Heavenly Tyrant Martial Soul Chapter 7483


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“Let’s do it together!”

Ling Xiao looks at Morrowind and the others, and has several points of gratitude in his heart.

It’s just a stranger that’s all, but because it’s also from another Divine Kingdom, so helping each other is a matter of seconds.

“Okay, let’s face it together!”

Morning Wind is nodded, they don’t know how strong Ling Xiao is, but it shouldn’t be weak if it can defeat Fengyun in an instant.

“I am good at Saint Rune. Later, you will just release your strongest power. I will aim at the target, gather your attacks together, and attack one of them at the same time!”

Ling Xiao said.

“If that’s the case, the few people on the other side won’t fight, but will they let us fight so obediently?”

Chenchen frowns saying.

“Trust me!”

Ling Xiao said.

“All right.”

Morning wind gritted his teeth and said: “Do your best to attack, the rest will be given to Brother Ling!”

“Idiot, dare to accumulate energy, do you really think we are wood? Kill!”

Crazy Feng Clan powerhouse killed him directly.

Morning Wind and the others were a little nervous, but because of their trust in Ling Xiao, they resisted doing nothing, but devoted themselves to the release of energy.

“Holy pattern, bondage!”

Ling Xiao slightly smiled, suddenly a sacred pattern was released from the back of the Faxiang Divine Wheel.

Immediately afterwards, countless vines began to bloom within the holy pattern.

Feng Clan’s several powerhouses are all entangled.

“Sacred Veins! And the level is so high!”

The Holy Rune technique that can restrain the twelve God World powerhouse, at least should be Grade 9 Holy Rune.

Morning wind and the others were surprised, but at the same time they were full of confidence in Ling Xiao.

“Attack, release!”

The four people released their most powerful attacks at the same time, and in order to make the attacks have a fusion effect, they all released the same attribute attacks.

“Holy Mark, guide!”

Another holy pattern flew up, absorbing the attacks of the four people, and then blasted at the opposite person at the same time.

The combined attack of the four people directly blasted the person on the ground into scum.

Not only that, the horrible blasting also severely injured a person beside him.

You know, Morrowind is also the powerhouse of the Twelve God World cultivation base.

The strength of these four people is really not weak at all.

these two people one killed another injured.

The second attack of Morrowind and the others has also been completed.

An attack broke out again.

Until now, no one finally broke free from the shackles of the Saint Rune and turned to escape.

Just kidding, the twelve God World powerhouses were killed instantly, and they were also afraid, even though they were only the cultivation base of the twelve God World powerhouses.

But at any rate, it is also the twelve God World martial artist, who is so easily controlled by Ling Xiao’s holy pattern, and all fools know Ling Xiao’s terrifying.

Keep staying, isn’t that pure courting death?

“Fengyun, I know you brat in the vicinity, you mad Feng Clan is not a robber, and then do such shameless things.

I’m afraid you will lose the face of your family.

Three days later, we will be waiting for you here in Wind City. We are capable and dignified are now fighting each other. “

Morning breeze said loudly.

No one said anything, but they knew that Feng Yun must have heard it.

People around are sighing.

Ling Xiao is not only powerful in battle strength, but also knows the Holy Rune technique, which is really surprising.

Chenfeng also said with emotion: “Brother Ling, if it wasn’t for your Saint Rune today, it is really not easy to defeat the experts of Feng Clan.

I don’t know what level your Holy Rune is now? Is it a tenth-level Saint Marker? “


Ling Xiao smiled and said, he certainly wouldn’t say that his holy pattern skills have reached Grandmaster Level.

Even if you say it, the other party will not believe it.

“Big brother, isn’t the Xiao family recommending the martial artist to go to the eternal Divine City? Ling Xiao should be fine, right?”

Chenchen looked towards Chenfeng asked.

“That’s natural!”

Morning wind nodded said: “The Xiao family will definitely welcome Brother Ling’s accomplishments in holy patterns.

However, there are only a lot of ten nations competing for Heavenly Tyrant. If Brother Ling aims to be the overlord, I am afraid it will be somewhat difficult.

Anyway, the few of us may not work. “

He didn’t look down on Ling Xiao, but the ten-nation hegemony was a major event for the entire Black Tortoise continent.

Countless evildoers gathered together, and many geniuses came here and it was awkward.

The Xiao family today is the place of genius gathering, but the cultivation base is the most powerhouse, which is only the Eleven God World and the Twelve God World.

There are almost none of the thirteen God World cultivation bases.

There are not even many powerhouses in the Twelve God World.

The Xiao family’s status in the entire Wind City is not high, and can only be ranked third.

However, if Outsiders want to enter the eternal Divine City, they all need a recommended place. If you temporarily become the guest official of this family, you have the opportunity.

“Morning breeze! You can be counted as coming back. I heard that you had a fight with Feng Clan’s people. I am still worried about something wrong.

Fortunately, nothing happened. “

A young man walked out of the crowd and cupped the hands against Morrowind, obviously very familiar.

“Xiao Yu, I will introduce you a new friend to help us defeat Feng Clan martial artist’s sacred master Ling Xiao!”

Chenfeng pointed to Ling Xiao and said.

“If you think it is possible, it must be possible, but you also know Morrowind, this matter is fair.

The people we recommend must also be recognized by Four Great Influences.

Whoever comes will have to undergo screening and assessment. “

Xiao Yu said.

“Naturally, I don’t mind, Brother Ling’s ability is sufficient for screening, but it is not easy to pass the Four Great Influences assessment.”

Morning wind looked towards Ling Xiao.

Ling Xiao probably understood this process.

Each branch city should have a similar Four Great Influences who is directly responsible for recommending evildoers for the Heavenly Secrets Pavilion and participating in the Ten Kingdoms Competition.

Under Four Great Influences, there are some small forces responsible for recommending Four Great Influences.

In this way, you can speed up and reduce the burden on Four Great Influences and Heavenly Secrets Pavilion.

While speaking, someone suddenly started over there.

One of them wears a black robe with a red mole on the eyebrow, very domineering.

As soon as he raised his hand, he killed the other person.

You know, that person is the twelve God World God King Level powerhouse.

“Prince Divine Kingdom, it is really scary!”

The people below cheered.

Ling Xiao frowned: “Life Divine Kingdom Prince Dijiang! He finally saw a living person! Before, he had only heard of this person’s name, but never witnessed it with his own eyes.

I saw it today, and it really terrifying.

The tyrannical strength of this Dijiang, I am afraid it is definitely the top capital under the Twelve God World!

“Ling Xiao, you seem to come from Divine Kingdom, right, how do you compare to this person?”

Chenchen asked with interest.

“At least now, I am not his opponent!”

Ling Xiao shook the head.

If you don’t use golden armor corpses and other auxiliary battle items, his real battle strength can reach at most twelve God World level.

And this Emperor Jiang definitely has the terror level of twelve God World kings.

“Xiao Yu, the eternal Divine Kingdom is the strongest Divine Kingdom in the Black Tortoise mainland, then who is the prince of Divine Kingdom?”

Someone couldn’t help but ask.

The prince of Divine Kingdom of life is so terrifying, presumably the eternal prince of Divine Kingdom is also terrifying.

“That’s natural!”

Xiao Yu said proudly.

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