Heimarian Odyssey Chapter 3065

When he saw Che Guevara again, Locke found that this guy was like an eggplant beaten by frost.

I want to come, and no one will have a wonderful experience under the muzzle of hundreds of battleships.

In the prison of a1 constant star war fortress, stealing Guevara spent a short period of time in prison.

The Gallente Federation did not at all have any good feelings about this ‘thief’ who sneaked into their war fortress. They did everything they could to steal Che Guevara except that they did not use forced confessions.

The rag pockets stolen from Chevala’s back all the year round have disappeared this time.

It was not confiscated by the Gallente Federation, but was directly decomposed by the Federation’s laser dissociation equipment.

The laser dissociation device of the Gallente Federation and the void dissociation magic mastered by the wizards of the world magicians are completely different energy use principles.

Stealing Che Guevara’s Interdimensional Pouch is also a good treasure, but it can’t resist the three-second pulse shot of the laser dissociator.

The good news is that the Gallente Federation has shown extreme restraint on the spoils of war they seized.

Except for taking advantage of a few technological items that Che Guevara took advantage of a crisis for personal gain in No. a1 Constant Star Fortress, and the power spar supplied by battleship, they did not at all steal Che Guevara Other personal items in the Interdimensional Pouch.

Including the rectangular metal block where the fire source lives.

Actually, the Gallente Federation really wants to cut off their heads directly to deal with such thieves, and then directly search for the information they want in the brain’s memory area.

Many foreign gods are good at fraud and lies, and some creatures even use it as their priesthood.

But the memory area in the brain center will not deceive others. The technology and civilization level of the Gallente Federation is enough to support them to get everything they want from a more active head. (Longitudinal first release)

Speaking from a certain perspective, this method is also equivalent to the soul torture of the wizard world and the soul search of the fairyland.

It’s just that in terms of manifestation, the Gallente Federation’s approach is more direct.

Because the stealing of Che Guevara is a relationship of Locke’s subordinate, this guy is saved from the bad luck of being cut off and then settled in the experimental vessel.

It’s just that Che Guevara is not at all. He is happy because of this. He is saddened by the destruction of his ‘Life Source Divine Item’-Interdimensional Pouch.

“Okay, okay, don’t worry about it.”

“Didn’t you always want flat peaches? Even if you successfully complete this mission, I will reward you with a flat peach when you go back,” Locke said.

After listening to Locke’s words, stealing Che Guevara’s crying face looks better.

Pantao, one of the spirit materials Locke obtained from Xianyu Civilization.

Initially, there was only one low-grade flat peach given by the fire dragon daoist. Before Locke closed the breakthrough Fifth Level Peak, she gave it to her woman Angelina to take and absorb. (For this episode, if you don’t remember, please turn to Chapter 2830 to review it. Don’t ask me why Locke has flat peaches, and then flat peaches will mature.)

When taking flat peaches that year, Angelina planted the remaining peach seeds in Paradise Lost.

One of the ones that took root and sprouted in Lost Paradise, there were also the Xian Apricot Kernels and the Red Lotus Seeds that Locke obtained from Xianyu.

In addition to Locke’s later retreat for more than 1600 years of breakthrough level 6, and to this day, spirit materials such as flat peaches, apricots, and Yehuohong lotus seeds have been grown and developed in Locke’s Paradise Lost for more than two thousand years.

After such a long time, apart from karma red lotus seeds which only developed into flower bones, the growth of Peach of Immortality Tree and Immortality Tree has been quite gratifying.

The flat peaches donated to Locke by the Fire Dragon daoist are only low grade flat peaches. The growth cycle is 3000 years for flowering, 3000 years for fruit, and 3000 years for maturity.

The Queen Mother Empress holds a flat peach event every 3000 years, and all the flat peaches hosted by Great Principle Golden Immortal are all of this kind.

(ps: Don’t ask me again why flat peaches are only fully mature in 9,000 years, but Empress has held a flat peach event in 3000 years. People originally shared them in batches, so they will share them all Family property is taken out?)


There are many similar problems. The maid of Artus, the southern sage, is 200,000 years old. My chapter yesterday said that it is not a problem to live for ten to ten 50,000 years. My sentence is to kill Can Fifth Level creatures only live for so long? Even if the maid of the Southern Sage only has Level 4 Life Level, don’t you see who she is with? And I wrote her as a young girl or something? Can’t the lifespan of a few Level 4 creatures exceed Fifth Level? Did I break it?

I’m really annoying. Some readers don’t want to chat with me casually. I don’t have that many time to explain the content to you one by one. I don’t see how many chapters I change a day. In addition to the code time of up to seven or eight hours a day, please give me some personal space.

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I didn’t want to say this at first, but it is more uncomfortable to hold back some words. Maybe my personality is really not suitable for being a quiet writer?


Due to the special attributes of Paradise Lost, these fairyland spirit materials are growing well.

But it has also inherited the conclusion that the Silver Apple Fruit Tree is inferior to the Golden Apple Fruit Tree. Whether it is a fairy or a flat peach, the level after the achievement is inferior to the level when Locke was obtained.

For example, the flat peach, its predecessor is 3000 years flowering, 3000 years fruit, 3000 years mature inferior flat peach, but after being planted by Locke, its growth cycle is shortened to 500 years flowering, 500 years fruit, 500 years Mature, the grade is one grade lower than the inferior flat peach.

So far, there are only a dozen flat peaches hanging on the Peach of Immortality Tree more than ten meters high in Locke Lost Paradise.

Since it is the first-generation fruit, there will not be too many. When there are more mature batches and the Peach of Immortality Tree becomes more lush, the flat peaches produced will naturally increase.

Anyway, the flat peaches hanging on the tree will not go bad.

Locke even plans to imitate the empress empress and cultivate a peach grove in her own paradise lost.

Stealing Che Guevara wants a flat peach, not because he values ​​the effect of the flat peach to restore life force.

In fact, the true value of a flat peach produced in Lost Paradise is still inferior to the silver apple that has already grown into scale.

The reason why Che Guevara never forgets this is because of this guy’s unique collection addiction.

It’s like his title is “Pirate God”.

Does stealing Che Guevara really like to do some nasty stealing?

No, he just wants to satisfy his collecting desire that’s all.

After taking back the huge metal block where the fire seed source inhabited from the stealing Guevara, the two flew towards the space fortress.

Next, they will be the first star of the Gallente Federation at the invitation of the five-star general Trichy Pan Baeza.

There, in addition to meeting with the President of the Gallente Federation, Locke will also meet his eldest daughter Beve.


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