Heimarian Odyssey Chapter 3068

After expelling all Gallente Federal doctors and nurses in the intensive care cabin, Vivian easily isolated the Formation.

Regardless of the technological civilization of the Gallente Federation is very developed, but the magic of the wizard world, Battle Qi, is not necessarily inferior.

Everyone is originally at the level of a large world civilization. Although the Gallente Federation is strong, it has not reached the top civilization. The gap with the wizard world is not at all as large as imagined.

Therefore, the magical Formation arranged by the sixth-level witch Vivian himself, the outside world simply cannot see what is happening inside it.

Of course, the Gallente Federation can also peek through the breakthrough Formation with a tough approach.

But the consequence of what they did was to completely provoke a sixth-level witch from the wizard world.

In Locke’s surprised gaze, Vivian took out a golden apple from the subspace at the top of the magic wand.

“This is the treasure assigned by the Wizarding League to each wizard’s world level six powerhouse during the last Savage Wilderness World group war.”

“Locke Knight, you haven’t been promoted to the sixth level at that time, so there is no golden apple quota.” Vivian explained.

I heard it, Locke nodded.

Although he was not promoted to the sixth rank at that time, Master Sarafa gave Locke her golden apple after the war ended.

The golden apple given by the master Sharapa has also become Christine, who has embarked on the path of Mowu Dual Cultivation, and is one of the powerful support for her promotion to Level 4. (First issue in Horizon)

As the cream of the crop spirit material currently mastered by the wizard world, the effect of golden apples far exceeds other alchemy potions.

There were some spellcasters who intended to use golden apples as the main material to refine medicines with more powerful medicine efficacy, but the final result showed that the addition of overwhelming majority dissimilar materials contaminated the original efficacy of golden apples.

Before the birth of a more effective formula, it is best to take golden apples directly.

The golden apple exuding rich life energy, induced by Vivienne’s magical power, turned into a golden liquid and flew in from Alice’s mouth.

It has the ability to instantly recover Level 4 creatures. The golden apple just entered Alice’s mouth and was initially digested by it, and the treatment of Alice became an immediate effect.

In Locke’s perception, Alice’s spirit strength, which was silent and indifferent a moment ago, suddenly regained certain activity. As for his weak, sleeping soul, he gradually awakened from the chaos.

“Hey.” A soft groan came from Alice’s mouth.

I saw this sleeping beauty, and slowly opened my eyes.

More excited than Locke is Vivian, the witch leader of the Northland. After all, the two women are also relatives with deep bloodline fetters.

Just like Locke did not hesitate to turn back everything and came to the Gallente Federation to save his daughter Beve, the Northland Witch leader Vivienne saved his daughter Alice in fire and water.

It’s just that this is a witch leader that’s all who is [the apex www.booktxt.xyz] in his personality.

He did not continue to stay in the special critical illness cabin to disturb the mother and daughter. After putting down two silver apples and a flat peach as gifts, Locke immediately walked out of Formation.

At this time, Locke’s eldest daughter Bev is with her second daughter Lisa. I haven’t seen each other for so many years, and there are endless words between the two little girls.

What Bev asked Lisa about things that happened in the wizarding world, such as the promotion of Angelina and other women in the Western Islands to Level 4 and the establishment of a sacred tower.

Lisa is asking about what Beve has seen and heard about the anti-Light God clan alliance over the years.

At one time, the second daughter Lisa was a good girl in Locke’s eyes, while the eldest daughter Beve made Locke a little worried.

But with the increase of age and experience, the personalities of Locke’s two daughters seem to be reversed.

Lisa gradually became more and more lively, always wanting to break out of Locke, the old father’s cage, to explore the vast star realm.

But Beev’s character is becoming more and more calm and steady, but she is very much like a Sarah master.

Locke did not take care of her two daughters.

Anyway, he only needs to do a good job of protecting the two girls. As for where these two girls can grow in the future, there is naturally a way for them.


Inside the Lost Paradise.

The fire source is reporting to Locke what it has gained in the constant star war fortress of the Gallente Federation.

Thanks to the sudden appearance of the Illobas-class Titan ship and the launch of the doomsday weapon ‘guillotine kinetic energy Reaper’, Che Guevara was able to sneak into the constant star war fortress of the Gallente Federation in the chaos.

During the long time lurking in the constant star war fortress, about 17% of the constant star war fortress was collected before and after the rectangular metal block where the fire source lived.

17% of the data seems to be small, but this is the limit that Tinder can do.

After all, the comprehensive battle strength of the constant star war fortress is comparable to that of the sixth-level Peak creatures. The design data and energy loop data, etc., add up to an astronomical figure.

The time for stealing information for the fire source is not long, and the fire source does not sneak into the data center of the constant star war fortress. It is not easy to get so much information.

“Then these data can support the completion of the upgrade of my Xinggang?” Locke couldn’t help asking.

“Almost okay.” The answer to Locke’s question was that Eric appeared side by side at the fire source.

As the leader of the star thief once captured by Locke, Eric is also a relatively crazy scientist.

During the years when Knecht, Beev’s guardian, served in the anti-Light God alliance, the star thief leader is like a sponge, constantly absorbing from the Gallente Federation, the Rose Dynasty civilization and other medium-sized technologically inclined world advanced technology of civilization.

In addition to an increasingly substantial theoretical foundation, Eric is also a doer.

He once only designed and developed energy cannons, but now he has gradually extended to biotechnology and more scientific and technological civilization fields.

Level 4 Life Level!

This is the biggest change that Eric has brought to Locke.

This mad scientist who has replaced 56% of his body with metal parts, after the Gallente Federation received the final technical support and inspiration, he resolutely mechanized himself.

Eric, who has now achieved Level 4, is also Locke’s loyal staff who has a deep understanding of the technological civilization system in addition to the source of fire.

When he first saw the planetary war fortress of the Gallente Federation, Locke had the idea of ​​transforming the Star Harbor under his hands.

Later, I saw the constant star war fortress of the Gallente Federation, and the idea in my heart was even more intense.

Locke Xinggang is essentially just a city built on a large meteorite that’s all.

Perhaps its surface has now been extremely prosperous built by Locke, but it still cannot conceal the fact that there are still meteorites below it.

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