Heimarian Odyssey Chapter 2956

Locke’s selfish calculations did not hide Douglas from the presence.

But old fogey doesn’t break, just smiles and looks at the scene in front of him.

Heavenly Lord of Primordial Beginning raised his head and photographed the Thunder God Armor and Thor’s Spear that Locke had taken out in front of him.

The Thunder God’s gun is better, but the Thunder God Armor, which is full of technological texture and has ample power surging inside, let Yuqing Saint look through it for a long time, but still has not made a conclusion.

The Dao of Refining of Xianyu is even better than the magical alchemy of the wizard world. The Supreme Treasure, one piece after another, is the best proof.

However, in the Three Thousand Worlds, there has not been a world of science and technology civilization.

So that, Rao Yuqing Heavenly Lord of Primordial Beginning, a seven-level powerhouse who refines many world-level artifacts, also had trouble seeing Locke’s Thunder God Armor.

All roads lead to Rome, and the avenues have different routes to the same destination.

In fact, whether it is a refinery, a gold refiner, or a technological product, it is not simple after reaching a certain level of profoundness.

The boundless and resplendent star realm soon gave birth to a powerful Great World with a completely different perspective of civilization development, such as the wizard world, the fairyland, the Light God clan, and the Gallente Federation.

Even more how, these civilizations that have been discovered today only represent a corner of the boundless star realm.

No one knows what kind of magnificent and brilliant civilized world will be born in the deeper and more elusive Star Domain.

All this requires continuous exploration by latecomers.

This is also the fun for wizards of the world to explore the truth of the world.

After a long time, Yuqing Heavenly Lord of Primordial Beginning put down the Thunder God Armor in front of him, and said to Locke, “Your Spirit Treasure is very peculiar. With my ability, I can only see through part of its operation principle. .” (Longitudinal launch)

“That long spear, I can help you refining the Supreme Treasure of the day after tomorrow. It’s just this armor…all I can do is help you strengthen its external defenses, but as for the internal improvement, It is difficult to do, so it cannot reach the level of the acquired Supreme Treasure.” Heavenly Lord of Primordial Beginning said.

It would be difficult for a world-class power such as Heavenly Lord of Primordial Beginning to transform and upgrade a technological creation.

Locke’s Thunder God Armor was originally the Huck Federation heritage obtained through the fire source during the Star Domain war in the Sea of ​​Chaos.

Later, through the transformation and combination of the fire source and wizard world magic alchemy technology, it formed the current appearance.

At the end of the last trip to Xianyu, this armor was on the verge of being scrapped. Locke finally found the Fordson Heavy Industries Laboratory in Ranked 1st, Norman Federation, to repair it.

So if you count it carefully, the technical principles contained in Thunder God Armor include the collapsed Huck Federation, Wizard World Magic Alchemy Technology, and Norman Federation.

After listening to Heavenly Lord of Primordial Beginning’s answer, Locke had some regrets in his heart, but he didn’t show it right away. He just leaned over and replied respectfully, “Then I will trouble Saint to shoot.”

Upgrading Thor’s Gun to a world-class artifact is also a surprise for Locke to come to Xianyu during this trip.

As for the upgrade of Thunder God Armor, Locke is a bit greedy.

Besides, Yuqing, the Heavenly Lord of Primordial Beginning, originally promised to help him refine a Magical Artifact. At present, he not only upgrades the Thor’s Spear to a world-class artifact, but also strengthens the external defense of Thunder God Armor. , Locke should also have fun.

“For the upgrade of Thunder God Armor, maybe we can go to the Gallente Federation in the future.” Locke thought this way.

The refining of world-class secret treasures cannot be completed overnight.

After getting the Thunder God’s Spear and Thunder God Armor from Locke, Yuqing’s Heavenly Lord of Primordial Beginning enters a closed state.

Before the retreat, Heavenly Lord of Primordial Beginning had stated that he had contacted Saint Zhunti of Buddhism. Soon, Saint Zhunti would personally press Dipankara Buddha to come and give an explanation to the guests of the wizarding world.

In this regard, Locke and other wizard alliance powerhouses gladly agreed.


Xianyu, outside the solar realm.

The burning hot Fire Element particles and the strong Light God force in the surrounding starry sky interact with each other, making this the place with the worst environment and energy fluctuations on the fairyland battlefield.

Light God family base camp.

Team after team of angels flew out of the White Light Sect. After a brief confirmation of the current situation, under the leadership of more advanced angels, they rushed to the front line of the battlefield.

At this time, there are mainly two forces fighting the angels, Buddhism and Monster Race.

As a medium-sized Cultivation World that provides the Great Desolate World with light and heat, the Sun Realm is of great value to Great Desolate World.

And here is the Place of Origin of many Monster Races. For example, the former Monster Sovereign Emperor Jun and Donghuang Tai one or two quasi-sage Demonic beasts were born in the sun world and accompanied by the top Innate Spirit Treasure Primal Chaos Bell.

The status of the Sun Realm in many Demonic beasts in mind is not much worse than Monster Realm and Great Desolate World, because it represents the Peak that their ethnic group has reached.

Therefore, whether it is Buddhism or Monster Race, they have tried their best to resist the invasion.

In the temporary temple, the military angel Solent appeared in front of the Eternal Lord.

The Eternal Lord at this time is not its body, but just an Avatar.

As for the ontology of the Eternal Lord, at this time, he is still fighting Taiqing Laozi in Chaos Void.

As the Light God clan army penetrated into the two realms of Sun and Lunar, the power of resistance erupted in the fairyland reached its maximum.

On the fierceness of the battlefield, the two most fierce battlefields in Xianyu today should be the two large and medium-sized worlds, Tianshu Realm and Celestial Demon World.

As for the deepest areas of the battlefield, there is nothing more than the two medium-sized planes of the Solar Realm and the Lunar Realm.

As the ‘sun’ and ‘moon’ of the Great Desolate World, when the Light God tribe successfully breaks through the two realms of the sun and the lunar, it also means that they will finally reach the core of the fairyland—the Great Desolate World.

But at this moment, under the premise that more than 60% of the main forces are trapped in Celestial Demon World and Tianshu Realm, the pioneer troops of the Light God clan have already reached the Sun and Lunar realms, but they are still unable to advance.

If you want to ask when the Light God clan can reach Great Desolate World, the answer may be that there will never be a chance.

The loss in the early stage of the Fairyland War was actually mainly attributed to the inattention of several Saint courts, and the two seven-level existences of Heavenspan Cult Lord and Empress Nuwa did not immediately enter the battlefield.

As the war potential of the top civilization of Xianyu has been fully developed, now if you ride a tiger, it’s hard to get off has become the Light God clan.

“The eternal military leader, is there still no news about Supreme God and the blood angel Sally?” Military angel Solent respectfully asked.

The turning point in the battle of the Light God family now lies in Supreme God and the twelve-winged blood angel Sally.

Especially the Supreme God with the eighth-level Peak strength and the civilization Supreme Treasure Revelation.

With him coming forward, whether it is to continue to open up the fairyland battlefield, or the rapids to retreat and reap the rewards, to maintain the current war proceeds, and to deal with the hidden dangers that occur in other Star Domain behind the Light God family. Shiwei.

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