Heimarian Odyssey Chapter 3075

It is ridiculous to say that the inside should be combined with the outside. Isn’t this the plan that the Belem military originally wanted to implement?

Now they are blessed in own body by these indigenous creatures of the Sea King Realm.

“Ruler Bemke, the eye of the trend Kala, didn’t you die early? Why did you appear in my Moben Hull Sea Country!” The sixth-level deep sea frogman exclaimed.

Two 100,000 years ago, when this Level 6 deep sea frogman was just a Little Brat who just broke through Level 4, there were legends of these two powerful sea kings in the sea king world.

At that time, these two sea kings were already Overlord level sea kings with six life levels.

Creatures in each world have different lifespan lengths.

Although the sea kings are known for their longevity, in this deep sea frogman’s cognition, the two prehistoric Overlord level sea kings should also reach their lifespan limits, or they should have died.

The history of the Neptune Realm is longer than the wizarding world imagined.

This is an ancient world that has lived for millions of years at the medium-sized plane.

In addition to contemporary Overlord level sea kings like Yemengade and other creatures, prehistoric Overlord level sea kings Beckham and Mokra, there are also ancient Overlord level sea kings that were born earlier.

Only time is the weapon to kill all living things.

In the North Sea, under that ice ocean, not only the Neptune Realm has been frozen for countless years, but the ancient Neptunes that have gone to death and end of life are frozen and record the history of the Sea King Realm!

Immediately after thinking of something, the level six deep-sea frogman yelled, “Liar! All liars!”

“The whitebait wise man lied to me! You guys used me Mobenhull sea country as a bait!” The sixth-level deep sea frogman also ignored the fight with the swordsman Karel, leaving the battlefield and facing the two prehistoric Overlord level Sea King cursed. (Longitudinal first release)

“Shut up! If you want to solve these invaders once and for all, you should give full play to your role as a creature of the Sea King world!” said the giant whale Mokra.

The densely covered eyes of the fish also glowed with a gleam of blue light, and the atmosphere became quiet again for a while.

After all, it is an Overlord level sea king with a Life Level reaching Peak VI. Although the Mokra, who has the title of ‘Eye of Trend’, is aging, it is still not something that the Deep Sea Frogman can deal with. As Mokra said, as a member of the Neptune Realm, it and the Mobenhull Sea Nation behind it should perform their due duties.

Even if the kings of Moben Hull are destroyed by this battle, as long as it remains, as long as Guardian feels guilty, then Moben Hull has a chance to rise in the future, even stronger !

The eye of the trend carat has a kind of ability called inducement and confusion, and this power comes from the eyes on its body.

This is Spiritual Plane’s method of using power. It really didn’t expect. The sea kings, which are based on strong bodies and passive evolution, will give birth to such an alien.

Observed by observing the level 6 deep sea frogman who is gradually calming down, unconsciously, this level 6 frogman has been convinced by him.

Please note that it is ‘persuade’ rather than ‘control’.

After all, the Deep Sea Frogman also has a six-level Life Level, where it is so easy to be controlled by Mokra’s spiritual guidance.

The aboriginals of the Neptune Realm who successfully persuaded the sixth-level frogmen to accept the status quo will also behead the Legion of the Belém Empire and the Jahana Kingdom that have been killed here!

“I seem to feel a tinge of death.” General Kaiserda Humeshi said heartless.

With a big sword in one hand and giant axe in the other hand, Kaiserda knocked down a deep-sea frogman in front of him, and said next to General Avi.

There is also a small circle among the six empires.

Kaiserda looked at the obsidian general Dussel with a serious face and was unhappy, and did not like the fluorite general Selena, who always placed the Emperor Your Majesty first.

So it is birds of a feather with General Avi, who is also known for vicious and merciless.

Although the new imperial general Mu Xieshi Na Xiuen is also a very evil person, but his seniority is not enough, Kaiserda also looks down on this strength and has a huge gap with himself.

A bloody magic power was hovering in the hands of General Blood Bishi, and he looked up at the two huge bodies of Overlord level sea kings and said, “hmph hmph! Death? It’s just another form of new life that’s all.” “

“If you want, I can transform you into Death Knight after I transform myself into Lich.” General Blood Jade Stone, Avi, said a cold joke.

Converting himself into Lich means that Avi has several points of surviving from this battle.

‘Lich’, a life-saving method developed by the wizard world spellcaster after an abnormal fall.

Long Lich Trapadoni is a Lich who converts himself.

It’s just that this Lich conversion method has a very high failure rate, and once converted, it can only be reduced to a user of death magic.

The pain that is transformed into Lich is by no means an ordinary spellcaster can bear.

Only ‘fierce persons’ such as Trappadoni and General Avi, will choose to transform themselves into Lich.

“Really, I don’t want to become a bone frame!” Humushi general Kaiserda cursed.

Above the deep ocean.

Sword Saint Karel also merged with Emperor Belen Syfiel.

The element vortex above the two heads has been forced to close with the emergence of the Overlord level sea kings at both ends.

It will take at least one month to stimulate this survival path again!

A light blue robe, holding a curved sword, stands proudly in the tide.

No matter when and where, Sword Saint Karel doesn’t like to wear the usual Knight armor. This is a powerhouse with only a sword in his hand.

“I will try my best to hold that level six Peak Sea King class. As for the Deep Sea Frogman and the other Overlord level Sea King class, I can only leave it to you.” Sword Saint Karel said to Syfiel.

With a sixth-level body, shake up the sixth-level Peak creatures.

For Juggernaut Karel, it is also a battle that threatens his life.

Even more how, don’t think that this battle will only last for a month.

Even if a month later, the element vortex on the top of the head is aroused again, how can these vicious sea kings native creatures send them away so easily?

What’s more, if the elemental vortex is destroyed again a month later, in addition to a huge morale blow, their elite Legion that performed beheading operations is likely to be completely destroyed here.

Thousands of sea kings rushed to kill them to be just an appetizer. As the battle here continues to ferment, the entire Marine Legion of Moben Hull will gradually arrive.

As the frontline of the wizarding world, Legion, as the support force of Syfier and the others, it is simply beyond reach.

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