Heimarian Odyssey Chapter 3076

Seeing Karel with a serious face, Syfiel slowly nodded.

One against two, and the battle will not end until the end.

Saifei didn’t expect the Sea King Realm to be so deep, and he didn’t expect Guardian to be so cunning.

Whitebait wise men are named as ‘wise men’. The Guardian is very different from those in the Neptune realm who respect passive evolution.

Comparing the size of the sea king with thousands and ten thousand meters, the physique of Guardian whitebait wise men is not enough for five meters.

Facts have proved that intelligence is always more effective than brute force!


The Gallente Federation.

It is not clear to Locke for the time that Emperor Belen led the decapitation of the Guardian of the Sea King Realm, and it is not even clear that Sefil and the others are in danger at this time.

At this time, Locke is still only amazed at how Neptune Realm defeated the wizarding world invasion army with a world-class artifact.

“Aptune Rod.” After reciting the name of this life world-class secret treasure in silence, Locke stepped into the Conference Hall arranged by the senior officials of the Special Federation.

Different from the last meeting, only Locke and Vivian attended.

This time, at the request of the Level 6 Knight Locke, the Gallente Federation, together with the wizard world appearing in the other Fifth Level Knight magician of the Gallente Federation, were invited to participate in this meeting.

Fifth Level Peak space system magician Einstein, Fifth Level Peak Knight Nicolas, Fifth Level space system magician Thales Canxing, Prince Leon and the others are all listed here.

After all, the wizarding world is not a dictatorship. There are only Locke and Vivian, and they cannot represent the will of the wizarding world.

Most of the members of the wizard world envoys who have arrived in the Gallente Federation a long time ago are potential factions within the Great Influence of wizard world.

At certain necessary moments, these are only Level 4 Knights and magicians, and they can barely represent the forces behind them at the negotiation table.

For example, at this time, the Prince Leon in the Conference Hall, the Level 4 witch Aisha of the Wimbledon family, and another Level 4 magician named Sanesus.

It is natural that the Wimbledon family where Prince Leon and Aisha belong does not need to be introduced too much.

And this Sanesus is a new member of a small force in the Wizarding World-the Flame Secret Society, which has emerged in the Wizarding World for nearly a thousand years after being promoted to a large world civilization.

And with the emergence of two Fifth Level spellcasters in the Flame Secret Society, this small spellcaster organization has gradually tended to become a medium-sized force, and its voice in the wizarding world has gradually increased.

Originally, there were many people like Sanesus in the envoy of the Wizarding World.

It is a pity that the sudden battle with the Light God clan has reduced the envoy of the wizard world by as much as 60%.

Those who survived, apart from Beve, Leon, Alice and other strong or underhanded existences, there are also excellent potentials from small and medium-sized forces like Sanesus. share.

I am afraid that even the Light God family did not expect that their sudden attack was equivalent to screening and cleaning the envoy of the wizard world.

Those who survived last are the real elites of the wizard world and represent the future of the wizard world.

The experience of fighting side by side in Life and Death Together will also become a powerful network and resource for this part of the wizard world Little Brat in the future.

For example, the Level 4 magician named Sanesus had a very close conversation with Prince Leon before the meeting.

And Locke’s daughter Beve is also with Vivienne’s daughter Alice, and she doesn’t know what to say in a whisper.

There are many other small circles and small groups, so I won’t repeat them one by one.

These are currently unknown in the wizarding world, and in the future, they are even very likely to break out of the world and the Little Brat who do amazing things.

At this time, obediently and honestly, under the aegis of Level 6 Knight Locke, they are participating in a negotiation and cooperation dialogue with a large world civilization.

There is no doubt that this high-level meeting, which almost determines the future development direction and cornerstone of cooperation between the two large world civilizations, will leave an extremely deep impression on them throughout their lives!

“Then, my Excellency the President.”

“Does the Gallente Federation agree to the request I made in the last meeting?”

Standing up from his seat, Locke pressed his hands on the highly technologically colored metal table under him, and asked about Federal President Jack Rodden, who was sitting directly opposite him.

Obviously, there is no trace of power leaked, but all participants in the entire Conference Hall can feel the incomparable oppression force held by this sixth-level Knight.

This is the biggest difference between chasing one’s own evolutionary system and climbing the technological civilization system.

The latter needs metal armor to envelop and strengthen itself, while Locke itself is a scourge.

This is also an advantage of the evolutionary system. It does not rely on external forces but on its own.

It was also at this time that many senior executives in the Gallente Federation felt bad.

They shouldn’t actually sit here and negotiate face-to-face with these ‘crude’, ‘barbaric’ and powerful aliens who pursue ‘primordial evolution’.

With holographic projection technology and long-distance mirror transmission capability, they can completely avoid the faintly discernable Life Level suppression of these humanoid fleets.

It’s just the high-level officials of the Gallente Federation, and they never thought that one day their negotiating partners would be so naked and overwhelming.

Including the Rose Dynasty civilization and the Sanoras Burner civilization that is in the midst of anxious war will not do this, not to mention the weaker medium and small world civilizations.

Also today, Locke, with his own strength and charisma, urged the Gallente Federation to reform some of their loopholes in the field of diplomatic negotiations…

Of course, these small off-site methods used by Locke are not enough to change the essential position of the Gallente Federal high-level officials.

If it is so easy to be affected by Locke, these high-level federal officials will not be able to achieve this position.

Even more how, Locke has just released a faint six-level powerhouse imposing manner from beginning to end, and not at all the slightest leak of power.

If Locke’s “recklessness” causes accidental deaths and injuries to the top of the Gallente Federation, it may be difficult for the Locke entire group to be the first star of the Gallente Federation.

As one of the top large-scale world civilizations, the Gallente Federation’s background is deeper than imagined.

Therefore, what really determines the direction and final outcome of this meeting is the true strength of both civilizations.

With Locke’s active voice, this meeting officially began.

More than a dozen crystal balls and more Gallente federal probe-type recording devices began to record this meeting that was enough to go into the annals of history.

And the wizarding world civilization officially began with the start of this conference, and officially stepped into the big stage where the astral and multi-civilization meet.


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