Heimarian Odyssey Chapter 3060

Ketra Star Domain, the battlefield near the Gate of Light.

Locke, who has been in this battlefield unconsciously for seven months, is covered with scars and malaise.

Sure enough, leapfrogging and fighting the sixth-level Peak powerhouse is a big challenge for him who has just stepped onto the sixth-level.

If it weren’t for the Thor suit to provide power support, if it wasn’t for the star beast mocking wind to attract most of the opponent’s attention, if it were not for the endless fighters and the energy rays of the cosmic battleship to provide coverage support, I am afraid Locke’s situation at this time will be even more Embarrassed.

Although the current status is still at 60%, Locke’s Thunder God Armor has inevitably been severely damaged.

Thanks to the special memory metal added by Yuqing Heavenly Lord of Primordial Beginning, no matter how damaged the exterior of Locke’s Thunder God Armor is, it will recover after a long time.

However, the internally damaged parts of Thunder God Armor will not be repaired. Those purely technological products are not the domain of Saint Xianyu.

In addition, the fire source is not currently beside Locke, so the silver armor draped on Locke’s body at this time is almost just a ‘metal shell’ with a lot of physical defense capabilities.

Similar to Locke’s sluggishness and embarrassment, Ten-winged Archangel Lun Jiana is not much better at this time.

As the most respected ten-winged Archangel under the Lord of the Rising Sun, Leng Jiana did not know how many heretics she personally killed while following the Lord of the Rising Sun in the Myriad Realms.

It’s a pity that Lungana herself is not an angel of the Light God clan who specializes in combat. Her real talent is similar to that of the military angel Solent has several points of.

Just a mockery is enough to become a powerful enemy that Lunjiana carefully dealt with. With Locke interfering from the side, it is only a matter of time before the ten-winged Archangel reveals that the failure is. (Longitudinal first release)

“hong long!” A huge explosion sounded in the lower right corner of the door of light.

The raging wave of purple elements engulfed a weird red light, engulfing tens of thousands of angels from the Light God family under the unstoppable power.

Although they have formed an angel battle formation, these angels in the torrent of elements and the weird red light all show their attitudes.

Soon, at the speed visible to naked eye, many of the weaker Angels above Level 1 melted directly in place!

This is the terrifying power created by the sixth-level witch Vivian and Cyclops.

As the oldest successor in the wizarding world, Vivian is good at more than ice attribute magic.

This purple elemental tide is a kind of magic attack method developed by Vivian during the Star Domain war in the Chaos Sea, borrowing from the void dissociation energy mastered by the void crossing family.

To be precise, this is void magic.

Judging from the battle situation in front of you, the magic of the void attribute seems to have a miraculous effect on the angels of the Light God family.

As for the weird red light, it is the one-eyed housekeeping skill.

Many angels whose bodies have melted in the tide of the void have their souls trapped by this weird red light before they can escape to the gate of light.

The one-eyed red light of the one-eyed god is not ‘imprisoned’, but ‘pollution’.

Those angel souls who wandered around the gate of light and had to enter it were not forced to stay in this space because of the six-level powerhouse power of the Cyclops, but they possessed a strong attribute of light and the power of pure faith The door of light, actively rejects these polluted angel souls.

For the research on how to pollute the angel souls of the Light God clan, all members of the anti-Light God clan alliance have conducted in-depth studies.

As the war between the Light God clan and the anti-Light God clan alliance continues to intensify, more and more ‘fallen angels’ have also emerged in the process.

These abandoned people who can no longer return to the embrace of the great Light God, their overwhelming majority end up being unable to accept the fact that they are contaminated, and they choose to direct themselves.

Only a few fallen angels arrived at Demon Realm through certain channels and became the subordinates of Xifa on the Way of Pride.

The 12-winged Archangel is called the first fallen angel of the Light God family. He is also one of the seven Demon Kings of Demon Realm today.

The weird red light of the One-Eyed God may be able to cause hundreds or thousands of fallen angels to appear, but at this time the attention of overwhelming majority Level 4 and above lifeforms on the battlefield is all taken by its partner, Hundred Arms God attract.




Strikes with fists to the flesh are endless.

At this time, the Hundred Arms God like a fighting master, beat the eight-winged angel in front of him like a sandbag.

This eight-winged angel is also bad luck. At least six wings on his body are corrupted by Vivienne’s void magic, and one of its eyes has also turned into a weird scarlet at this time, and a single-eyed god His one-eyed eyes are of the same color, which seems to be a Spirit Attack.

It is this eight-winged angel who behaves so miserably that gives Vivian and Cyclops the opportunity to destroy the Gate of Light.

The huge gate of light, which turns light and dark at this time, seems to have greatly affected its operation.

Not only has the speed of angels gushing out of the Gate of Light slowed down a lot, even those intact angel souls that have lost their fleshy bodies are also accumulating near the Gate of Light and it is difficult to join them.

If this continues, the collapse of this gate of light will only be a matter of time.

Suddenly, a burst of strong Light God power appeared on the body of the eight-winged angel fighting against the single-eyed god.

With one of them, the power of faith that can be called horror around gathers around this eight-winged angel.

For the great Light God and to eradicate these heretics, this eight-winged angel decided to dedicate himself.

Self-dedication does not mean Self-destruction. If it is Self-destruction, not only Vivienne, the one-eyed god and the others will suffer severe damage, but also the Gate of Light and nearby angel Legion.

The self-dedication of this eight-winged angel is more like a sacrifice to life force and soul, through certain channels of faith, in exchange for a short-term increase in strength and recovery from injuries.

More and more powers of faith gathered near this eight-winged angel, and the eight-winged angel, who had been covered in wounds, was completely transformed into a naked man at this time.

The damaged wings are washed with the power of the pure Light God and regained holiness.

The bloody right eye, which was contaminated by the mono-eyed god, was gradually replaced by the golden light.

On the contrary, the body of the one-eyed god not far from the eight-winged angel staggered, and the faint golden light appeared in the eyes of the one-eyed god.

The eight-winged angel actually backlashed to the one-eyed one-eyed god by means of attack at the faith level.

Danger Land exploded facing the eight-winged angel in front of him, and the Hundred Arms God who stood opposite did not give in.

In addition, the one-eyed god of his companion, the one-eyed god, suffered a backlash. This sixth-level Titan god known for his physique and brutal strength just rushed straight into the holy golden light released by the eight-winged angels, and went forward.

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