Heimarian Odyssey Chapter 3067

The communication between civilization and civilization is not so pure.

There is not much personal emotional insertion here, and some are just naked exchange of interests and imposing manner invasion.

Is the relationship between Locke and Anderson, Caroline and the others of the Rose Dynasty good enough?

But when I first decided on the route to the Gallente Federation, I was worried that the war of the Rose Dynasty civilization would involve too much of the wizard world.

That’s why I would rather go around a big circle and arrive at the Gallente Federation through Star Domain such as Star Domain and Dragon Skeleton Star Domain.

At this time, these requirements suddenly put forward by Locke have exceeded the content discussed by the senior federal leaders in the Conference Hall.

So they can’t give Locke a reply immediately, only that they need to discuss it again.

Meetings and discussions between high-level executives cannot be completed in a few hours or days.

Previously, when Locke participated in high-level meetings within Wizarding World, it would often last for several months, even half a year.

This time, it is the first establishment of diplomatic relations between Wizard World and the Gallente Federation. In addition to considering whether to agree to the compensation required by Locke, the Gallente Federation also has to consider other future relations Negotiation content.

If Locke takes the initiative at first, and promises the ‘seemingly reasonable’ requirements made by Locke without a bottom line, it will undoubtedly be very detrimental to the future of the negotiation and meeting atmosphere, and to the federation.

The things involved are too complicated.

In summary, the Gallente Federation has a big business, and it is not a big deal to agree to the requirements of Locke, but they can’t easily agree to it. (Longitudinal first release)

The meeting of the Water Chestnut Building was temporarily shelved due to Locke one after another request.

However, Locke and the others were not idle while the meeting was shelved.

First of all, the Federation has agreed to help Locke repair Thunder God Armor. To prove its sincerity, the Gallente Federation even agreed to help Locke Thunder God Armor’s internal technology system to be upgraded once.

The level of science and technology possessed by the fire source and the Norman Federation is not low, but in the view of the Gallente Federation, these technologies are still too low-level and crude.

Except for a few technologies that have ideas, other aspects have been degraded to nothing.

After giving the Thunder God Armor to the people of the Gallente Federation, Locke arrived at the Aifen Qi State Hospital, the first star of the Federation, together with Vivian, the leader of the Northland Witch.

Efenzi is the most famous biomedical scientist in federal history. His greatest contribution is the invention of medical capsules for emergency treatment.

In the long history of the Gallente Federation, these medical capsules have been the standard equipment for the federal frontline fighters.

Although with the development of the times, medical capsules have been gradually replaced by embedded injections, but Afenzi’s position in the medical field has not been shaken much.

Until now, there are still many achievements in the federal cutting-edge medical field, and the legacy of knowledge left by Efenzi is still being applied.

This national hospital named after Aifenzi is also called the first federal star cream of the crop hospital.

When Beve, Leon and other members of the wizarding world envoy were received the first star of the Federation, the wounded who had been severely injured in the Light God clan attack were also sent here.

In the intensive care cabin, Locke met Alice, the seventh witch of the Northland Witch Organization.

Indeed, as the rumors say, Alice has a beautiful face that is almost 70% similar to Vivian.

Due to her short height, although Vivienne is a veteran powerhouse in the same period as Dragon Mother Daenerys, she feels much ‘young’ to Locke, without the ‘mature’ demeanor of Dragon Mother.

Of course, Vivian’s melancholy temperament often shows her a deep sense of incompatibility with her face.

Alice’s face is more youthful and sunny. When she appears with Vivian, her first impression is that of two sisters.

At this time, Alice was unable to show the liveliness that matched her beautiful beauty. She was in a coma in the critically ill cabin, and she was judged to have entered a state of’suspended death’.

Alice, who has entered a state of suspended animation, has no Spiritual Plane activities, and even her soul has fallen into a silent state.

If her lifeform sign hadn’t existed, the doctors of the Gallente Federation wanted to declare her dead.

The culprit that can cause such damage to Alice is an eight-winged angel.

The large Life Level gap caused the eight-winged angel to only send out a covering light wing blow, which caused Alice and the many wizards around the world Level 4 powerhouse to suffer heavy losses.

When Locke and other wizards world powerhouse received news from the Gallente Federation, the damage rate of this envoy was close to 2/3.

The reason why Alice was lucky to be in the ‘one third’ was due to a precious magical device given by her mother, Vivian, the witch leader of the North.

Yes, Vivian and Alice are in a mother-daughter relationship.

This is simply an incredible thing, because as far as Locke knows, this Northland witch leader strictly abides by the witch’s doctrine, and is basically impossible to have a relationship with a male wizard.

“What is there, it’s just a separation at the cell level that’s all.”

“The fertility success rate of organisms below Level 1 can reach 99%, and the success rate from Level 1 to Half-God Level decreases in the range of 27%, 13%, 2%, and 0.07%.”

“The birth rate of divine creatures above Level 4 is lower. In order to nurture Alice, I have invested nearly 20,000 years in experiments and bloodline witchcraft.” Witch leader Vivian, in front of Locke, Said seemingly casually.

Well, there is no male partner at all.

The ability to bred Alice was completely based on my own genes and bloodline.

This is also the reason why Alice’s appearance is 70% similar to Vivian!

Even if you wait for Alice to grow up for tens of thousands of years, and when she is more mature, I am afraid that the appearance similarity between her and her mother can reach 90%!

Regarding bloodline witchcraft, Locke’s only knowledge about bloodline warlocks is from her woman Qiao Jin.

The move by Vivian, the leader of the Northland witches, was obviously to solve the problem that the number of Northland witches has been declining.

It’s just this way of ‘creating people’ through bloodline witchcraft. Before that, Locke was simply unheard-of.

But he can also guess that if Vivienne, the witch leader of the Northland, announces this bloodline witchcraft knowledge within the wizard world, it will inevitably be met with mixed reputation.

This is also the reason why the Northland Witch Leader Vivian and the Seventh Witch Alice have not revealed to the outside world that it is a mother-daughter relationship for so many years.

Vivian’s ability to tell Locke today only means that she has completely regarded Locke as her own person.

And this thing can’t be concealed, at least the wizard world has already been known to many high-level officials.

Rather than cover up, it is better to speak openly. This is also Vivian’s character.

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