Heimarian Odyssey Chapter 2954

This time, Yuqing Heavenly Lord of Primordial Beginning personally attended the meeting with the seventh-level wizard Douglas of the Wizarding World. One factor is that Yuqing Saint hopes to join forces with the Wizarding World to make up for the interpretation and teaching in this masterful war. Loss in.

Apart from this, another factor is that most of the Cultivation World under the rule of interpretation has fallen into the hands of the Light God clan, so Yuqing Saint is barefoot and not afraid of wearing shoes.

Unlike the two Saints and Junior Brother Heavenspan Cult Lords of Buddhism, he needs to sit on the front line at all times to prevent the front line from being broken through.

Anyway, everything that should be lost is already lost. It’s better to find another way to see if you can find another way out for your orthodoxy and Direct Disciple.

So for now, only Yuqing Heavenly Lord of Primordial Beginning can have the energy and leisure to approach Douglas, an extraterritorial Saint.

Other Saints are busy leading the disciples to resist the invasion. Even if they want to come in contact with Douglas, a fellow Fellow Daoist of the same level outside the territory, the Avatar is lacking in skills and energy.

Although the temperaments of explaining Saint and Section Cult Saint are very different, they all have one thing in common, that is, they love Direct Disciple very much.

For the sake of his own sect, Yuqing Saint can deal with juniors without Saint’s face.

Saint is known as “Undying and Inextinguishable” in Xianyu.

At this stage of theirs, the usual gains and losses are no longer important, but Saint’s dough is particularly important.

Heavenly Lord of Primordial Beginning during the Great Desolate Tribulation, ignoring the face of Saint, openly attacked the Junior Section Cult, but it caused many cultivators and Da Neng to criticize and slander the Great Desolate World.

Even in many Great Desolate world cultivator in mind, the position of Heavenly Lord of Primordial Beginning, dropped a thousand zhang in one fall with the end of the Great Desolate Tribulation.

But Heavenly Lord of Primordial Beginning doesn’t care. If he didn’t openly intervene, can the Twelfth Golden Immortal walk out of the Nine Tunes Yellow River Formation?

If it weren’t for his dedication to safeguarding, well-known teaching disciplines such as Erlang Shen Yang Jian, Nezha, Thunderclap Seed, etc. could be physically sanctified. Although they are on duty in the fairy court, they are not restricted by the Investment of the Gods?

So Chantiao Saint does not regret what he did.

In the same way, Junior Brother Heavenspan Cult Lord of Yuqing Saint is also a seven-level power of true temperament.

Because Senior Brother Heavenly Lord of Primordial Beginning took several shots against his Direct Disciple several times, he suffered heavy casualties under his sect. Heavenspan Cult Lord couldn’t bear it. In the end, Immortal Beheading Sword Formation and Wanxian Formation were placed, while facing the four Saints of Xianyu represented by Yuqing Saint.

In that battle, it was a glorious defeat.

Although Heavenspan Cult Lord lost and even Immortal Beheading Four Swords was almost taken away, he did not regret it.

On the contrary, it was because the two elder brothers brought’outsiders’ to beat themselves, which caused Heavenspan Cult Lord to swear to sever the relationship with Taiqing Laozi and Yuqing Heavenly Lord of Primordial Beginning. The title of Shangqing Saint is no longer needed. Self-proclaimed as Heavenspan Cult Lord.

The entanglement between these Great Sects about Xianyu has stretched for tens of thousands of years, and it has not been resolved until now.

Since Yuqing Saint led Direct Disciple to the Guiyuan Realm, Locke was also invited to join the Guiyuan Realm after chatting with many cultivators.

Yuqing Heavenly Lord of Primordial Beginning meets Douglas at the number one Sect of the Returning Origin Sect Secret Realm.

The Sect Master of Returning Origin Sect is a Great Principle Golden Immortal cultivator. Although it has not joined the Saint’s court, it is also a close friend with many Saint disciples of the fairyland.

This time the two Saints have come here, so they are naturally willing to accept this favor and lend Secret Realm for the two Saints to have a meeting.

Locke and the core cultivators of interpretation and education have built their bases in the Guiyuan Mountain where Returning Origin Sect Spiritual Qi is richest.

“Zhen Yuanzi Daxian is a well-known good old man in Xianyu, you should have gotten a lot of good things from him Senior this time?” In a pavilion built by Guiyuan Mountain, Nezha turned up Without being invited, find Locke and chat.

When entering the Guiyuan Realm, Nezha discovered that Locke and Zhen Yuanzi had a very harmonious talk.

According to what she knows about Locke, this guy will not let the walking golden mountain of Zhen Yuanzi Daxian.

“Cough cough, I also got a few Ginseng Fruit that’s all.” Locke answered honestly.

It is true that the generosity of Zhen Yuanzi is beyond his expectations.

“How many?!” Nezha’s eyes instantly became the size of a copper bell.

With a small hand stretched out, he said to Locke indifferently, “Give me one. Ginseng Fruit is enough to eat. If you eat too much, the effect will not be superimposed, but it is reckless waste of natural resources.”

This time Locke did not agree to Nezha’s request, but said, “There are four Ginseng Fruits in total, which I plan to give to my four wives who have not yet breakthrough Heavenly Immortal Realm. If you want, I might be able to. Go and trouble Zhen Yuanzi Daxian?” “You still have four wives?” Nezha said in astonishment.

She knew that Locke had a wife and daughter.

The Queen of Blades Kerrigan and her daughter Lisa both appeared in the Underworld Battlefield under the leadership of the insect race Legion.

But she didn’t know that Locke actually had other women.

Unlike the world Knight profession of wizards, they generally have double-digit or even triple-digit heterosexual couples.

Although Xianyu has also achieved extremely high civilizational achievements and a long history of development, polygamy is currently only a human dynasty in the secular world.

There is also Dual Cultivation among people in Xianyu, but it specifically refers to two cultivators, a man and a woman, who participate in the road.

If it is a man with multiple women… Although it is not taboo, the reputation is generally not very good.

For example, Celestial Demon World’s Harmonious Bond Sect, and for example, the acacia Young Master that was once traded to Locke Dual Cultivation Secret Art…

When I heard that Locke was to be used by his wife, Nezha stopped asking for it. Instead, he asked how many wives Locke had in total.

From Nezha’s shining eyes, Locke read the word “Bagua”.

“Um, for my wife, there are 12 in total,” Locke replied.

He counts Grace, Leah, and Xia Qian who have passed away. Apart from this, Hera, the queen of God who just gave him a son by Titan World, is also among them.

Snow Rabbit Monster King Xiaoxue is not among them, the little girl is at best a warm house girl, and can’t reach the position of Locke’s wife.

After listening to Locke’s answer, Nezha’s mouth is open.

For an instant, she felt a little re-acquainted with Locke.


Locke was not at all for too long during the leisure time of Guiyuan Mountain, that is, two months later, he was called to Guiyuan Secret Realm.

Going with him, there are also the Powerhouse of the Wizarding Alliance such as Third Prince Ne Zha, Andariel, the Baleful Queen, and Cyclops.

Guiyuan Secret Realm is a Heavenly Paradise set up deep in the belly of the mountain. I didn’t expect Returning Origin Sect to hollow out the entire Guiyuan Mountain to build this Secret Realm.

The concentration of Heaven and Earth Spirit Qi in Secret Realm is almost three times that of the outside world. Locke, the familiar Fifth Level Knight, also clicks one’s tongue in wonder to the environment in Guiyuan Secret Realm.

“It should have reached 70% of the energy concentration in Lost Paradise.” Locke commented.

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