Heimarian Odyssey Chapter 2966

After delivering the activated flesh and blood corpse of Purdue Cihang to the Baleful Queen, Locke returned to the Wizarding World with a rule contract engraved with the soul of the Baleful Queen Andariel.

Although I wanted to enter the closed-door breakthrough state immediately, Locke knew that he had to deal with all the things at hand first.

Four pieces of Ginseng Fruit were handed over to Christine, Lafite, Angelina, and Joe cheat by Locke.

When I heard from Locke that this is Peak spirit material that is not inferior to the Golden Apple, the eyes of the women were full of brilliance.

“Don’t be eager to be happy, I will soon start to break through level six, this retreat process is likely to last for thousands of years, I hope that when I break through, you will all be promoted to Level 4. “Locke said solemnly.

Locke is now around 8,500 years old, and Angelina and other women are only a few years away from him.

According to the current average lifespan of wizard world Half-God Level creatures at 10,000 years old, Angelina and other women only have about 1,500 years.

So Locke’s heavy and positive expressions at this time are understandable.

If one is not careful, and some women have a breakthrough failure, it may be a life and death separation.

Locke didn’t want it. When he came out of the sixth level of breakthrough, the first news he heard was which of his own women had passed away.

Faced with Locke’s dignity, Angelina was the first to react.

She hasn’t given birth to a son for Locke yet, so naturally she will not fall away easily.

Originally, her breakthrough Level 4 success rate was only 70%. This time with the top spirit material like Ginseng Fruit, the success rate is 90% even if it is not 100%.

“Don’t worry, our sisters will have a successful breakthrough!” Angelina gave Locke a reassurance. (Longitudinal first release)

The situation of Angelina and her daughters are actually the same, including Lafite, who has a poor innate talent. The massive resources consumed over the years are enough to forcibly be stacked to Level 4.

Not to mention, Locke often devotes himself to herself, using Dual Cultivation to beat the bodies of a few women between the bedspreads.

As for Christine, who is on the road of Mowu Dual Cultivation, this girl has eaten a golden apple in addition to Ginseng Fruit.

Apart from this, there are countless other resources absorbed and used. The Red Lotus Karma Fire, one of the Ten Big Divine Fire, is also controlled by Christine.

If you can’t even get promoted to Level 4 like this, then Locke will have nothing to do with it. However, it is precisely because of the absorption of such a massive resource treasure, it is conceivable that once Christine is promoted to Level 4, the increase in strength will increase geometrically.

Maybe Locke can create a ‘child of the plane’ artificially, but not necessarily!

With the assurance of Angelina and other women, Locke’s expression was slightly relaxed.

In fact, in addition to the few women in front of him, there is still a part of Locke’s thoughts that has drifted to the Titan world.

The son who has not yet been born, Locke is afraid that he will not be able to witness the birth of the other party with his own eyes.


Off the mainland of Saint-Loan, Locke met the Guardian of the month.

“Why are you calling me in such a hurry?” The Guardian of the Moon said with a little aversion.

She was inspecting the depths of the Xihai Sea and hurried over after receiving a call from Locke.

Looking at this posture, if Locke doesn’t give himself a reasonable reason, Guardian of the Moon will not easily spare him.

“I’m about to start the sixth level of breakthrough soon, so I hope Master Guardian you can find a place with strong Attribute Law for me in the western archipelago to help my cultivation.” Locke said frankly.

“Huh?!” After listening to Locke’s answer, the Guardian of the month looked surprised and joyful.

The emergence of a new Level 6 creature is self-evident to the wizarding world.

For example, when the Belen emperor Saifeier and the Silver Dragon general Nelson broke through the sixth level, two Guardians personally went there to help motivate the Rule Strength and improve the success rate of each other’s promotion.

According to Locke’s current strength and status, he naturally has this privilege.

Generally, when Fifth Level Peak powerhouses breakthrough level 6, they will report to the Wizarding Alliance in advance, and then the Wizarding Alliance will notify the two Guardians.

It was the first to make such a surprise attack on Locke.

“Are you going to be promoted to the sixth level? This is a good thing!” Guardian of the Moon said with joy.

“Although there are a few spots in the western archipelago, you’d better go with me to the endless South China Sea breakthrough, where there is a place where the wizard’s world’s largest Wind Attribute rules can be found.” Guardian suggested.

Locke shook the head for this, “My breakthrough is at level 6, and the Wind Attribute rules are not too strong for me. If the surrounding Law Force is too strong, it will not be beautiful.”

Locke’s promotion to the sixth level this time mainly relies on the emotional laws of destruction, despair and death contained in the Nether fire, so there is really no need to go to the endless South China Sea.

And being in a breakthrough around the ‘home’ of the Western Islands, Locke can also feel a touch of warmth.

Even if there is no increase in the so-called success rate of promotion, at least he will not feel too lonely in his heart during the breakthrough time of thousands of years.

After listening to Locke’s answer, the Guardian of the Moon was nodded, and immediately took Locke to the place she knew best for Locke breakthrough.

This is a Caspian Sea between the mainland of Missia and the continent of Texa. Looking at it, when the vast ocean reaches the sea, the color of the water changes from azure blue to pitch black ink.

No one knows why this ocean has changed.

The special water quality here has once attracted many Level 2 magicians from the Silent Tower, the Intangible Tower, and the Ice and Fire Tower to find out.

Although the color of the ocean is different, the ecological environment of this Sea Territory has not changed much from the normal Sea Territory. There are still many species and a thriving biological group.

The wizard world fishermen who make a living in this Sea Territory affectionately call it the “Black Sea”.

The breakthrough site where Locke retreats is located in the deepest part of the Black Sea, a natural seabed cave 1500 metres below sea level.

Originally, the special water quality of the Black Sea makes it impossible to see here.

This time Locke dived to a depth of 1500 metres seabed, and even experienced the tranquility and darkness.

The abundant Wind Element and the turbulent Water Element are the main theme of this seabed cave. After following the Guardian of the Moon and arriving here, Locke is very satisfied with the environment he will be in for more than a thousand years.

“When you reach the breakthrough point, I will arrive here early to help you take the last step. This is the treatment every wizard world’s new level 6 creature deserves.” Guardian of the Moon said to Locke.

Similarly, at the moment Guardian of the Moon turned around, Locke took out a glass Clean Jade Bottle from the space ring.

“What is this?” asked Guardian of the month.

Mingming Liuli’s Clean Jade Bottle completely conceals the energy fluctuations of its internal storage materials, but the Guardian of the Moon’s eyes at this time are still motionless staring at the things in Locke’s hands.

“Supreme-Yin True Fire.” Locke replied.


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