Heimarian Odyssey Chapter 2953

When Yuqing Saint came, it was very pompous.

Agarwood from Kowloon flew past, and the Golden Lotus surged across the ground. The divine might is mighty. Compared with Douglas, who was wearing a white robe and holding a magic wand, it was more than a class higher.

After agarwood in Kowloon, Locke saw Nezha and many other cultivators.

Most of these cultivators have a deep breath, and there are many Heavenly Immortal Houses above Level 4, which seem to be elite interpreters. From a rough point of view, there are hundreds of people. Among them, there are more than ten Great Principle Golden Immortal cultivators like Nezha.

The background of elucidating and teaching can be seen from this.

“Friends of the wizarding world, Poor Daoist is overjoyed at this point, please go to the Guiyuan realm.” A vigorous and majestic voice came, and it was the invitation of the seventh-level Saint Heavenly Lord of Primordial Beginning.

Saint was present. This time Zhen Yuanzi stopped intercepting. After removing the Earth Book, he asked Heavenly Lord of Primordial Beginning and Douglas, Saint level existence, to enter the medium-sized Cultivation World.

The Kowloon Agarwood leaves the road, and Heavenly Lord of Primordial Beginning is the first to enter it.

Douglas follows closely from behind.

The wizard, world Number One Person, doesn’t care about the so-called pomp, from the beginning to the end is a simple white magic robe.

But it is precisely this kind of simplicity, but it attracts many people who interpret Sect behind Primordial Tianzun.

Including Locke’s friend Nezha, there was a certain amount of pressure and awe when seeing Douglas.

Two seven-level existence successively. After entering the Guiyuan realm, the solidified atmosphere in the surrounding air eased.

What exactly the two Saint level existence will discuss is no longer a question they need to consider.

Numerous cultivators represented by Nezha came to Locke and the others.

Nezha is naturally because of the joy of reunion with Locke, and the senior and junior brothers or Sect Elder on her side look at Locke and his party with curiosity and scrutiny. Latitude and longitude first

I met Locke again, this time Nezha didn’t rush to reminisce with Locke, nor did he show too much intimacy with Locke, but obediently and honestly introduced Locke to the elders around him. .

“This is my Master Taiyi daoist.” Nezha first pointed to the side and said with a white beard old man.

Nezha’s teacher

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The Zun Taiyi daoist is also the strength of the Great Principle Golden Immortal. In terms of realm, it is one heavier than Nezha and is in the late stage of the Great Principle Golden Immortal.

This old man with a white beard in a Taoist robe feels very kind. Since it is Nezha’s Master, Locke naturally hurriedly bowed his hands in greeting and assumed the attitude of Junior.

Facts have proved that what kind of Master can educate what kind of discipline.

Locke can have similar interests and friendships with Nezha, and has a good chat with Taiyi Daoist, a well-known educator Golden Immortal.

He is well aware of the curiosity of the people in the fairyland about the extraterritorial world, so after understanding the temper of Taiyi daoist, he introduced all kinds of interesting anecdotes about the extraterritorial world in a few words.

Taiyi daoist really showed a sudden and curious expression. For Locke, Junior, he also clicked nodded with satisfaction.

Also due to its close proximity to Monster Realm, the number of Demonic beasts in Cultivation World under the Arctic Crape Myrtle Realm is also the largest, so it can have a relationship with the Nuwa Saint of the Imperial Palace in Wa.

So the seemingly plain and orderly Three Thousand Worlds, but the water behind it is deep.

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