Heimarian Odyssey Chapter 3061

Faced with this situation, Vivian, the witch leader of the Northland, also temporarily did not care about continuing to release the void magic and slaughter the low-level angels in front of him.

After issuing the mission of continuing to attack the Gate of Light to a number of nearby Titan gods and slave creatures, the sixth-level witch turned back and flew towards the eight-winged angel in an explosive state.

The eight-winged angel, whose imposing manner is still improving, is a hidden danger. It is stronger than Vivian, the leader of the Northland witch, and he can’t rest assured that only the one-eyed god and the hundred-armed god will deal with such a powerful enemy.

And the eight-winged angel is also the Peak spoils of war for Vivian’s powerhouse.

Whether it is the eight wings that are the source of its energy, or the more precious bright jade, they are fortunate to be Vivian’s most precious collection.

In other words, the corpse of an eight-winged angel alone is enough to make up for all the benefits of Vivian’s trip to the Gallente Federation.

In the wizarding world, excellent experimental specimens like the Light God family angels have always been in short supply.


Six more months have passed.

At this time, the battlefield where Locke and the others are located is full of corpses and devastated.

It has been more than a year since Locke and the others arrived at the Star Domain battlefield in Ketra, but apart from the metal ruins, angel corpses, and slave biological corpses on this battlefield, the movement and energy pouring has not stopped.

If Locke and the others just arrived at this battlefield, there were about 300,000 angel Legions here, then as the battlefield continued, the number of angel Legions that Locke and the others faced was a full 500,000.

Around 200,000 Angels above Level 1 arrived here through the Gate of Light during this time, causing huge damage to Locke and his slave creature Legion. (Longitudinal first release)

Fortunately, the support from the Gallente Federation is also quite timely.

Although there is not much battle strength, the powerful Level 1 war fleet has appeared, but the second and third level war fleets, which are the true cornerstone and mainstay of the federal military, are frequently arriving.

In any world civilization, the high-level battle strength is the small group at the top of the pyramid.

In the Gallente Federation, the largest share of annual military expenditures is actually not the powerful and excellent Federal Level 1 war fleets, but the large number of Tier 2 and Tier 3 war fleets with common federal equipment .

With the support of these huge number of federal second- and third-tier war fleets, Locke’s slave biological army suffered heavy casualties, but it preceded the battle at the level of the sixth-tier powerhouse such as Locke, and established the victory of the war between low-level creatures. .

Countless federal fleets are gathered near the Gate of Light. When millions of energy muzzles are charged in the star realm, even the six-level lifeform like Locke can’t help but feel numb.

Who said that low-level lifeforms cannot affect high-level organisms?

Stronger than Locke. At this time, he also absolutely didn’t think about what he would end up under the attack of countless federal fleet’s energy cannons.

Quantitative changes cause qualitative changes.

This is another experience that Locke has brought to Locke during this trip to the Gallente Federation.

On the battlefield near the Gate of Light, the first to end the battle was the collaboration of Vivian, the witch leader of the Northland, and the Cyclops and the others.

The explosion caused by the self-dedication of the eight-winged angel must have its time limit. When the last bit of Light God power dissipates from the wings of the eight-winged angel, this overdrafted sixth-level creature becomes Vivian’s most Good living specimen.

It is a pity that the other party does not intend to be captured by life, or it may be that self-dedication is a bright secret technique at the cost of life.

When Vivian finally used curse witchcraft to completely restrain the eight-winged angel by losing a little finger, all she got was an angel corpse that had lost Life Aura.

Fortunately, the corpse of the eight-winged angel is still relatively well preserved, which makes the value of the specimens not at all too ridiculous, which makes the face of the witch leader look better.

At the same time, the battle between Locke, Xiaofeng and Ten-winged Archangel Lunga Na continued.

The death of his subordinates made Ten-winged Archangel Lungana burned with anger, but the scene that poured cold water on Lungana was that their angel Legion was already facing the embarrassment of being surrounded by enemies.

In one year, this group of Angel Legion, which was originally intended to wreak havoc on the Star Domain of Ketra, will face the destruction of the light gate, the point of force transmission.

It is not that the strength of the Light God clan angel Legion has declined too fast, but that the strength of the enemies they face is too strong.

Let’s not talk about how quickly the Gallente Federation can mobilize support forces because of its local operations.

The appearance of eight sixth-level organisms such as Locke alone is a variable that the Light God family did not anticipate.

Eight sixth-level organisms!

This number may not seem novel now, but compared to how many level 6 lifeforms the Wizard World had when he was just promoted to a large world civilization, it can be seen that this stage powerhouse is really not that common in the stars within the realm.

It is as strong as the number of eight-winged and ten-winged angels invested by the Light God clan on the Gallente federal front at this time, and definitely not more than thirty.

The eight six-level lifeforms seem to be close to the one third that the Gallente Federation has to face the high-level battle strength of the Light God clan!

This is the main reason why an eight-winged angel fell and the gate of light was on the verge of destruction in more than a year of trifling!

However, for Ten Wings Archangel Lun Jiana, the blow to her is more than that…

While the battle between Locke and the others is still going on, far away from the Star Domain, the gorgeous dark red destruction beam officially landed on the main battlefield of Ketra Star Domain!

The Doomsday Weapon—’Guillotine Kinetic Energy Reaper’ is here!

This is a weakened version of the “Aurora Instrument” with the highest single attack power among all the weapons of the Doomsday currently disclosed by the Gallente Federation.

Unlike the instrument of Aurora, which can cause hundreds of millions of tons of anti-matter damage to the target enemy, the guillotine kinetic energy Reaper can cause strafing and covering attacks on enemies within its range.

It is also due to the instability of the moving energy beam, which makes the attack power inferior to the aurora.

The emergence of doomsday weapons undoubtedly caused a devastating blow to the million-scale angel Legion on the main battlefield of Ketra Star Domain.

Because in the energy use standards recognized by the astral world, the power of doomsday weapons has reached the level of shots of seventh-level creatures.

Even if the formidable power is slightly weaker, the ‘guillotine kinetic energy Reaper’, which focuses on covering blows, is definitely not what Heavenspan makes Legion able to resist.

Similarly, with the appearance of doomsday weapons, it means that the Gallente Federation will send an Olobas-class Titan ship comparable to the seven-level biological battle strength to Ketra Star Domain!

In the depths of the void, a huge metal battleship slowly drove out of the darkness against the backdrop of the dark red destruction beam of the guillotine kinetic energy Reaper.

This is the true miracle created by the Creator, and it is also the miracle created by the Gallente Federation as a scientific and technological civilization!

From only the size of the ship, we can find that this huge monster, which is streamlined as a whole, has a scale not inferior to the constant star war fortress!


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