Heimarian Odyssey Chapter 2965

Let the Titan world maintain the status quo, with the status and prestige of the one-eyed god and the hundred-armed god in the Titan world, although it is a bit difficult, it can be done.

Don’t look at these two ancient Titan gods who have not established a god system, but their generations are there, and they can be called the two strongest existences in the Titan world.

Hades and Poseidon, the king of Hades, are stronger, but there is still a significant gap between these two.

In the past, the two were just tired of fighting for power, so they didn’t form a gang in Titan World.

With their strength and seniority, they raised their arms, and one can imagine what kind of wind and rain it will cause in the Titan world.

“I can do this for you, but you need to know that Titan World’s selection of Divine King is not only an internal matter of Titan World, but also…” Mono-Eyed God considered the language.

“I’ll take care of the wizard world!” Locke waved his hand, blocking the words behind Cyclops.

Locke has gotten the top of the wizard world, and Cyclops can be considered a reassurance.

It is only a small matter to help Locke prevent the new Divine King from being elected. Compared with this matter, Cyclops is more concerned about another matter after he and Hundred Arms return to Titan World.

The biggest gain of Xianyu and his party, the one-eyed god and the others was not that [567中文] took back the scepters of the gods, but the Ginseng Fruit gifted by the quasi-sage Zhen Yuanzi.

Although the Wizarding Alliance currently controls the Golden Apple very strictly, it does not mean that the One-Eyed God and the Hundred Arms God have never eaten it.

As early as hundreds of thousands of years ago, the One-Eyed God and the Hundred Arm God had taken a lot of them before the generation of Divine King Uranus was entrapped.

At that time, the four people with the greatest power in Titan World were Uranus, Gaia, the One-Eyed God, and the Hundred Arms God.

Therefore, the number of golden apples swallowed by the One-Eyed God and the Hundred Arms God is not as simple as one or two. (First issue in latitude and longitude)

However, any spirit material has its upper limit. For example, when the two Titan Gods, the Cyclops and the Hundred Arms, take Golden Apple, they can only enjoy the instant recovery effect on the injury, but they cannot get other benefit.

The Ginseng Fruit that was just obtained can give two ancient Titan gods unexpected benefits.

These two ancient generations of Titan gods have already reached the Peak of their own strength.

It is lifespan that bothers them now.

Tartaros’ life in captivity has wiped out the Life Power of the Cyclops and Hundred Arms. This is why they have been out of trouble for thousands of years, but they have not been able to take the last step.

The emergence of Ginseng Fruit can be described as a vast clear spring in the endless desert.

I am afraid that even Douglas didn’t expect that this trip to the fairyland will actually promote the appearance of two sixth-level Titan gods to the Wizarding League.

With the one-eyed god and the hundred-armed god covered by it, Locke’s wife and children in Titan World are naturally worry-free.

Even because there is no Divine King in power, the power and status of Hera, the god queen and Guardian, will be further strengthened!

Sending away the One-Eyed God and Hundred Arms God, Locke looked towards Andariel, the Baleful Queen.

“Have you considered this time?” Locke asked, referring to the price he had negotiated with the Baleful Queen before going to the Immortal Realm.

“Think about it, I’m willing to sign a contract with you. But let’s say it first, the time limit is only 20,000 years.” Andariel, the spiteful queen, replied.

During the trip to Xianyu, the many six-level creatures of Xianyu and the two seven-level existences made Andariel, the Demon King born and raised in the dark Star Domain, realize his insignificance.

In this world, there is only strength.

Although 20,000 years is long, it is not too long compared to the long lifespan possessed by sixth-level creatures.

Although the acquisition of Ginseng Fruit was a surprise to Andariel. But in order to ensure that you can smoothly promote to the sixth level, it is best to swallow the body of the sixth-level centipede demon Purdue Cihang, so that you can be foolproof.

After hearing the answer from the Queen of Spite, Locke’s mouth shows a smile “Of course!”


Let Andariel, the spiteful queen, wait in Starport for a while, while Locke returns to the wizard world.

Off the western archipelago, on the medium-sized island where the insect race inhabits, Locke retrieved the Purdue Cihang corpse from the insect race base, which still contained extremely high flesh and blood activity.

At this time, Locke’s second daughter Lisa also appeared in front of him, but Locke was more concerned about the two humanoid insect race fighters standing beside Lisa.

“This is?” Locke asked strangely.

These two human insect race fighters both possess Half-God Level battle strength. Their arms are long and narrow and are permeated with cold light sharp blades, which proves that these two Half-God Level insect race fighters are definitely not a display.

“Blade Warrior, the name I took, is it nice!” Lisa said as if offering a treasure.

Then, she explained to Locke the origins of the two Half-God Level Blade Warriors.

The original in-depth analysis of Purdue Cihang’s genetic code enabled the insect race to untie the two layers of genetic shackles on the original basis, but also brought many other changes to the insect race.

For example, more types of insect race fighters, as well as more strong adaptability in harsh environments.

These two blade warriors only represent the newly born individuals of pinnacle.

In addition to the two, this analysis of Purdue Cihang’s genetic code also brings many types of low-level insect beasts, such as centipede and undead worms, to the insect race.

In addition to the strength of Half-God Level, these two blade warriors also possess good wisdom, and they are commander-type insect race warriors.

Insect race Queen Teresa took great pains about this. She hopes that when Lisa takes full control of the insect race in the future and inherits the important task of the development and growth of the star insect race, these blade fighters can share their worries.

(ps: In Lisa’s generation, there is no such thing as the Insects Controlling tribe of the Queen of Blades, Queen, and Insect Mother.

At that time, there was only one Sovereign in the entire insect race, and that was Lisa.

Including the next generation of insect mothers, they can only be reduced to life and breeding tools, so the emergence of blade fighters is necessary.

This is also a manifestation of the evolution mechanism of the insect race. The arrival of a new era will inevitably be accompanied by corresponding great changes. )

“Are there many such blade fighters?” Locke couldn’t help asking.

I have Half-God Level battle strength at birth, and Locke is not very optimistic about their number and difficulty of production.

“Currently there are only two.” Lisa suddenly grimaced, “But Teresa Aunt said that if you can get a lot of Xi crystals, maybe you can produce another batch.”

Nodded, Locke is very optimistic about the new blade warrior produced by the insect race.


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