiao linked his five senses with the five senses of the golden armor corpse.

He can see, hear and feel what the golden armor corpse has experienced.

The front is full of depressing feelings.

Even the false feelings passed by the golden armor corpse still put Ling Xiao under great pressure.

At one point, the golden armor corpse saw a huge bronze bell.

The bronze bell is suspended in the air.

not at all people knock, but they can keep making sounds.


The golden armor corpse burst open suddenly.

Ling Xiao was taken aback for a while.

He thought that the golden armor corpse had no soul and would not be attacked by the bronze bell.

Now I understand that the bronze bell not only affects the soul.

It can also produce extremely terrifying destruction effects.

The scope of this destructive effect is not as wide as the soul effect, and you need to get closer to feel it.

Ling Xiao thought for a while and stood up directly.

Unleash the great yin and yang defense technique.

And put on the metal puppet directly.

You need to save your life here, so you don’t need to care about what you use.

When Ling Xiao stood in front of the bronze bell, the dual energy of destruction and soul crazily rolled on him.

The space in front of Ling Xiao suddenly changed.

He found himself absorbed into a separate space.

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