Heimarian Odyssey Chapter 2959

In the face of Yuqing Saint’s ridiculous chuckle, Zhun said that Saint’s face was even more unbearable.

But this Buddhism Saint has always been known for his cheeky, so in the end there was nothing to express.

Yuqing Saint can be considered to have a deep understanding of Zhizhi, and after a moment of pretending indulgence, he then continued to say, “The Mysterious Immortal Peak Level creature of the wizard world was indeed killed by Dipankara’s sneak attack, but it was not an explanation. Accidentally injured.”

“With the help of Junior Brother, you should also be able to deduce the truth.”

“So I think Dipankara must give the Fellow Daoist of the wizarding world an explanation, not just practise for two epochs in your western heaven.”

“Apart from this, the wizard world lost an acquired Supreme Treasure and the loss of a Mysterious Immortal Peak Level creature, Junior Brother, you should also make some compensation. Only in this way can you show my immortal magnanimity and establish us The friendship between the two world civilizations.”

Yuqing Saint’s words to protect the wizard world will make Locke and other wizard world powerhouses in the great hall of Guiyuan very useful.

Locke originally had a close relationship with Nezha, so he had a good impression of Chanjiao.

The 7th-level educator in front of him not only sacrificed the Thor suit for him, but also acted as the master of the wizard world, and won the favor of the powerhouses of the wizard world.

Of course, the goodwill mentioned here only represents the powerhouse of the wizarding alliance headed by Locke.

For example, at this time, the two-eyed god and the hundred-armed god who were both in the great hall were very moved by this.

Zeus is the Divine King of the Titan World anyway, and the Scepter of the Gods is also the treasure of the Titan World. A Divine King plus a world-class secret treasure is gone like this. The Cyclops and Hundred Arms are naturally reluctant to take it easy accept. (Longitudinal first release)

Only Douglas has always been an unperturbed appearance. Although Yuqing Heavenly Lord of Primordial Beginning protects the wizarding world, old fogey’s face is always a faint smile from beginning to end, which makes people unclear. Its true inner thoughts.

In the face of Yuqing Saint’s verbal run, and Douglas, whose strength and cultivation are a little deeper than his own, the sorrow of Saint’s face is gradually replaced by embarrassment and entanglement.

The two Saints of Buddhism originally depended on their senior and junior brothers to advance and retreat together.

So although Buddhism took away many disciplines of the interpretation and interception of the two religions during the Great Tribulation, the two Saints of Buddhism were not afraid.

Because of the current situation of the two teachings to explain and cut off, absolutely there is no possibility of joining forces. Including the relationship between Yuqing Heavenly Lord of Primordial Beginning and Shangqing Heavenspan Cult Lord, and because of the breakdown of Immortal Beheading Sword Formation and Wanxian Formation, it has completely reached the freezing point.

Regarding the ability to fight alone, the two Saints are not the opponents of Heavenly Lord of Primordial Beginning and Heavenspan Cult Lord.

Heavenspan Cult Lord owns Immortal Beheading Four Swords. In the case of one-to-one, it is their First Senior Brother Supreme Purity Saint Lao Tzu who does not necessarily stabilize each other.

And Heavenly Lord of Primordial Beginning has the Peak Innate Spirit Treasure-an ancient banner.

In the entire Great Desolate World, Innate Spirit Treasure, which can be compared with the ancient banner mention on equal terms, only the East Emperor Bell, which was missing after Lich’s catastrophe, and the gossip picture in the hands of the Supreme Purity Saint.

The predecessors of these three Innate Spirit Treasures, combined into one is the civilization Supreme Treasure Pangu Axe.

This shows the strength of Heavenly Lord of Primordial Beginning.

Therefore, if the Saints of Xianyu are ranked by strength, the Taiqing Laozi with an eight-level Life Level will undoubtedly rank first, followed by Heavenspan Cult Lord holding Immortal Beheading Four Swords, and then holding the ancient banner. Heavenly Lord of Primordial Beginning from treasures such as Jade Ruyi and Sanbao.

The strength of quasi-promotion and introduction of the two Buddhist Saints is only slightly stronger than that of Nuwa, who is sanctified by virtue.

But Nuwa Saint is the Little Junior Sister of everyone, and has always had a pretty good relationship with several Saints. Since the Great Desolate period of the ancient times, the Saints have not seen how Empress Nuwa turned their faces with others. The number of shots is even rarer.

If only Yuqing Heavenly Lord of Primordial Beginning or Douglas is one of them, it is natural to mention Saint.

But if these two people have reached a consensus and formed an alliance, even if they have two Saints, they have to weigh the consequences carefully.

Of course, Yuqing Heavenly Lord of Primordial Beginning made an all-out effort to maintain the wizarding world. It is not ruled out that there is a single reason. He wanted to take the opportunity to target the Dipankara Buddha.

On the hatred of Dipankara, Yuqing Heavenly Lord of Primordial Beginning had a lot of grievances as early as the end of the Great Tribulation.

In the face of Yuqing Heavenly Lord of Primordial Beginning refuse to yield an inch, as well as the seventh-level wizard Douglas’s profound mystery, plus Locke, One-Eyed God, Hundred Arms God and other wizarding alliance powerhouses are beside Speaking of injustice, Zhun mentioning Saint had to change his words this time.

It is obviously not advisable to kill Dipankara Buddha and pay it to the wizard world.

Anyway, Dipankara Buddha is also a quasi-sage powerhouse. In this world where strength is respected, it is not good to say, even if he is bully the weak killing Zeus, what can he do?

The most unhelpful thing is to usher in that’s all that’s all that is being questioned and condemned by wizards such as Douglas and the world powerhouse.

Divine King Zeus has the wizard world as the backstage. Isn’t there no Dipankara Buddha?

As the more important ‘past Buddha’ of Buddhism, and the nameless Vice-Sect Master, Zhun mentions and introduces how the two Saints can sit back and watch the Dipankara Buddha being suppressed by the seven-level existence of Yuqing Saint and the wizard world.

Needless to say, in the war against the invasion of the Light God tribe, famous Buddhist cultivators such as Maitreya Buddha, Fudo Myojin, and Garuda have fallen successively. The appearance of Buddhism, which looks prosperous and prosperous, is also called this time in the war. The loss was heavy.

Of course, in terms of loss, it must be no better than this Yuqing Saint.

But I think that Yuqing Saint suffered heavy losses in this war, so he chose to cooperate with these ‘outsiders’ of the Wizarding World.

I just don’t know how far this Yuqing Senior Brother and Wizard World cooperation has progressed.

I glanced back and forth on Heavenly Lord of Primordial Beginning and Douglas, Zhun said that Saint finally clenching one’s teeth and said, “I have a Buddhist Relic, which was left by the Direct Disciple Maitreya after its silencing.”


“I think this thing is related to Douglas Fellow Daoist. I wonder if Fellow Daoist can forgive Dipankara’s previous recklessness.” Zhunti Saint said, and at the same time, a bead radiating golden light appeared in his hand. .

Relic is a cultivation product unique to Buddhism cultivator, which is roughly equivalent to inner core, magic pill or magic crystal.

But different from other inner cores, magic crystals, etc., not all Buddhist cultivators will condense Relic, and only those monks with great virtue and great virtue will retain Relic after silencing.

Maitreya Buddha, as the’future Buddha’ of Buddhism, although the realm is only the late period of Great Principle Golden Immortal, its status in Buddhism is surpassed by the overwhelming majority Buddha and Bodhisattva.

If nothing happens, Maitreya Buddha will become a quasi-sage powerhouse in the future. It is a certainty. Unfortunately, this time he has fallen in the war against the invasion of evil spirits outside the territory.

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