Heavenly Tyrant Martial Soul Chapter 7484


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Although the crown prince of the eternal Divine Kingdom has no relationship with Xiao Yu, he is still very proud of being a member of the eternal Divine Kingdom.

“The crown prince of the eternal Divine Kingdom, from the eternal Divine Kingdom god!

The capital of God is not a capital city, but a huge force, with countless geniuses in it.

It can be said that the eternal Divine Kingdom cultivates the most talents. “

Speaking of this, Xiao Yu’s expression has become solemn.

“God Ling Tian! Eternal Prince of Divine Kingdom, no one knows how strong his true cultivation base is!

I only know that he once killed thirteen God World cultivation base powerhouses with a single sword, and he didn’t even sweat!

The god Ling Tian, ​​the sword with both hands, the sword with the left hand, and the piano with the right hand are known as the most likely to become gods under the age of a hundred. “

Many people become excited when they hear this.

Under a hundred years old, the person most likely to become a god.

Such as this evildoer, rare in the world!

This eternal Divine City will really become a terrifying battlefield with hordes of geniuses and evildoers.

Not only the ten Divine Kingdom princes of the top ten Divine Kingdoms.

There are also ten Divine Kingdom princesses.

This princess is not that princess, not because of their high status, but because of their high talent and strength.

There are many more Old Monsters from Seize Body For Rebirth.

For example, the imperial formation, and the blood thunder Young Master, which is the god of thunder.

And Ji Mingshuang!

“The ten Divine Kingdom princes exist, isn’t there anything like us?”

Someone said with a bitter smile.

“You can’t say the same thing, Prince Divine Kingdom, but it’s a temporary lead.

The Black Tortoise continent is too big, and there are too many evildoers.

For example, the Divine Kingdom of our life, the eighteen demons of the Demon Realm are extremely powerful, how powerful.

But several of them were planted in Ling Xiao’s hands! ”

Everyone could not help being nodded: “I think Ling Xiao definitely has the ability to compete for the crown prince of Divine Kingdom. His Heavenly Tyrant empire has become the second only to Number One Influence under the Divine Kingdom of Life.

Extremely powerful. “

The martial artist of Divine Kingdom of Life naturally has to look at Ling Xiao high, after all, he is the genius of his Divine Kingdom.

Just like Xiao Yu admired the god Lingtian.

Everyone has his own choice, his own pride.

The people who listened to Divine Kingdom of Life boasted Ling Xiao so, some people couldn’t help but curl their lips and said: “The overall strength of Divine Kingdom of your life in the entire Black Tortoise continent is not very good.

As for Ling Xiao, maybe it’s not bad in your life, Divine Kingdom, but in the entire Black Tortoise continent, maybe it’s nothing. “

“Aren’t they talking about you?”

Morning wind looked towards Ling Xiao strangely. They didn’t expect that someone they met on the street was a big celebrity.

“Ling Xiao!”

Maybe I heard the sound of Morrowind, and someone looked towards here.

At this time, Ling Xiao didn’t hide his true face, so he was recognized at a glance.

“Hello everyone!”

Ling Xiao said with a smile. In a foreign country, he met a martial artist who also came from the Divine Kingdom. It was really kind.

Di Jiang also looked towards Ling Xiao, showing a touch of disdain: “So you are Ling Xiao!

I had heard your name before I came here.

You are really high-profile, but unfortunately there are no tigers in the mountains, and monkeys dominate.

People often compare you with me.

I even think you are stronger than Han Li and Yang Qi.

A grade with the Heavenly Sword Young Master of the ancient Sword Immortal Palace.

I think you two are the most likely to replace me as the prince of Divine Kingdom!

Although it’s just a joke, I really look forward to it. Don’t let me down with you and Sword Young Master.

If you don’t fight, it’s boring. It’s too invincible and lonely by yourself.

I hope that the Divine Kingdom can have a few more existences that can stand at the top of the Black Tortoise continent.

Cultivation, I am waiting for you! ”

“My goal is not you!”

Ling Xiao faintly shook the head.

“It’s not me? Is it God Lingtian!”

Di Jiang’s face was gloomy, and Ling Xiao looked down on him.

“Not him either.”

Ling Xiao shook his head again and said: “My goal is much more terrifying than you think.

I came to ten countries to fight for hegemony. I am not competing with you for hegemony, just to become stronger and seek a method.

If you have nothing else, I will go to rest first. If you want to screen the places, I hope Brother Xiao Yu will tell you! “

For him, the so-called ten-nation hegemony is a stage to become stronger.

All the evildoers are just his stepping stones, his pedals.

“Arrogant! Xiao Yu, nothing else, don’t disturb me!”

Di Jiang also left.

Everyone chatted for a while, then they dispersed.

The next day is waiting.

Ling Xiao did not deliberately seek out his friends, everyone has his own Marital Dao Path, which has too much influence.

Not great!

What suits Ling Xiao may not suit them.

As long as they don’t have a mortal danger, let them pursue their own path to become stronger.

On this day, the immortal spirit Divine Kingdom and Feng Clan agreed to a duel.

The content of the duel is pill concocting.

immortal spirit Divine Kingdom martial artist, generally good at pill concocting, and the crown prince of immortal spirit Divine Kingdom, also comes from the Pill King Aristocratic Family who is the best at pill concocting among immortal spirit Divine Kingdom.

The name is Chen immortal spirit!

Man, married a feminine name, but absolutely no one dares to despise this name.

Mad Feng Clan, in Wind City, is also good at pill concocting.

Especially Pill Pagoda controlled by Feng Clan, which is a place visited by countless people in Wind City.

In the previous duel, Feng Clan failed miserably.

So this time, mad Feng Clan and Pill King Aristocratic Family will fight again, and they are definitely not willing to repeat the same mistakes.

They even dared to show up, so they were sure of their victory.

Ling Xiao sat in the crowd, accompanied by Chenfeng and the others.

Pill King Aristocratic Family of the four people, Morrowind’s Alchemy Technique is the most powerful.

The last time, under his leadership, a perfect victory was achieved.

“Didn’t expect you guys actually dare to come.”

Feng Yun looked at the four of Chenfeng, and then at Ling Xiao, flashed with strong hatred in his eyes.

But this time, he is not afraid.

He has expert protection beside him, and Ling Xiao’s desire to kill him is simply impossible.

“If you dare not come, it should be your crazy Feng Clan.

One 10,000 years ago, mad Feng Clan controlled Pill Pagoda. Now Pill Pagoda has fallen to this level, which is really embarrassing.

Not only is the discipline arrogant and despotic, but the level is also bad.

We all lost miserably once, and even had the face to fight a second time! “

Wood Spirit said disdainfully.

“Hehe, whatever you want to say, the last time we lost was true, it was just because there was no real pill concocting expert to participate in that’s all.

This time is different. “

Fengyun indifferently said: “Why don’t it be like this, the duel alone is too boring, how about a bet?”

“Not interested!”

Morning Wind said indifferently: “This is Wind City. If you lose, you don’t have to admit it, but if we lose, we have to pay something.

We are both disadvantaged.

So, just show off.

What you want is just face, right? “

“hmph, I was not fooled!”

Fengyun is coldly snorted, and feels a little unhappy.

He is the sure way to win this time, so he dares to do so.

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