Heimarian Odyssey Chapter 2957

Facing the inquiry of the military angel Solent, the Eternal Lord’s facial expression grave shook the head.

“In my perception, we are very close to Supreme God and the blood angel Sally, but they seem to exist in another space, and I cannot capture their breath.” The Lord replied .

After hearing the answer of the Lord, the expression of the military angel Solent is also a bit heavy.

In the case of Supreme God and the blood angel Sally, the two were impossible to leave the frontline battlefield for 800 years for no reason.

In addition, when Supreme God left, he once said that he felt a great pressure on the lifeform of the immortal domain, but he failed to return to the base camp of the Light God clan for so long, and was intercepted by the top lifeform of the immortal domain.

When Solent lowered his head to meditate on the countermeasures, he didn’t know that the matter was actually more serious than he thought.

The Supreme God, who holds the Supreme Treasure Revelation of civilization and possesses the eighth-level Peak strength, is fortunate to say, but the twelve-wing blood angel Sally, the life sense passed back 300 years ago was gradually weak, and it was a hundred years ago , Even disappeared directly!

When using the big prophecy to perceive that the blood angel Sally is very likely to fall, the shock of the Eternal Lord’s heart cannot be added.

He knew that the blood angel acted with Supreme God back then. With Supreme God on his side, the blood angel Sally could fall. What kind of powerful existence they faced at this time.

And the fall of the blood angel is also the latest lifeform of the Light God clan that has fallen since fifty thousand years ago and the conflict with the Demon Realm, hell, and anti-Light God clan alliances has deepened.

Although in the past tens of thousands of years, the Light God family has emerged two new lifeforms, the Lord of Glory and the Lord of Yonghui, but the Light God family has a big business and some can’t bear it. The main god who lived so frequently fell. (Longitudinal first release)

Compared with blood angels, Supreme God is more important to the Light God family!

This is also the reason why the Lord of Eternity has already made a living and retired, but has to continue to fight the fairyland.

He needs to wait until Supreme God gets rid of the entanglement of the immortal domain Xeon before making any other decisions.

The Eternal Lord does not believe that Supreme God will also fall, because only at the eighth level like him will he know how close Supreme God is to Level 9.

Even Martial Lunatic, the Lord of Endlessness, who likes war, once said that he is not an opponent of Supreme God.

The Infinite Lord is now the main force of the Light God clan against Demon Realm and hell.

In those two battlefields, the only creatures above level 7 are the Lord of Endlessness and Michael the Archangel.

Under the premise that the number of creatures above level 7 is uneven, the Light God clan still acts as the active attacker, while Hell and Demon Realm with more creatures of level 7 can only passively defend.

Archangel long Michael is strong, but it has not reached this level.

It is the Lord of Endlessness who really suppresses Demon Realm and Hell to death.

According to rumors, the Lord of the Endless and the Lord of the fallen stars are best friends.

In the past tens of thousands of years, the Lord of Endlessness has been in the battlefield of Hell and Demon Realm all year round. In addition to satisfying his desire to fight, he also has the meaning of avenging the Lord of the Stars.

“Let’s hold on for a while, I have a hunch, Supreme God, they should be back soon.” The Avatar of the Lord murmured.

“Yes.” The military angel Solent replied.


Two years later, he returned to Metaverse.

I was cultivating Locke in the Guiyuan mountain range, and suddenly felt a thunderstorm.

I saw endless pitch black thunderclouds gathering on the top of Guiyuan Mountain. The concentration of its condensed energy was so high that even Locke, the Fifth Level Peak lifeform, felt heart palpitations and shock.

Without explanation, Locke flew straight to the top of Yuanshan Mountain.

At the same time, dozens of streams of light also gathered from all around Guiyuanjie. Each of these streamers represents at least one Fifth Level lifeform.

Want to come is also attracted by the Thunder Tribulation on the top of Guiyuan Mountain.

“Well, who is this crossing the robbery? Why do I feel even more amazing than when I broke through the realm.” A sixth-level Golden Immortal surprisedly said.

“Could it be that someone is a breakthrough quasi-sage?” Another sixth-level Golden Immortal speculated, his words can not hide the envy.

“No, this is not a human robbery, but a weapon robbery born of the Supreme Treasure the day after tomorrow!” At this time, a sixth-level Golden Immortal who knew the goods said.

Reminiscing that Yuqing Saint arrived at Guiyuan Realm with his discipline two years ago, it is not difficult to guess who made this amazing Supreme Treasure.

Ignoring these few gossips about the Golden Immortal stationed by the Yuanjie, Locke took the lead and flew to a place closer to the top of the mountain than these Golden Immortal.

Here is surrounded by thunder arcs and is full of dangers. Locke dared to come so close, naturally because of the seventh-level wizard Douglas standing in front of him.

“Master.” Locke greeted respectfully.

nodded, said Glass sighed, “This Immortal Realm’s refining methods are indeed much higher than the magical alchemy level of our wizard world. If I am not mistaken, the Yuqing Heavenly Lord of Primordial Beginning should It’s borrowing the core Rule Power of this plane to help you quench that long spear.”

The surging and jumping thunder arcs around in the sky are actually the product of Guiyuanjie Rule Power.

Douglas usually conducts experiments or refining magic guides in the laboratory.

It is the first time that even Douglas has mobilized the Rule Power of an entire medium-sized world for his own use.

However, Douglas is not prepared to learn from the technique of Heavenly Lord of Primordial Beginning.

Or in other words, even if Douglas uses similar abilities in the future, he will never use it in the wizarding world.

It is obvious that Heavenly Lord of Primordial Beginning’s forcibly drawing the power of the plane will cause irreparable damage to the Guiyuan Realm.

Fortunately, there is no plane will in Gui Yuanjie. If there is a plane will, what appears to Locke and the others at this time, in addition to the grand scene of thunderclouds and arcs, there should also be a free position. Face the pain and cry of will!

“Click!” A thick thunderbolt fell from the sky and hit the top of Guiyuan Mountain.

If you observe carefully, you will find that there is a long spear illusory shadow in the endless deep blue lightning.

The quenching of Thor’s Gun has finally reached the most critical period!

“hong long long!” In the thick pitch black dark clouds, the thunderbolt sound is endless.

Under the gaze of Locke’s anticipation, Douglas’ curiosity, and the envy of the cultivator of the fairyland, a golden long spear has become more and more eye-catching in the infinite Thunder Tribulation.


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