Heimarian Odyssey Chapter 2958

When I saw Thor’s gun again, the appearance of this rod that had been equipped with Locke for thousands of years had changed drastically.

The gun body that was once deep blue is now replaced by golden.

Also, most of the arcs floating on the surface of Thor’s gun are white golden.

The sharp tip of the gun gives people a strong sense of sharpness. According to Yuqing’s Heavenly Lord of Primordial Beginning, this is the tip of a gun he imitated with the appearance of a divine spear.

As a demon ancestor in ancient times, it is said that he once competed with Dao ancestor Hongjun. The weapons of the demon ancestor Luo Hu, such as the divine spear, the God Exterminating Sword, the ten Grade 2 destruction of the Black Lotus, and the Supreme Treasure, are all lost. trace.

Yuqing Heavenly Lord of Primordial Beginning is able to know the appearance of the divine spear, and it also depends on what he was one of Hongjun’s Direct Disciples when he heard the Tao at Purple Heaven Palace, and he had outstanding performance in refining. Only then did Hongjun get a little introduction about the divine spear.

“This treasure is returned to the Strength of Thunder Tribulation of the Metaverse. In addition to the extremely strong Grand Dao Law power, there is also a trace of the essence of the divine spear in it, so it can be regarded as a one A cutting tool.”

“Now it’s in your hands, I hope you don’t do too many murders with this treasure.” After handing the brand-new Thor’s Spear to Locke’s hands, Yuqing warned Heavenly Lord of Primordial Beginning.

Although the fairyland cultivator is walking the heavens-defying road of cultivation, most of these fairyland cultivators don’t like to kill too much.

This is also a person who is full of evil, and is often given the title of evil cultivator or devil in Xianyu, and everyone is punishable by the righteous cultivator.

“Many thanks Saint, Junior knows about it.” Locke took the Thor’s gun and replied respectfully.

In addition to Thor’s Spear, the Thunder God Armor, which has already been refined by Yuqing Heavenly Lord of Primordial Beginning, also appeared. Latitude and longitude first

The overall changes in Thunder God Armor are not big. After all, Heavenly Lord of Primordial Beginning does not understand the so-called technological civilization system. His enhancement of Thunder God Armor is limited to increasing the hardness of the metal shell of Thunder God Armor.

At this time, the Thunder God Armor is silver white. According to Yuqing Heavenly Lord of Primordial Beginning, he refined a pool of Yuehua Jingjing, and then directly poured that Yuehua Jingjing on the surface of Thunder God Armor. Can be completed.

In terms of the difficulty of refining, Thunder God Armor can be regarded as the least technical equipment that Heavenly Lord of Primordial Beginning has produced in recent epochs.

But that Chi Yuehua Jingjing is not ordinary, except for many precious minerals unique to Xianyu

Spirit material has been added. Yuqing Heavenly Lord of Primordial Beginning has also added a lot of top refinement materials that he can purify at Saint Level 1.

The Thunder God Armor, which has been poured and reinforced by the Yuehua Jingjing, has extremely strong defensive power on the surface, which is the quasi-holy powerhouse. It may not be able to break through the defense in a short time.

In addition, Yuehua Jingjing is also a kind of memory metal, with its own recovery ability. After each battle, Locke only needs to provide a large amount of moonlight power to accelerate the repair of the Thunder God Armor shell.

As for the internal damage of Thunder God Armor…it’s nothing to Guan Yuqing Saint.

The tangled and complicated lines and energy panels, even Yuqing Saint looked a bit confusing.

Unless you obtain the complete knowledge system of scientific and technological civilization, it is also impossible to create something from nothing. It is impossible to create something from nothing, and to build a ten thousand zhang high building without a foundation.

In other words, even if it is a seventh-level creature, it can’t be called the word ‘God’. Even though their lifespan is endless, they have things they can’t do.

Even Douglas himself said more than once that looking at the boundless star realm, they are just a drop in the ocean, insignificant.


The Thunder’s Gun can be upgraded to the level of world-class artifacts, and Locke is naturally overjoyed.

The same changes in Thunder God Armor also made Locke very satisfied. At least he doesn’t need to worry about repairing his deeply damaged armor after each battle.

It’s a pity that Locke’s joy can not be shared by many intimate people.

Because cultivators such as Nezha left Guiyuan Realm more than half a year ago, they went to help on the frontline combat plane where the quasi-sheng Guangcheng Zi of the interpreter currently sits.

But the good news is that Nezha and the others will return soon, and those who will arrive at Guiyuan Realm together with Nezha and the others, and Buddhism, Saint.


Six months later, amidst the vigorous sounds of the Buddha, Buddhist Zhunti Saint arrived at Guiyuan Realm with the Buddhist Three Thousand Jialou and the monks.

I originally thought that under the premise that the war in the fairyland was so tense, Buddhism quasi-proposed that Saint was mostly the Avatar coming, but didn’t expect this time it was the main body.

And the arrival time of the other party to return to Yuanjie was a little later than the expected time.

In the great hall on the top of Guiyuan Mountain, Zhunti Saint is facing the two seven-level existences of Yuqing Heavenly Lord of Primordial Beginning and Douglas with a sad face.

Don’t think that you are wronged when you mention Saint, but that the other person was born like this.

And by virtue of his honor, the great Desolate who heard the Dao in Purple Heaven Palace were deceived by their appearance.

Of course, to mention the honor of Saint, the word ‘sorrow’ is not suitable for people’s current rank and status.

In the widespread propaganda of Buddhism, Zhun mention Saint has always appeared in the image of “compassionate” and “compassionate to all beings”.

“Senior Brother, this time it is indeed my Buddhism Dipankara’s fault, so Junior Brother is here to sue Fellow Daoist of Wizarding World.” As soon as we met, Zhun said Saint proactively.

The friendly attitude of the other party and sincerity of admitting mistakes made Locke unexpected.

But Locke also noticed one thing, that is, among the numerous Buddhist cultivators led by Zhunti Saint, Locke not at all saw the silhouette of the Buddha of Dipankara.

Not only the Dipankara Buddha, but even the two Arhats of the Dragon and the Tiger who fought together in the Underworld, and the Bodhisattva and Locke of the Great Principle Golden Immortal realm.

It is obvious that the other party’s attitude of admitting mistakes is not as friendly as he appears on the surface.

“Oh? What is the Junior Brother going to do with Dipankara? How is it going to compensate the Fellow Daoist of the wizard world?” Yuqing Saint asked immediately, and tied Douglas, who has level 7 strength, together.

Because of the relationship between listening to the aisle together in Purple Heaven Palace, and several Great Desolate Saints are called Hongjun’s discipline, so in order to get closer to each other, the Saints are all based on senior and junior The brothers match.

Yuqing Saint’s inquiry made it difficult for Zhun to mention Saint.

Especially after arriving in the Guiyuan Realm, Zhunti Saint discovered that the wizard’s world’s seven-level powerhouse seemed to have a better cultivation than her own, and it even made Zhunti Saint’s shirk or plan to make a short time.

A long time later, Zhunzi Saint replied, “Then Dipankara, I will ask him to go to the Western Heavenly Bliss world to learn about the two epochs of Buddhism for punishment. As for the Supreme Treasure of the wizard world, he is the original owner. .”

Douglas did not say anything to Zhunti Saint’s answer, but Yuqing Saint chuckled lightly.


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