Heimarian Odyssey Chapter 2963

Four months later, Return to Origin was outside the bounds.

In the end, it was not Locke’s turn to send Nezha away, but he and the others had to leave Xianyu first.

In this trip to the fairyland, both Locke and the wizard world achieved their original goals.

The upgrade of Ginseng Fruit, Two Surefires, and Thor’s Spear is the biggest gain of Locke’s trip.

Apart from this, recovering the scepter of the gods also allows the wizard world to have an explanation to the Titan world.

At any rate, they are all my own little brothers. There are living examples of Titan World. The two medium-sized world civilizations, the Dark Star Domain and the Norman Federation, will be able to rest assured in the process of selling their lives to the Wizard World in the future.

When Locke and the others came, there was very little movement and no show at all.

But when I left, it attracted the overwhelming majority top cultivator from Return to Origin to send it off.

The two Saint level existences of Heavenly Lord of Primordial Beginning and Zhun Ti Buddha in Yuqing, Foreign Domain in the sky seemed to blink incomparably at this time.

One sits on the Jiulong agarwood, with the Three Treasures Jade Ruyi beside him; the other sits on the lotus platform, holding the Seven Treasure Tree.

The two Saints are sect members and disciple belonging to the Major Sect school of Chan and Buddha.

Apart from this, there are also some Loose Cultivator and a small number of Section Cult cultivator.

Locke’s attention at this time is mostly on Nezha. Of course, the old acquaintance of Golden light Immortal Zhu Peiniang has not fallen.

Chong Nezha and the others waved their hands, and Locke immediately followed Douglas and entered a space channel opened by him.

It’s a pity that I didn’t see Princess Iron Fan on this trip to the fairyland. According to Nezha, Princess Iron Fan has returned to the Asura army led by the Netherworld River Old Ancestor.

Originally Locke broke through to level 6, and the iron fan Princess’ palm-leaf fan can also provide him with a lot of help.

But from the current point of view, it is regrettable that it is missing. I can only wait for the next meeting before discussing and researching. (First issue in Latitude and Longitude)

There is no perfect thing in the world. The lack of palm-leaf fan does not affect Locke’s promotion to level 6.

If it is said that Locke was newly promoted to Level 4 from a demigod, it was mainly based on Law of Wind. So this time promotion to the sixth level, as the power of Locke’s core law, is transformed into the law of emotions.

Every wizard at world Level 4 and above Knight has taken a different path of his own, and Knight who has reached Fifth Level and even level 6 is a living legend. For example, the sword saint Karel who has reached the sixth level of realm, the opponent’s cultivation Battle Qi is also Wind Attribute Battle Qi, but who can see how close Locke is to the opponent.

Even during the battle, the fighting styles of Locke and Sword Master Karel are quite different.

If the Swordsman Karel is a smart, elegant breeze, then Locke, which turned the Destroyer into a form, is a rough and wild hurricane.

The two sides went completely to two extremes.


Moving forward in the space channel is always so boring and boring.

Back in the day, when Locke crossed the space channel for the first time, he was curious and fascinated because of the blurred colors in the space channel and the mottled Time and Space Strength.

But now, Locke, who is used to space channel, feels a touch of numbness and boredom when he looks at the colorful Time and Space Strength around him.

Fortunately, crossing the space channel on this trip is not lonely. In addition to the spiteful queen Andariel and Cyclops and the others can chat to pass the time, the seventh-level wizard Douglas also has many questions to ask Locke.

“You ask for the Supreme-Yin True Fire, should it be for the Guardian of the Moon?” Walking at the end of the line, Douglas asked side Locke casually.

“Yes, master.” Locke nodded replied.

Douglas nodded slightly, and he had heard about the promotion of the Japanese Guardian to the sixth rank.

It is known that Locke got a group of flames called Supreme-Yang True Fire from Xianyu, which promoted Sun Guardian’s promotion to level 6.

Since there are living examples of the Guardian of the Sun, the Guardian of the Moon can certainly be made in the same way.

The promotion of the two Guardians to the sixth level is much more important than the two common creatures of the wizard world breakthrough.

Not only will the Plane Rule be further improved, but it is possible that a new six-level Peak powerhouse will appear as this opportunity.

Speaking of which, the current strength of the wizard world is somewhat faulty.

The number of Level 4 and Fifth Level powerhouses may have been relatively’shabby’ thousands of years ago, but as the wizarding world has been promoted to a large world, the prime time of plane feedback is coming. Fourth, Fifth Level has emerged in the past few thousand years. Biology has more than doubled compared to before!

However, at the level of sixth-level creatures, there is still a certain gap between the wizarding world and the old large-scale world civilizations.

Especially as the sixth-level Peak entity in the transitional period between the sixth and seventh-level creatures, since Douglas breakthrough to seventh-level, no one has appeared.

This aspect reflects Douglas’ innate talent and wisdom. On the other hand, it is also a shortcoming that the wizard world cannot ignore.

It is impossible for Douglas, a seventh-level creature, to come forward in person every time a major event occurs.

And Sun Moon Guardian’s promotion to Level 6 together may prompt the appearance of one or two Level 6 Peak entities in the wizard world.

After talking about the Guardian of the month, Douglas and Locke mentioned other things.

Just as Locke was about to enter a closed state immediately after returning to Wizarding World, Douglas also gained a lot from this trip.

Not to borrow the “Earth Book” of Zhen Yuanzi Daxian to learn more about the laws of earth veins.

Just talking with Yuqing Heavenly Lord of Primordial Beginning, and later learned some Buddhism principles through Zhunti Saint, Douglas also benefited immensely.

Regarding the retreat and further study time, Douglas, the level 7 creature, probably spent more time than Locke breakthrough to level 6.

So when the time comes, if something happens to the Wizarding World, it is best for the senior leaders of the Wizarding Alliance and the two Guardians to come forward and solve it.

Unless it is a major event that concerns the future and development of civilization, don’t bother Douglas.

“Going back this time, you should also be able to be promoted to the sixth level. Many developments in the wizarding world will be left to you youngsters.” Douglas sighed.

In this regard, Locke respectfully and nodded expressed his commitment.

Achieving Level 6 is not only an improvement of Locke’s strength, but also a comprehensive upgrade of his status and voice in the wizarding world.

At that time, Locke will no longer be a participant in the high-level power circle of the wizarding world, but the leader or even the commander of it.

Since then, he can confidently say that the path and future destiny of the wizarding world civilization are in his hands.

Creating the future is always more honorable and more interesting than following the crowd and listening to others.


A few years later, the wizard world.

The space channel opened by Douglas this time, the corresponding coordinate node, is the city in the sky that is directly connected.

So when Locke and the others walked out of the space channel, they appeared directly above the Sky City.

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