Heimarian Odyssey Chapter 3073

Regarding these few star beasts, Emperor Belen didn’t have much certainty that he could persuade him, only that he would try to imprison the cow with the sixth-level Peak star beast.

It was also at this time that Emperor Belen missed Locke who had gone to the Gallente Federation very much.

The entire high-level circle of the wizard world knows that there is only a sixth-level Knight Locke, and they have no relationship with this powerful star beast family.

If Locke is an invitation on his behalf, I am afraid that there is a probability of close to 80% that can directly invite these powerful sixth-level star beasts to participate in the battle.

Rather than relying on the passive defenses of these star beasts as it is now.

(ps: Star beast prisoners Niu and Pu Lao are among the dragon nine sons least fond of fighting. If it weren’t for taking care of a few younger brother younger sisters, Pu Lao would never come to the Sea King world.

In the same way, if Pu Lao was not injured by the earthly python Yemengada sneak attack, the prisoner cow would not reach this medium-sized water world. )

1 month later.

As the frontline troops of the Wizarding World continued to shrink their defenses under the impact of the native sea clan of the Sea King Realm, the ‘Beheading Operation’ led by Emperor Belen himself began quietly.

In order to respond to the beheading plan of the Emperor Belen, the Mamet Union Army led by Master Sharafa, as well as the Western Archipelago Army and the Sea Clan Army, faced the uninterrupted attack of the native sea Clan of the Sea King Realm. Launched a corresponding counterattack.

This attracted the attention of the overwhelming majority of the aboriginal sea people in the Neptune Realm.

The only regret is that Star Beast Prisoner Niu and Pu Lao not at all accepted the invitation of the Belen Emperor Saifei to participate in the war. They were not interested in the war benefits obtained after the invasion of the Sea King Realm. (Longitudinal first release)

The dragon has nine sons, each is different.

There are ridicules of chasing interests, Jacian who is bloodthirsty and warlike, there are prisoners with a calm personality, and Pu Lao who likes to sing.

For the two prisoners and siblings who are still stranded in the Neptune Realm, they have two purposes for staying here.

One is to take good care of the star beasts such as Chikiss and Miu who have already participated in the war, and the other is to take revenge on the Overlord level sea king Yemengada.

Pu Lao likes to sing without falsity, but this is not a master who retaliates with virtue.

For the star beasts such as Ba Xia, Shouya, Ningqi, Chiki, etc., the most majestic to them is not the older big brother prison cow, nor the second brother with the highest military force value, but this Through childhood, the fourth sister, Pu Lao, is in charge of them.

From this aspect, we can also see that Pu Lao is not such a good talker.

Since Ye Mengjiade dares to hurt my old lady, my old lady wants it to look good. This is a true portrayal of Pu Lao’s heart.

In order to avoid further injury to his younger sister, the prisoner cow can only stay in the Neptunus world.

This is also a good thing for the wizarding world invading army. Although the two six-level star beasts are unwilling to participate in the battle, they also equivalently limit the battle strength of an Overlord level sea king.

Even once the earthly python Yemengada dares to show up, it is the moment when it is imminent.


Moben Hull Sea Country.

As the most powerful maritime country in the Neptune Realm, the Mobenhull Sea Country occupies 13% of the Sea Territory area of ​​the entire Neptune Realm.

Don’t think that 13% of the Sea Territory has a very small area. Comparing the other two great sea nations, the Sea of ​​Dreams and Gusdu, only 9% and 7% of the territories, you can know that Mobenhull The prosperous sea country.

As for why the three sea kingdoms in the Neptune Realm, the total area occupied by the Sea Territory can only reach 30% of the entire Sea Territory mask.

In addition to the vastness of the Neptune Realm itself, there are other Sea Territory, which is also densely packed with countless ocean countries like stars, and most of the terrifying Neptune species inhabit under the numerous deep ocean rift valleys.

In the face of the wizarding world invading army, there is the call of the sea king rod. All sea kings are friendly partners of the native sea people of the sea kings.

And when there are no foreign invaders, the existence of these sea kings is their natural enemies and dangerous species for those marine life groups that have already born good wisdom.

The appetite of every Neptune is amazing.

Basically no action for several years, the regular routine of eating all you can eat As a result, among the intelligent marine creature races in the Neptune Realm, there are many horrible rumors that some weak ocean kingdoms were directly eaten and extinct by a terrifying Neptune.

Fortunately, there is a huge gap between rumors and reality.

No, General Ilita, a superior sea clan Ice Toad Frog from Moben Hull Sea Country, stood on the royal city like a military parade, and looked at the level 4 outside the royal city, both of which are about 1,000 meters away Aquaman class.

General Ilita, who has a huge belly, does not have the streamlined figure rumored by the ice toad frog family.

Years of high power and enjoyment of life have corrupted the body of this middle aged general. The muscles that were once toned are replaced by bloated fat over time.

However, General Ilita, who has been dedicated to his duties, has been sticking to his bottom line for a hundred years. For example, surrounded by a group of sea clan guards, he examined the defenses around the city.

Look, what a magnificent royal city, what a prosperous country, what a vigorous fighter, what an amazing giant beast, what a… what a terrifying elemental storm!

Amidst the stunned General Ilita and the screams of the “weak and weak” guards around him, a huge element vortex appeared directly above the city.

Like the tornado storm suddenly descended on the seabed, countless royal residences resembling conch and sea shells were swept into the sky under the torn of element vortex.

In a very peaceful and prosperous city just before, the next moment will usher in a crisis of destruction!

“no!” At this time, the fastest response was none other than General Ilita, who was in a parade on the city wall.

I saw him in a crisis, as if he had exploded his last bloody nature. He hadn’t moved again for hundreds of years. At this time, he rushed to the element vortex in the sky above his head like a cannonball, trying to bring this disaster prevent!


“pa 叽!” The golden giant hand waved down casually, turning this bloated ice toad frog into a pool of blood mist in midair.

The instigator is a humanoid wild species with a size of several hundred meters that slowly descends from the element vortex.

This is an indigenous person from the Savage Wilderness World group [八一中文网]——Level 4 Desolate God Jie.

In the battle of the Savage Wilderness World group, Jie, as the first batch of wild aboriginal gods to surrender, was appreciated by the emperor of Belém.

Not only did he finally obtain part of his domination power, but he also got Syfiel’s promise in this war, allowing him to use 10% of his spoils of war for his own use.

Jie, who had just arrived from the element vortex, looked at his palm strangely. A pool of blood mist appeared on it. It seemed that he had just killed a mosquito casually?

This is a huge crush in the Life Level field. No matter how bad the ice toad frog Illita is, he also has a Level 2 Life Level. But in front of the ‘god’ with Level 4 power, it’s still so impossible to withstand a single blow.


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