Heimarian Odyssey Chapter 3066

The essence of the domain Star Domain, the constellation of Kukras, the light star system of pan-source

This is where the first star of the Gallente Federation is located. For the Gallente Federation, they have reached their current status with a technological civilization promotion system. The first star is not as important as the mother plane of the wizard world, but in each In the hearts of Gallente citizens, the first star also has a special meaning.

Inside the space fortress, Locke looks at the increasingly close Gallente Federation premier, and at this time, on its side, are the one-eyed god, the god of arms, and the spiteful queen Andariel and the others.

The one-eyed god and the hundred-armed god suffered heavy losses in the battle of Ketra Star Domain.

Although the corpse of the eight-winged angel, the most precious spoils of war, was taken by Vivian, Locke will not treat these two ancient Titan gods badly for this.

“I will arrive at the first star of the Gallente Federation soon. At that time, I will ask the other party to make up for our loss in Ketra Star Domain.” Locke smiled and said to the two sixth-tier Titans on the side.

Locke wanted to mention this when he was meeting with five-star Admiral Trichy.

But in the end, Trichy Old General took out the theft of Che Guevara and took him into the army.

So don’t look at the five-star general Trichy Pan Baeza who speaks very well, in fact, the Old General is not that good at dealing with.

The three space fortresses finally docked near Planet 7 of the Pan-Source Light star system. This is for safety reasons. This kind of war platform of different civilizations is not allowed to be too close to the federal star.

Locke, Vivian and the Cyclops and the others, guided by the federal battleship, flew to the location of the first star.


There are flowers and applause everywhere, and many young children from the Gallente Federation wear special protective clothing and present wreaths to a six-level lifeform like Locke. The Gallente Federation welcomes Locke and the others. It’s peculiar.

At the interstellar airport of the first star, Locke, in addition to meeting the Gallente Confederate executives represented by President Jack Rodden, also saw his biggest purpose in coming to the Gallente Confederation-daughter Beve.

First, after shaking hands with the Federal President to show his kindness, Locke gave the eldest daughter a big hug.

He arrived at the Gallente Federation with Locke, and his second daughter Lisa.

Kerrigan and Lisa’s mother and daughter are the best commanders for the cannon fodder of Locke’s insect race. In the Battle of Ketra Star Domain, Locke’s insect race played an important role that cannot be ignored. (Longitudinal first release)

When Locke was invited by the President of the Federal Republic to visit the Water Chestnut Building, Lisa met her elder sister.

There are also more then 2000 years before and after not seeing each other. Although the two sisters have talked with each other through magical communication methods, but now the two sisters are meeting again, it seems that there is more to say.


Water chestnut building.

As the first star of the Federation, an important place for the president and cabinet members to handle official affairs, Locke was invited to come here, naturally, it is not as simple as drinking a cup of tea.

The video conversation between him and the five-star general Trichy Pan Baeza has been spread to the president and cabinet members, and has been carefully analyzed by federal professionals.

From what Locke said, the Gallente Federation does not care much about the trade request of the wizarding world civilization. On the contrary, it was the established wizarding alliance, and the fact that the Dark Star Domain and the Light God clan under the rule of the wizarding alliance had a war zone, which attracted the attention of federal politicians.

“Mr. Locke, Ms. Vivian, I think there are many opportunities for cooperation between our Federation and the wizarding world civilization.”

“But so far, resisting the unlimited expansion and invasion of the Light God family is what we should consider most.”

“If your civilization can send troops from the dark Star Domain and attract part of the attention of the Light God family from the side, I believe that our two civilizations…”

In the secret meeting room of the Water Chestnut Building, Locke sits with a group of federal leaders.

At this time, the speaker is a white-haired man on the side of the President. He looks a bit older than the President, and his position is the Vice President of the Federation.

It is worth mentioning that the five-star General Trichy Old General who had already met Locke before, not at all appeared in this meeting.

After he and his Olobas-class Titan fleet escorted Locke and the others to the Panyuan Light Star System, they turned their directions and headed towards the depths of the dark and deep Star Domain.

But don’t think that Locke and other six-level powerhouses can do whatever they want on the first star of the Gallente Federation. In addition to several of the most elite Federal Level 1 war fleets stationed near the first star, there is also a hidden Gallente here. The hidden power of the Federation is sufficient to counter any creature below level 7.

The Vice President was interrupted by Locke before he finished speaking.

“I also think that there are many opportunities for cooperation between our two civilizations, but the premise is that we should be friendly and’equivalent’.” When thinking of the word’equivalence’, Locke emphasized the tone.

Without waiting for the voice of the vice president to be puzzled and questioning, Locke threw the Thunder God Armor, which he had become ‘scrap iron’, to the desk in the conference hall.

“Bang!” The heavy Thunder God Armor directly smashed the desk in this conference hall into a round hole.

Although the appearance was ruined by Light God’s power, many senior federal officials still noticed that there are many traces of technological products inside.

“This pair of Thunder God Armor has been worn by me for many years, but it was damaged during the battle between Ketra Star Domain and Ten-winged Archangel Lungana.”

“I hope your civilization can take the responsibility of helping me repair Thunder God Armor.” Locke said frankly,

Locke’s words aroused sideways discussions among many senior federal officials in the Conference Hall.

Only President Jack Rodden has not changed much and seems to have made a decision.

After a long time, the discussion ended.

It was the same vice president who had been talking before. He stood up and replied to Locke, “Yes, Locke, your request is not excessive.”

Locke’s Thunder God Armor not only has technological civilization and technology, it also contains many traces of the alchemy civilization of the wizard world and the refinement civilization of the fairyland.

Especially this Thunder God Armor has also undergone the rough refinement of Level 7 Saint, and its value is by no means ordinary.

The executives of the Gallente Federation do not yet know that Locke’s Thunder God Armor has so many tricks, they promised Locke only for the return of Locke’s previous Star Domain in Ketra.

As the vice president said, Locke’s request is not excessive.

However, the requirement to repair Thunder God Armor is only one of the conditions set by Locke.

When he later showed a deeply traumatized one-eyed god and a hundred-armed god, and asked the Gallente Federation to pay him and Vivian and the others’ shooting costs and healing costs, and asked the Gallente Federation to do When their wizarding world civilization provided pensions for millions of slave creatures lost in Ketra Star Domain.

The faces of the senior federal officials in the Conference Hall changed suddenly.

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