Heimarian Odyssey Chapter 2960

Seeing the golden Relic in Zhunti Saint’s hands, Douglas’s eyes lighted up imperceptibly.

And Yuqing Heavenly Lord of Primordial Beginning’s expression has also changed.

However, his expression changes, but most of them are contemptuous.

Maitreya Buddha was also his Direct Disciple anyway. The only relic after his fall, sarira, was so easily given away by him, and or for he made up for the fault of the Buddha of Dipankara!

Yuqing Heavenly Lord of Primordial Beginning also has many sect members and disciples, but he believes that he absolutely cannot mention Saint so shameless.

Including the four Direct Disciples of Manjusri, Fuxian, Cihang, and detaining Sun who came out of apostasy, Yuqing Heavenly Lord of Primordial Beginning Although they did have great irritation and complaints, they were even more exposed to the Heavenly Lord of Primordial What Beginning denounced was the Dipankara Buddha who bewitched them to apostasy.

In the final analysis, Yuqing Heavenly Lord of Primordial Beginning and Manjusri, Samantabhadra, Cihang, and detaining Sun were also masters and disciples. Even though they switched to other teachings, the master and disciple status in that match was No fake.

When the four of Manjusri apostasy came out, they also gave their first salute in the Kunlun Mountains in order to be ashamed of their teacher.

They switched to Buddhism just to find Dao’ in their hearts.

Because of the magic of Buddhism, it seems to be more applicable to them.

In fact, after Manjusri, Samantabhadra, Cihang, and Detention Sun turned to Buddhism, their strength and realm have indeed increased significantly in the next one or two epochs.

Especially the one who was formerly known as Cihangdao and is now Bodhisattva Guanyin, has even broken through the original realm and achieved quasi-sage!

In terms of strength alone, without mentioning treasure, I am afraid that the first disciple Guang Cheng Zi and the fallen Heavenly Lord of Primordial Beginning second disciple Chijing Zi, are not as high as the realm currently achieved by Bodhisattva Guanyin. (First issue in Latitude and Longitude)

Of course, realm is not the same as strength.

With the Heaven Overturning Seal in hand, Guang Chengzi’s strength still has to overwhelm Bodhisattva Guanyin, the former Junior Brother (or Junior Sister?).

No matter how high Bodhisattva Guanyin’s Huigen is, she can’t become a world-class secret treasure out of thin air.

In addition, the predecessor of Buddhism was originally a Western religion, and Western religion has always been known for its ‘poverty’ and ‘bitter cold’.

Together with Buddhist Three Sects masters like Dipankara Buddha, they used the disgraceful means of the Great Tribulation to snatch the Innate Spirit Treasure from the Section Cult quasi-sage Zhao Gongming.

Then it is only the Guanyin of Bodhisattva realm, how can it be possible to get the precious Innate Spirit Treasure or the acquired Supreme Treasure.

A sarira of a sixth-level creature was sent, Zhun said that Saint himself should have sorted out the cause and effect.

After all, the fallen Divine King Zeus is only Fifth Level Peak strength, while the sarira of Maitreya Buddha is a sixth-level creature from the genuine.

And the Buddhist cultivator of the fairyland is very different from the Taoist cultivator that Douglas knew before.

At least this condenses the sarira doorway, Douglas is very interested in it.

However, what Ling Zhunti Saint did not expect was that the wizard of the world, a seventh-level wizard, not at all, chose to expose the matter so easily.

“At that time, our wizard world sent a team headed by Locke Knight to Xianyu. The purpose was to get along with the civilization of Xianyu and send back Nezha and other Qingyang cultivators.”

“However, Zeus fell into the fairyland for no reason, and caused the loss of the world-class scepter of the gods. I think in addition to this sarira, we should also listen to Locke Knight or other members of the wizarding alliance.” Douglas slowly said.

In Douglas’s words, there is no arrogance that a seventh-level creature should have. It is like an old man who loves Junior. The words are full of words about Locke and the group of wizards under his command. Fourth, fifth level creatures. meaning.

Originally, the protection of the Heavenly Lord of Primordial Beginning of Yuqing moved the “suffer masters” such as the One-Eyed God and the Hundred-Armed God. This Douglas’s remarks gave them a sense of belonging to the Wizarding Alliance. Sense and identity.

Also as Douglas’s voice fell, everyone in the great hall focused their attention on Locke and the members of the Wizarding League behind him.

These few wizard alliance Fifth Level Peak powerhouse who came to the fairyland with them are all human spirits who have lived for tens of thousands of years or more.

Perhaps the well-developed Hundred Arms God does not understand these worldly affections, but the one-eyed God of rigorous schemes and deep foresight and Andariel, the scheming queen of spitefulness, are well versed in the smooth way.

Single Eyed God said, “Locke, as our leader, is enough to represent us.”

“I listen to Locke Knight.” Andariel, the spiteful queen, is more direct.

The Fifth Level cyborg of the Norman Federation flashed the yellow rays of light in the pupils, and also said the same answer as the Cyclops and the Spiteful Queen.

There are currently many powerhouses in the Wizarding Alliance, and there are hundreds of planes participating in this alliance.

But overall, the three biggest forces in the alliance are still the Dark Star Domain, Titan Divine Race, and the Norman Federation.

The Baleful Queen and the others are also enough to represent the three powers that suffered heavy losses during the last trip to the fairyland.

They give Locke the right to seek justice, which is to hold Locke and sell him.

It is also hoped that Locke can really benefit from the two seventh-level creatures, Douglas and Heavenly Lord of Primordial Beginning.

Otherwise, the words of the lowly carry little weight are just the strength of Fifth Level Peak, and they may not attract Buddhism to Saint.

So, everyone in the great hall once again focused their sights on Locke.

Originally, because Thor’s Spear passed Thunder Tribulation and achieved a world-class artifact, Locke had already made a big splash in Guiyuanjie.

This time I was raised by the three Saints, and it made all the people in the fairyland in the great hall remember this Mysterious Immortal Peak Level alien creature.

For example, in the great hall below, Third Prince Ne Zha, who teaches Core Disciple, looks at Locke with envy and jealousy.

The fact that Thor’s Spear has become a world-class treasure, Nezha only learned about it after returning to the Guiyuan Realm not long ago.

Originally, she wanted to find a reason and asked Locke to ask for Thor’s Spear to play with it, but before she had time to act, she was called to this great hall by the master Saint.

Looking at this scene now, it seems that Locke can not only get a world-class artifact from Yuqing Heavenly Lord of Primordial Beginning, but also some things from Saint Zhunti?

The Western teachings of ‘poverty’ and ‘bitter cold’ are only relative terms. Perhaps those quasi-saint-level powers may feel that Buddhism cultivation has insufficient resources, but this definitely does not include Locke, which is only Fifth Level Peak Life Level.

Faced with Saint’s gaze, Locke finally stood up to the pressure and said, “Never mind the normal cultivation resources and Spirit Stone materials, but there are two kinds of strange fires in the fairyland that are extremely important to me, and I hope Saint can give them. “

When I heard that Locke didn’t want to cultivate resources and Spirit Stone materials, Zhun said Saint’s expression was obviously relaxed.

But Locke mentioned two kinds of different fires, but Zhun Ti slightly raised his interest.

“Oh? Abnormal fire? Which two types of abnormal fire do you want?” Quasi asked.

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