Heimarian Odyssey Chapter 3059

The six major Star Domains under federal rule have their own importance and main functions.

Star Domain, the essence of the domain.

As the origin of the Federation Gallente Federation, this is the political center of the Federation civilization. The first star is in the ubiquitous light star system of the constellation Kurax.

The overwhelming majority government of the Gallente Federation is located in this Star Domain.

This is also a place where politicians wantonly use their talents.

Evehill Star Domain.

The second large-scale Star Domain conquered by the Gallente Federation after the elite domain Star Domain.

As for the name of the civilization originally located in this Star Domain, it has been completely reduced to the ‘primordial people’ in the federal textbook.

With the deepening of the Gallente Commonwealth civilization and the continuous implementation of immigration measures, everyone has ignored who the native creatures originally inhabited and bred in this Star Domain were. This is the territory of the Gallente Federation.

The Everhill Star Domain is also the Star Domain with the largest population in the Federation at present. It is the largest voting warehouse for presidential candidates in the federal elections every millennium.

There were politicians who made shocking remarks. As long as anyone mastered the popular trend of the Star Domain, he would occupy half of the presidential seat.

Haring Star Domain.

This place used to be called the Lonely Star Domain. Before being discovered by the Federation, it was a huge Star Domain bred by loneliness, indifference and few traces of life.

It’s just that due to the successive breakthroughs of the Gallente Federation in interstellar colonization technology, the Haring Star Domain has gradually become the largest colonial output Star Domain of the Gallente Federation.

Today, the total federal population of Haring Star Domain has reached the second only to Star Domain level of Everhill.

Locke’s daughter Beve is in this Star Domain at this time. Unfortunately, this is also the Star Domain that was invaded by the Light God family’s first sneak attack. (Longitudinal first release)

Ketra Star Domain.

The Federal Heavy Factory is intensively building Star Domain, where nearly 70% of the heavy factories of the Gallente Federation are gathered.

Countless from civilian to military.

The Light God family chose to carry out large-scale invasion and destruction here, which is considered the most effective combat plan.

Even in order to avoid the continued destruction of the Light God clan, causing irreparable huge losses to the Gallente Federation, the top federal leaders are already considering the issue of using the’doomsday weapon’.

Wigwenduo Star Domain.

Although in many respects it seems unremarkable, this Star Domain is secretly the largest experimental base and new weapon research and development center in the Federation.

As the heaviest weapon of the Gallente Federation and the light of the alliance, the Olopas-class Titan battleship was initially successfully developed in this Star Domain.

Apart from this, the doomsday weapons carried on the Titan ship, the ‘Aurora’ and the Guillotine Reaper’, were also tested in this secret Star Domain military base.

The Gallente Federation currently has a total of three Olobas-class Titan battleships. Among the strength levels recognized by the astral world, these three Illubas-class Titan battleships generally have the battle strength of seventh-level creatures.

As for the Gallente Federation, in addition to these three Illobas-class Titan ships, whether there are other hidden means, it is temporarily unknown.

Because so far, this mysterious and powerful technological civilization does not seem to have fully demonstrated its strength.

There has always been a certain kind of remarks within the anti-Light God clan alliance, that is, the Gallente Federation has actually mastered terrorist weapons comparable to level eight creatures.

It is only because of the existence of the Light God clan and the constraints of other races and civilizations within the anti-Light God clan alliance that this power has always been hidden in the hands.

The Gallente Federation will only publicly use this power when it is truly facing a crisis of civilization and a choice in the future!

Using technological means to achieve battle strength comparable to level 8 creatures, the Gallente Federation’s achievements, believed to be the wizard world’s seventh level wizard Douglas, who is the closest to exploring the truth, have also reached an unimaginable situation.

The last large-scale Star Domain is Jinnaze Star Domain.

This is the Star Domain where the Gallente Federation and the Rose Dynasty civilization and the Light God clan are bordered, and it is also the Star Domain where the frontline war against the Light God clan alliance is the most intense.

Countless federal spaceship and interstellar mercenaries gathered in this Star Domain.

In the tens of thousands of years before this, the Gallente Federation had more than once invaded and recovered wars with the Light God family in this Star Domain.

At present, the two five-star generals of the Gallente Federation and the Illobas-class Titan fleet under their seats have appeared in this Star Domain.

There is the main battlefield where the Gallente Federation and the Light God clan nearly tens of millions of angels, Legion, are fighting.

Due to the exhaustion of the civilizational war potential of the Rose Dynasty, it was forced to retreat to the mother Star Domain and rely on the Xonuma Star Domain to defend, so at this time, only the Gallente Federation was heading head-on between the Kinnaze Star Domain and the Light God clan.

The six Star Domains under the Gallente Federation are precious and inseparable members of the Federation.

No matter which piece of Star Domain occupies an extremely important position in the Federation.

Due to the needs of war, the Gallente Federation has only launched a doomsday weapon in the Kinnaze Star Domain so far, with the purpose of containing the enemy’s seventh-level main god.

But there is no precedent for launching a doomsday weapon in Ketra Star Domain.

So even the president cannot make hasty decisions.

The sound of discussions in the Conference Hall stimulated the president’s eardrums, and it was all meaningless nonsense.

There are only three people present at the scene that can truly determine the launch of the Doomsday Weapon on the Ketra Star Domain-the President, the Speaker and the Five-Star General Trichy Pan Baeza.

The president is the nominal supreme commander of the federal army. The speaker will deal with some inappropriate comments from the cabinet, and the five-star general Trichy holds the firing button of the doomsday weapon.

The speaker always wears a pair of trousers with the president. More then, the 2000 years of his tenure have allowed the president to integrate his own cabinet management.

In fact, the cabinet has already approved the battle plan of launching doomsday weapons at Ketra Star Domain by weighing the pros and cons of various aspects, but this plan was finally shelved by the five-star general Trichy Pan Baeza. At the table.

This is the real reason for this conference.

It seems that I am tired of the discussion about the lack of nutrition of the surrounding people. Your Excellency put his arm on the table and formally asked the five-star general Trichy Pan Baeza’s opinion.

With the sound of the president’s voice, the Conference Hall, which was slightly noisy at the previous moment, was quiet for an instant.

Everyone looked towards the Old General who is a prominent place in the Conference Hall. Their expressions are different and they are all waiting for the answer from Old General.

Muddy eyes in this brief moment restored to sobriety and calmness, the old body seems to have the power to destroy everything.

The five-star general Trichy Pan Baeza looked around the Conference Hall and said slowly, “Use it then.”

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