Heimarian Odyssey Chapter 3072

Inquiries from the emperor Syfiel caused a layer of sweat to appear on the forehead of this Level 4 magician.

The location Safir refers to is the capital of a maritime country that has found the strongest overall national strength among all maritime nations that the Neptune Realm has discovered.

These marine life groups built their cities under the deep sea and developed a different kind of civilization.

Although most of these civilizations appear to be in the ridiculous stage of the wizarding world, it is undeniable that some of them have reached an unimaginable level.

In the world of Neptune, the enemies of the wizard world do not know that there are those who are amazing in size and outstanding in strength, and there are hundreds of millions of sea creatures.

Even the suppressed sea clan of the wizarding world, after so many years of stumbling, can gather tens of millions of low-level slave creature cannon fodder, let alone the native sea clan of the sea king.

In the maritime country where the opponent Guardian is located, the number of marine warriors owned by them can be called ‘100 million’ as the unit of measurement.

In addition to the low-level marine nations, these indigenous marine countries also have high-level lifeforms above Level 4.

The ocean country named Mobenhull has a deep-sea frogman with a Life Level of level 6. If the Guardian is to be beheaded, the Belém Empire must at least collect two level six powerhouses. Have a chance.

A sixth-level powerhouse is responsible for containing the deep sea frogman, and another sixth-level powerhouse is trying to kill the Guardian murloc who possesses the world-class secret treasure sea king rod.

“The specific success rate of the beheading operation needs to be determined after careful discussion and deduction by the military.” The Level 4 magician answered truthfully.

The gloom between the eyebrows did not dissipate much, and Syfiel asked the Level 4 magician to return to the military headquarters, and after working with other military generals as soon as possible to calculate whether the decapitation plan was feasible, the temporary palace was quiet again.


Two days later, Syfiel finally got the answer he wanted. (First issue in latitude and longitude)

After a series of deductions by the military department, the generals of the Belém Empire discovered that the emperor’s ‘decapitation’ was really feasible.

First of all, the plane environment of Neptune Realm is not yet unified.

Except for those Sea Kings, which are summons of the world-class secret treasure Sea King Rod, and come from all directions of the world.

The various maritime nations occupying the real main part of the creatures on this plane were still in separate regimes, and even wars broke out between them.

Because of the invasion pressure brought by the wizard world, these maritime nations are united with each other.

But if you want them to be twisted into a rope, this is absolutely impossible.

There are only three ocean kingdoms with six powerhouses in the entire Neptune Realm, and their territories are more than ten thousand li away from each other.

If the Belen Empire surprises the capital of Moben Hull, the strongest battle strength they will face in a short time will be nothing more than a sixth-level deep sea frogman and another Guardian silver holding a world-level secret treasure. Fish that’s all.

Secondly, it is also fortunate that the world-class secret treasure Sea King Rod is only for Level 4 and below Sea Kings, and has control and restraint effects.

As for the Neptune that has reached Fifth Level Life Level, there is a certain degree of immunity to Neptune Rod, and even extreme rejection.

As for the Overlord level sea kings of the sixth life level, they are more hostile to the appearance of the sea king rod.

No one knows why those Overlord level sea kings are extremely hostile to the sea king rod.

If it weren’t for that thing to be held in Guardian’s hands, if another marine creature mastered this secret treasure, I am afraid that it would most directly end up being torn to pieces by those angry Overlord level sea kings.

For this reason, the strongest maritime nation of Moben Hull, although there are a large number of sea kings at its borders, including Level 4 sea kings, but the Shanghai king of Fifth Level is Chen Shan.

As for the most active earthly python on the battlefield before, Yemengade, the extremely evil twin Leviathan Bemoses, and the master of the vortex, the three-headed Overlord level sea king, are even more avoided. Not in time.

“We need to invite the Sarafa master of the Mamet Union Alliance to cooperate with the Western archipelago armies and the ancient giants and other wizards of the world sea tribes to put pressure on the indigenous sea tribes.”

“In this way, Your Majesty and the beheading operation carried out by Your Majesty will greatly increase the success rate.” said the military representative.

The original proposal of the Military Department was to beheaded by Ancient Giant Ao and Juggernaut, but in the end it was rejected by Saifeier himself.

The reason is that the ancient giant’s actions were too slow, and the deep-sea frogmen and Guardian silverfish are creatures that are good at speed.

If they are allowed to escape, the beheading operation will eventually be in vain.

In fact, only those who are familiar with the Great Safir know, it is clear that Safir wants to lead personally bringing troops into battle.

Every six-level powerhouse has its own conceited side. Although Saifei is an emperor of a country, he still can’t do things that are always in the rear to supervise the battle.

Not to mention that it is about the ownership of a world-class secret treasure. Of course, Safir will not tolerate others.

The military representative’s words, let Sefil nodded, “I will inform Master Sarah, you can mobilize elite Legion as soon as possible to prepare for combat.”

The military representative who received instructions from Saifeier, not at all rushed to leave the palace.

Under the gaze of Safir, he brace oneself continued to add, “The military believes that if Your Majesty can persuade the two six-level star beasts to help, let them assist in the attack from the front, our decapitation action may be directly It evolved into a combination of inside and outside to destroy the Moben Hull Sea State.”

The two six-level star beasts spoken by the representatives of the military department naturally refer to the star beast prisoner cattle and Pu Lao.

Especially the Star Beast Prisoner Niu, who possesses the sixth-level Peak strength, as Pu Lao was injured by the Overlord level Neptune Yemengade sneak attack, the eldest brother of the Star Beast family also entered the Neptune Realm.

The wizard world suffered heavy losses in the ‘thousand beasts’ wave caused by the Sea King’s rod before, but the Sea King Realm is not comfortable.

The war has proceeded until now, in addition to the extremely evil twin Leviathan Bemoses being bitten off by the ancient giant ao with half of his accessory brain, the earthly python Yemengade has also been stripped of a snake by the prisoner.

It can even be said that the wizard world’s invasion of Legion was able to hold the final position and transmission node in the previous wave of beasts, and the deterrence brought by the sixth-level Peak star beast prisoner cow is indispensable.

Looking at the sea kings side, apart from the three-headed Overlord level sea kings and the three-headed six-level marine intelligent creatures, no six-level peaks have yet appeared.

It’s a pity that neither the Star Beast Prisoner Niu nor Pu Lao clearly stated that they would join the wizard world to invade Legion.

The reason why I have made some moves before is not because of the unconscious younger brothers and younger sisters.

Even Pu Lao was injured by the Overlord level sea king class Yemengada sneak attack, which is inseparable from the level 4 star beast’s ‘mischief’.

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