Heimarian Odyssey Chapter 2967

I got the Guardian of the Moon gifted by Locke to Supreme-Yin True Fire. At this time, his face was full of smiles that could not be concealed.

Don’t look at the seabed cave here, which is extremely dark, but the Guardian of the Moon continues to emit bursts of white light, giving people a sense of holiness.

The Guardian of the day can be promoted to Level 6 with the Supreme-Yang True Fire. Obviously Guardian of the month can also be used.

Originally, the Supreme-Yang True Fire was given by Locke, but this time he took out the Supreme-Yin True Fire, which is crucial to the promotion of Guardian of the Moon, and Guardian of the Moon did not know how to thank the other party for a while.

Before the month’s Guardian could say thank you, Locke first said, “Guardian, I have one thing I hope you can help.”

“What’s the matter, let’s talk about it.” Guardian of the month said with joy.

As long as there is no request that violates the principle, Guardian of the Month will agree.

Locke is also not embarrassed, and directly expresses the hope that Guardian of the Moon can block the selection of the next generation Divine King at the high-level meeting of the Wizarding League, and let the Titan world maintain the status quo.

Although Locke’s wife, Master Sharapa, was able to raise this matter at a high-level meeting of the Wizarding Alliance, it is obvious that if there is more help from the Guardian of the month, it will be more stable.

In the case of overwhelming majority, Guardian will not interfere too much in the internal affairs and external decision-making of the wizarding world.

However, once Guardian intervenes, their speech weight far exceeds that of ordinary sixth-level creatures.

Although I am very curious why Locke did this, looking at Locke’s determined eyes at this time, Guardian of the Moon nodded subsequently accepted the matter.

Locke, who was promised by the Guardian nodded of the month, immediately breathed a sigh of relief.

It was also after the incident that Locke was able to devote himself to the retreat breakthrough. (Longitudinal first release)


There is no affectionate parting, and no final carnival.

After saying goodbye to the wives of the western islands, and clarifying the facts to some of the lineages of the Knight Palace under his command, Locke went to the depths of the Black Sea for a breakthrough alone.

Angelina and other women all wanted to come to give Locke a ride, but they were all refused by Locke.

Rather than lingering at this moment, a few women might as well assisted cultivation, so that when he breaks through, the family will meet again.

Above the Black Sea, Locke, who turned on the Destroyer’s transformation posture, slowly burned with the strange flame of dark green.

Finally, he glanced in the direction of the San Loan mainland, and Locke immediately fell into a black number.

The waves soaring to the sky aroused immediately, and soon this Sea Territory reattached to peace again.

Unlike the emperor of Belen, Syfiel and the Silver Dragon general Nelson, when they closed the breakthrough, the whole wizarding world was full of turmoil and well known.

Locke has entered the breakthrough state this time, and only a few high-level leaders in the wizarding world know about it.

Of course, as time goes by, the rumor that a new Knight from the Western archipelago will be promoted to the sixth rank will surely spread throughout the Wizarding Continent.

And when the day comes to success, Locke’s name will also become the object of singing and admiration for every Knight above Level 1 in the wizarding world.


200 years later, in the depths of a valley in the inland southwest of the mainland of Saint-Loan in the western archipelago.

A holy white golden pillar of fire surged into the sky.

Under the premise of the isolation of many magical arrays around and the intervention of many powerhouses above Level 4, the appearance of this white golden pillar of fire and the subsequent spreading fluctuations caused by it, not at all affect the nearby Human Kingdom.

The white golden flame dissipated, revealing Angelina wearing a silver magic robe inside.

As she assured Locke, Angelina was successfully promoted to Level 4, and she was also the first to be promoted to Level 4 among Locke’s wives who have not yet passed through.

Outside the valley, Jos, the master of the unphased tower, Michelle, the Level 4 magician, Kayla, the Level 4 magician, and Ashar, the Level 4 magician, all appeared here.

Since Angelina chose to have a breakthrough in the mainland of San Loan, such as the Panama master of Silent Tower and Brand of Ice and Fire Tower, and the others did not attend the ceremony, only through the magic crystal ball Send a congratulation.

“Congratulations, Angelina.” Kayla flew forward and said to Angelina, and presented a white pearl magic ring she personally made.

At this time, Kayla is not the same as Locke’s wife, but as Angelina’s mentor to congratulate her.

Congratulations from the mentor, Angelina obediently took this magic ring and put it on her hand.

“Tutor.” Angelina said.

“en?” Kayla looked towards Angelina’s face.

“I also want to build a sacred tower.” Angelina replied startledly.

Looking at Angelina’s sturdy face, Keira also showed a soft smile and replied “Okay.”


Two hundred and forty-six years have passed. This time, Rafi was promoted to the breakthrough.

No one thought that the little maid, who was unknown until now, would be promoted before Christine and Qiao Jin.

There was not much movement during Lafite’s breakthrough, but there were also many people who came to watch and congratulate.

In addition to Angelina, Keira, Master José and the others all present, even Level 4 Knights from the outer islands such as Klopp, Argus, Seti, Azir, etc. also came to congratulate.

Congratulations to Rafi on becoming the eighth Knight above Level 4 in the Western Islands.

Why is Rafi the eighth Knight above Level 4? It is because 20 years ago that she succeeded in breaking through, the Missia mainland in the Western Islands also emerged with a new Level 4 Knight, Eugen.

(ps: The group of Black Riders in the black domain are automatically ignored here, and only the Level 4 Knight promoted in the western archipelago is mentioned)

Since it was born in the Missia continent, Eugen must belong to the loyal horse of the Locke camp.

In fact, the female hosts of the Knights Palace in Saint-Loan, represented by Angelina and Keira, also extended an olive branch to them after Eugen’s breakthrough Level 4, expressing their willingness to provide them with a low-interest Knight Hall construction loan.

Eugen is the powerhouse on the mainland of Missia in the same period as Argus. Over the years, he has been going around in multiple Knight halls. After the fall of Level 4 Knight Gaia, he returned to the Missian continent to live in seclusion.

This time I was able to break through Level 4, but there is actually a part of luck.

Faced with the olive branch thrown out by the Knight Hall of the Saint-Loan mainland, the newly promoted Level 4 Knight Eugen not at all hesitated for a long time, and he accepted it calmly.

But he will not immediately build the Knight Hall, but is busy consolidating the current realm.

Because it is stuck at Level 4 at the lifespan breakthrough point, this guy is not in a good situation now.

Different from Angelina’s breakthrough Level 4, she expressed her intention to build a sacred tower.

Lafite, who is also a Locke woman, chose the same approach as Ashar and Michelle after she was successfully promoted, that is, not to establish any organization and keep it as it is.

This is a girl who doesn’t like to fight and has no desires. To be able to get promoted this time is also the cause of the obsession that hopes to live with Locke.


At the time of Lafite’s successful breakthrough Level 4, a major event also occurred in the remote battlefield of the fairyland civilization.


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