Heimarian Odyssey Chapter 3071

Stepping on the deep blue ice cubes under the feet, the atmosphere at the temporary residence of the Belém emperor Syfiel was also quite cold.

It is also ridiculous to say that the Sea Kings native marine race, which was once regarded as a major enemy by the Belém Empire and other forces in the wizard world, seemed impossible to withstand a single blow when the wizard world conquered the army.

It is the more neglected Neptune that suddenly broke out, giving the wizard world invaders a resounding slap.

It is also at this time that the powerhouses of the wizarding world have tasted the reason why this medium-sized water world is called the “Sea King World”.

“In the past two months, we have controlled the sea kings within the Sea Territory, which has soared from 2,173 to 47,764, and this number is still increasing.”

“The average strength of these Neptunes is Level 2, and a few have Level 3 capabilities. The Half-God Level Neptune has 1,617, and the Level 4 Shanghai King has 108.” Following the report of this Level 4 magician, In the map of the Neptune Realm reflected in the magic crystal ball in front of the two, a large area of ​​red marks also appeared.

These red tags are the sudden emergence of Neptune species, and the darker the color, the stronger the Neptune species appear in the area.

Are those Neptunes strong?

It is indeed very strong, after all, every head has level 2 or above.

And by virtue of its body size of 100 meters and more than one kilometer, it is one-to-two or even one-to-three, and will not fall into the wind in a short time.

But the Wizarding World is a large world civilization, and Peak forces such as the Belém Empire and the Mamet United Alliance were involved in the invasion this time. In comparison, they should not be bad.

The Wizard World’s war of conquering the Neptune World, which was able to usher in the first defeat in such a short time, was mainly due to the lack of precautions.

Imagine that in the wars of the previous few years, the wizarding world has been smooth and crushed all the way.

When several huge sea nations were wiped out and the occupied area was about to reach 10% of the total area of ​​the Neptune Realm, suddenly tens of thousands of Neptunes were killed from all directions.

This is a premeditated counterattack! (Longitudinal first release)

Prior to this, the overwhelming majority would only choose remote deep-sea rift valleys as their resting place, and they would not even choose the remote deep-sea rift valleys as their sleeping place, and they would not even be due to the arrival of a group of strange invaders. There are too many changes.

As long as the wizarding world army does not actively provoke these sea kings, these sea kings can even act as wizard world invading army does not exist.

And now, these ignorant sea kings are like the sharpest soldiers!

In addition to cooperating and actively encircling the wizarding world to invade the army, they will also serve as mounts for some of the powerhouses of the native sea people in the sea king world!

This is the ability to show in front of the invaders of the wizarding world in the previous few years.

There is no doubt that the cause of all this is the deep blue cone-shaped lance held by the Guardian.

The Sea King Rod is the wizard world powerhouse, a description of the ‘lance’.

Although it looks like a lance, the wizard world powerhouse never saw the Guardian using it as a weapon. On the contrary, it is held tightly in the hand like a cane, in order to command all the sea kings on the battlefield!

Because of the ability to command all Level 4 and below Neptune classes, Neptune Rod was eventually designated as a treasure of the ‘world-class treasure’ level.

The sudden joint attack of tens of thousands of sea kings and the native sea clan armies of the sea king world caused heavy damage to the wizard world invasion army.

And because various forces have launched a decentralized invasion of war, in the face of the heavy counterattack of the natives of the Sea King Realm, the losses suffered are greater than expected.

The crash of more than ten space fortresses and the fall of powerhouses above 12 Level 4 cast a shadow over the invading army of wizarding world.

The most severely damaged was Jahana, the desert kingdom. The death of a Fifth Level Knight was a heavy blow to Jahana’s national strength.

Especially the identity of the Fifth Level Knight, the maid who served the Queen of White Yarn for 20,000 years, and made the Queen of White Yarn angry.

A large number of slave creatures, Knight and magician Legion are transported to the Neptunus world through the Transmission Passage non-stop.

Prior to this, the powers of the Wizarding World wanted to rely on the Sea Clan as the main cannon fodder exporter.

But as the war progressed, the Neptune Realm gradually revealed its powerful strength, and the anger on both sides gradually rose up, and more and more powerful Legion began to land in the Neptune Realm.

What I have to say here is that the sudden counterattack of the Neptune Realm, although it caused the wizard world to invade Legion and severely damage it, and caused the wizard world to control the territory in the Neptune Realm from 10% to 3%.

But in fact, the most lost by the wizard world’s invasion of Legion are those at the bottom of the Knight, magician Legion, and the more slave creature cannon fodder Legion. In terms of high-level battle strength, the combined forces have only lost 12 Level 4 or higher Knight and magician .

Knight and magician above 12 Level 4.

If the wizard world is promoted to a large world, this number is probably a huge loss that every wizard world force cannot bear.

But now, it is a slightly painful loss that’s all, not to mention that the 12 fallen powerhouses are still flat.

With the promotion of Wizard World to a large-scale world civilization, the current level 4 or above powerhouse registered in Wizard World has exceeded four digits!

A four-digit number is also thousands of Knights and magicians above Level 4!

This does not include the foreign gods who have joined the Wizarding Alliance!

If you count the strength of the entire wizarding alliance, the wizard world can now mobilize 1,600 level 4 or higher battle strengths to fight for themselves.

Don’t think that the wizarding world is still the civilization that needs to develop and act in a low-key manner.

After being promoted to a large-scale world civilization, we have passed through the most critical period of stable development for several thousand years. The wizard world has already ushered in its own high-level battle strength saturation.

The battle of the Savage Wilderness World group is an attempt by the wizard world to vent his excess energy.

It seems that this sea king world will become the next goal of the wizard world?

However, before raising the battle of the Sea King Realm to the entire wizarding world that needs to be treated cautiously, the Emperor of Belen still wants to try again.

After all, eating a big pot of rice, where can you eat alone?

Especially the emergence of the world-class secret treasure Sea King Rod, which aroused great interest in Syfiel.

Until now, the Belem Empire has not yet had a world-class secret treasure to suppress the secrets.

Even the old rival Albarut Empire has an impractical Saiyan earring. The Belém empire, whose national strength is not inferior to that of the Belém Empire, does not have a world-class secret treasure.

Looking at the map of the Neptune World projected by the magic crystal ball in front of him, Syfiel pointed to a place in the center of the map and asked, “If we behead the Guardian of this World, what percentage of the success rate is?”

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